June 2016 Roundup – The Best of Social Media & SEO

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Here we are at the beginning of the summer season and I have compiled, in my opinion, the monthly roundup of the best articles in the SEO and internet marketing niche for the month of June 2016.   “Does Google look at anchor text in internal links?” by Graham Charlton on Search Engine Watch. As we know, internal linking is one of the Google search ranking signals but what do we know about anchor text in internal links? How does it affect your page rankings? In this article, you will find the answer. Google does look at anchor text in internal links and the author will show you some real examples to prove that. “Google: hreflang Doesn’t Improve Your Search Rankings” by Barry Schwartz on SEroundtable. John Mueller, in his official answer, said that hreflang could not change anything with your page rankings. “Kind of think if you didn’t have those local page, would the dot-com pages rank in the local search results? And, if they would rank, then we’d like to swap at the URLs out against the appropriate local versions. So if you have a website, I don’t know, that’s targeting furniture and you have a UK website and it doesn’t show it all in France, for example, then just setting up at the hreflang with completely new pages for France wouldn’t change anything because we wouldn’t have anything to swap out. It wouldn’t be that your UK page would be excessively ranking. Another hand if you have liked for Germany and Austria where the content is German both the same and your pages for the country of Germany happened to rank in Austria, then that would be something that we could swap out.”   “Do Website Engagement Rates Impact Organic Rankings?” by Larry Kim on Moz blog. There is a hypothesis in the SEO world that website engagement rates impact your site rankings. I remember reading one article by Brian Dean, where he showed some real examples of how it affects your site. Following is a new article about this. The image below shows you the correlation between bounce rate and organic position. As you may, see higher bounce rate can move your snippet lower in search results. It does not mean that it is one of Google’s ranking factors. It does, however, mean that Google wants to show the right search result to each query and if some page has high bounce rate; it tells Google that this page is not good for the particular keyword.   “205 Tips And Tricks From SAScon” by Kayleigh Conway on Receptional blog. SAScon is a search, analytics and social conference which takes place every year in UK Manchester. If you missed this year SAScon, then you can read 205 tips and tricks selected by Kayleigh. I will just feature 5 of them: Always use a dedicated PPC landing page and cut out the fluff to bring your quality score and conversions up. Content found through longtail search can assist in the sales process, whether an instant conversion or retargeting leads. If your client thinks they have none of their own data, ask the RIGHT questions about customer behavior, etc. 2,000+ survey respondents will help you break it down by region to target local and regional press – easier to get coverage than nationals. Social brings less traffic but it’s growing rapidly and doesn’t get enough credit for assists, etc. “47 No-Fail Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas” by Brittany Berger on Mention blog. For those who write blog posts on a regular basis; it could be...

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May 2016 Roundup – The Best of Social Media & SEO

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It is the end of the spring season and I have compiled, in my opinion, my monthly roundup of the best articles in the SEO and internet marketing niche for the month of May2016.   “How to Increase Content Conversion by Using Facebook Retargeting” by Tamas Torok on Momentum blog. Conversion is the most important part of internet business. In addition, there are thousands of good posts on how to increase conversions using different techniques. This post talks about Facebook Retargeting for better content conversion. The post is quite useful because each step is completed with an image. In this way, you can easily implement the technique for your site.   “Which Is The Best Ecommerce Platform For Entrepreneurs?” by Darren DeMatas on Selfstartr blog. “Picking an ecommerce platform is one of the most important steps you will take in your journey as an entrepreneur.” In this research made by Darren, you can find a lot of useful information. For example: Slow loading sites can be the reason why people are leaving your site Having a mobile friendly site in 2016 is very, very important Also, they tested 20 ecommerce platforms and, from the table on their site; you can find the scores for each platform.   “Case Study: The correlation between links and traffic” by Roy Hinkis on Similar Web blog. From year to year, I hear that Google is trying to reduce the impact of backlinks on rankings and traffic but, in fact; it is very difficult at the moment. A lot has changed in the last 10 years, but links still remain one of the most important factors for Google. Russian search engine Yandex removed links as a ranking factor from their algorithm some time ago, but in a few months, they brought it back. Top Sites – Global Traffic:   “Google Redesigns Structured Data Testing Tool” by Barry Schwartz on SEroundtable. Google Structured Data testing tool can show you if you implemented schema markup correctly or not. Last month this tool was redesigned. Jon Mueller from Google confirmed this:   “5 Actionable Talks from Conversion Experts” by Christine White on Moz Blog. In the original post by Christine, you can find all 5 talks with videos and description. Following is the first talk: It is called “Peep Laja – How to Turn Data into Insights & Customers” “In this talk from TractionConf, Peep covers:   6 steps to thinking of conversion optimization as a process and not a tactic Why “best practices” aren’t necessarily the best ways to optimize your own blog posts and landing pages Digging into the formula for conversion success (Hint: it starts with the number of tests run, the percentage of winning tests, and impact per successful experiment) Getting better data; not more Gathering qualitative and quantitative data to find out if your ideas are actually good Identifying problems and holes for conversion on your site”   “Twitter Removes Names, URL, Images from 140 Count” by Caitlin Rulien on Search Engine Journal. On May 24th Twitter officially announced that user names will no longer be counted into the 140 character limit. It means that now you can use 100% of your characters for the message. Now, when you want to publish a tweet with a URL and a picture; you should take away 24 +24=48 characters.   “How to write meta descriptions for SEO (with good and bad examples)” by Christopher Ratcliff on Search Engine Watch. Today meta descriptions are not ranking factors as they were back in the middle of the 2000s. On the other hand, it is very...

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April 2016 Roundup – The Best of Social Media & SEO

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It is the middle of the spring season and I have compiled my monthly roundup of the best articles in the SEO and internet marketing niche for the month of April 2016.   “Google AMP vs Instant Articles: The Most Important Differences You Need to Know” by Tamas Torok on Momentum blog. Mobile user experience is very important today and, if you want to be successful online, then you should have a mobile friendly website. It is not a big secret that most people today are searching from smartphones. These people will probably leave your site if it does not display well on mobile.   “Link Building Holy Grail: How to Build Links like the Pros” by Matt Banner on OnBlastblog. It is a very detailed infographic where you can find information like: What are Backlinks and Why Do They Matter? The Google Ranking Factors Associated with Backlinks The Most Effective Link Building Strategies in 2016 The Ultimate Email Outreach Strategy How to Avoid Penalties From Google An On Blast Blog Case Study: How the Skyscraper Technique Worked for this Blog “How to optimize your Google My Business listing: Expert Tips” by Graham Charlton on Search Engine Watch. A Google My Business listing is an essential for SEO. If you want to be successful in local SEO, then you must know some tips. It is important to use an actual business name so people can easily find you. Ensure that information on your My Business listing is up-to-date. Opening hours and phone number must be double checked. Positive reviews can bring you more clients. There are also some advanced tactics, which you can find in the original article by Graham.   “5 Reasons to Believe Penguin 4.0 is Just Around the Corner” by David Yarian on V9SEO blog. It is not a big secret that all webmasters are waiting for a Penguin 4.0 update. Some of us have given up trying to predict this. Google said that in the first quarter of 2016 they will probably release a new refresh. However, April has come and gone, yet we still do not know anything about Penguin 4.0. All we know is that Penguin 4.0 is coming soon. So if you want to be safe, double-check your backlink profile. It is almost impossible to fully recover from this algorithm.   “How to Find and Connect with Local Influencers in Your Industry” by Aleh Barysevich on Moz blog. It is a very powerful instrument for your local business promotion if you can connect with local influencers in your industry. You will find it highly beneficial to go to Aleh’s original article and find out all about the successful tactics that he is using. “Ecommerce SEO: The Definitive Guide” by Brian Dean on Backlinko blog. It is fantastic work. In this post you can find every detail you need starting from Keywords research to On-Page SEO. Brian added a lot of useful links to researches. As this guide is based on recent information, you can be sure that everything presented here actually works in 2016.   Here are the chapters from this post: Keyword Research Site Architecture On-page SEO Technical SEO Content Marketing For Ecommerce Sites Link Building for Ecommerce Websites   “37 Proven Methods To Increase Blog Traffic And Boost Engagement” by Nadya Khoja on Venngage blog. Such kind of posts usually get a lot of views and social activity. I mean “10 tips for…” or “21 proven techniques to…” It is very easy to read them because the information is structured. If you are aware of some of these methods, then...

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March 2016 Roundup – The Best of Social Media & SEO

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It is the middle of the spring season and I have compiled my monthly roundup of the best articles in the SEO and internet marketing niche for the month of March2016.   “How to Rank a Brand New Website: 8 Effective SEO tips” by Rintu Biswas on Just Creative blog. Here is the list from Rintu: Ensure your site is super-fast. Regularly update your blog with relevant content. Your website must be mobile friendly. Target low competitive Keywords. Optimize website with keywords. Build only quality backlinks. Be active on social media. Follow Google’s guidelines. “The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting More Twitter Followers” by Josue Valles on Social Quant. There are many high quality posts found here with advice on how to get more Twitter followers. Thirty-eight proven experts shared their tips: 1)  Content is Key 2) Be Human – Engage Your Community 3) Spend Some Time Following Relevant People Every Day 4) Use Visual Content 5) Use Paid Methods to Boost Your Reach 6) Use the Right Hashtags (But not too many) 7) Tweet More Often (But do it this way) 8) Be Relevant Outside Twitter   “[Infographic] 50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have” by Piyush Mangukiya on 99medialab. In this infographic, you will find very basic features such as domain name, logo, tagline, call to action buttons, top navigation, etc to mobile responsibility, SEO friendly, security, cross browser compatible, speed & fast loading, etc. Also, in the original post, you can read the description below each feature regarding the importance of having it on your website.   “10 Competitor Analysis Tips for Social Media and Search Traffic” by Tamas Torok on momentum blog. Very good and quite detailed post from Tamas. Here you can find some very useful tips that can help to perform competitor analysis. The author tells that you should perform an analysis regarding their presence in search engines, in social networks, and in paid advertising. The reason for this is that if you know what keywords bring them money; you can overtake them and start making money yourself.   “19 Link Building / Outreach Strategies that WORK” by Ryan Stewart on Webris blog. Don’t forget that link building is still one of the most important ranking factors in Google. Some methods that were quite effective in the past are not working anymore although there are some new methods that are most useful. Following are some of them according to Ryan: Link Roundups Resource Pages Broken Link Building Guest Posting Sponsored Posts Regaining Lost Links (Link Reclamation) Claiming Unlinked Mentions The Synonym Method Blog Commenting Forum Commenting Landing Press Links Local Blogger Outreach Video Links Directory Links Professional Organizations Conference and Event Links Pitching Infographics Skyscraper Method Straight Blogger Outreach Recommended Tools   “Google Testing Images In Search Results Snippets” by Barry Schwartz on Seroundtable blog. On Twitter, there appeared some examples of snippets with images. It is not possible to replicate it there are no images any longer for those queries, but here are the screenshots of the examples: Does it mean that in future images will be part of snippets again?   “Do you have to come first in search anymore?” by Christopher Ratcliff on Search Engine Watch. Following is a picture of last year’s study which shows that 31.24% of all organic clicks go to the first listing. But does this really matters today? Christopher states that rich media really changes this because, if you have a nice attractive snippet with rich media lower in SERP, quite often you can gainmany more clicks compared to your competitors who are higher than...

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February 2016 Roundup – The Best of Social Media & SEO

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With the Winter Holidays having ended along with the year of 2015, I have compiled my monthly roundup of the best articles in the SEO and internet marketing niche for the month of February 2016.   “Facebook Cheat Sheet: Image Size and Dimensions UPDATED! [INFOGRAPHIC]” by Adithya Murali on techwyse blog. I find such posts to be very useful. When it comes to adding a FB cover or profile picture, you may face a problem with a part of your image showing on the outside of the cover. Actually, there are many very good posts about FB image size and dimensions but, since it was created as an infographic; I would like to include it in my roundup. My wish is that Adithya will create one infographic for all major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. “21 Web Design Tips You Just Can’t Miss” by Debashre Cchanda on My Tasker blog. I’m not a big web design guru but, if you have a good website, especially if you selling something; you should definitely think about your design. A good landing page should be well designed. In this post, you will find 21 very useful web design tips.   “We Analyzed the HTTPS Settings of 10,000 Domains and How It Affects Their SEO – Here’s What We Learned” by Christoph Engelhardt on Ahrefs blog. After Google officially announced that HTTPs is a ranking factor, many of websites owners started to switch from HTTP to HTTPs. Following are key findings according to Christoph: Only 1 in 10 websites has what we consider a flawless HTTPS setup (More on that later). A whopping 60% of the websites tested have no HTTPS whatsoever (increasing to over 65% when taking into account websites with errors in SSL setup). Almost 1 in 4 domains were missing a canonical HTTPS version. Almost 1 in 4 domains were using 302 (temporary) redirects instead of 301 (permanent) redirects. Even Google can’t be bothered to use permanent redirects and uses temporary redirects (HTTP status code 302) instead. Then again, they won’t ever find it difficult to rank…   “29 super useful PPC tools you need to try this year” by Larry Kim on Search Engine Watch. Pay per click marketing is growing from year to year and every time new tools are invented. In this list by Larry, you will find those that require the most attention from professional PPC guru: from Adwords Editor and Google Keywords Planner to SpyFu and Unbounce.   “110 Top Bloggers And Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Successful Social Media Action” by Minuca Elena. As a person who creates similar roundups from time to time, I know how difficult it is to get such a big number of quality responses from big influencers. You may read my previous roundups: Blogging Opportunities Roundup – Make Your Site Stronger with Genuine Guest Blogging and Content Marketing – here. Proven Tips to Get More Twitter Followers That Work In 2015 – here. So if you want to read the best advices from such people as Bill Gassett or Neil Patel go to the link above.   “Google is Removing all Right Hand Side Ads on SERPs Worldwide” by Christopher Ratcliff on Search Engine Watch. It is confirmed by numerous sources that beginning on February 19, Google ads will no longer show on the right. Instead, they will be shown only at the top and bottom of the SERP. It means that now you will have even less space for the organic search results without scrolling down. For paid search advertisers, it means their CPCs will increase because...

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January 2016 Roundup – The Best of Social Media & SEO

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With the Winter Holidays having ended along with the year of 2015, I have compiled my monthly roundup of the best articles in the SEO and internet marketing niche for the month of January2016.   “Content Promotion Strategy: 50+ Tips to Skyrocket Your Content” by Tamas Torok on Brand Vee blog. It is a detailed guide on content promotion. Here you will find more than 50 actionable tips, which help content marketers nail content promotion by providing an action plan. Through using this process,the author says traffic was increased by 300% within 3 months.   “Digital Vs Traditional Marketing-Understanding the Nuances” by Debashre Cchanda on My Tasker blog. The author explains why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing through the following reasons: Low cost, high speed Higher visibility 24X7 advertising availability Checking advertisement success rate Check ROI (Return of Investment) No shelf life Communicate with your consumers   “The Psychology Behind an Effective Pricing Page” by Piyush Mangukiya on 99medialab blog. This highly interesting and very detailed post offers you advice on what you should definitely have on the price page. Too much information can push away your potential buyer, while insufficient informationis also problematic. What I like most of all in this post is that the author added a picture to each example. Well done!   “The Rise of Rich Answers in Google Search – Future of Digital Marketing” by Mark Traphagen on Stonetemple Blog. Digital marketing is our future and the recent study made by Mark confirms this, too. In just six months, the percentage of queries that returned a rich answer rose from 23% to 31% – an increase of nearly 40%. Key Takeaways About Rich Answers (source the link above): Google will continue to expand them rapidly. Don’t build your business model on public domain data. More and more of that will be shown by Google directly in the search results, and no one will need to visit your site. Don’t build your business on easily licensed data. We’ve begun seeing rich answers providing information that Google is licensing from sources. For example, Google has begun showing song lyrics for selected songs directly in the results. Develop content that provides direct answers. Increasingly, Google is taking information for rich answer boxes directly from third party sites. When it does this; it links to the site. Often the information given in the answer box will not be enough, and the user will still click through to your site to learn more or to get the rest of the information.   “The PPC Food Pyramid: A 211 Point PPC Marketing Strategy” by Johnathan Dane on Klientboost Blog. I have to say this is a fantastic piece of work by the author. I can’t list all 211 points, but some of them are very useful. So if you want to read about the recent PPC trends – this is the post that you are seeking.   “We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO” by Brian Dean on I will just list the most important and the most useful findings from this report: Backlinks are still very important. Site’s overall link authority strongly correlates with higher rankings. In-depth-content may help with rankings. The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. HTTPS is mostly in all first page domains. Schema does not correlate with rankings. Keyword tag is not very important nowadays. I am inspired by Brian’s study to create a large post on my own blog based on his findings. “Which UK domains gained the highest increase in Google visibility?”by...

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