Welcome to the winter edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of January 2020.


Google January 7th Search Ranking Algorithm Update Early Signals” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table.

Seems there was a Google algorithm on January 7th:

There is a rather drastic change in the keywords and sources of access to my site. Hope everything goes smoothly!

 Noticing changes as well. Had a minor drop overnight on some keywords. Based in Netherlands.


Find Competitive Keywords, Ranking Distributions, & Common Questions: 3 Workflows for Smarter Keyword Research” by Felicia Crawford on Moz blog.

  1. How to discover competitive keyword opportunities
  2. How to discover a URL or an exact page’s ranking distribution of keywords
  3. How to discover common keyword questions


Debunking 5 of the Biggest Link Building Misconceptions Today” by Alexandra Tachalova on Search Engine Journal.

  1. Misconception 1: Don’t Bother Building Links – If Your Content Is Truly Engaging & Insightful, Links Will Come
  2. Misconception 2: It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re Buying or Earning Links
  3. Misconception 3: The Best Links Come From Digital PR Campaigns
  4. Misconception 4: The Best Way to Build Links Is by Doing Guest Blogging
  5. Misconception 5: Reaching out to Relevant Blogs Is the Right Way to Secure Links


7 of the Best Social Media Tools for Agencies” by Aleh Barysevich on business2community blog.

  1. Awario
  2. Later
  3. Planable
  4. Sprout Social
  5. Canva
  6. Biteable
  7. Grammarly


11 Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners” by Anuradha Singh on myhq blog.

1) What is Social?

2) Udemy’s Complete Digital Marketing Course

3) Hootsuite Academy of Social Marketing Training

4) Social Media Ethics course

5) Comprehensive Social Media Training Bootcamp

6) Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content

7) The Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass

8) YouTube Marketing & SEO

9) Essentials of LinkedIn Marketing

10) Twitter Marketing course

11) Social Media Monitoring Course


10 Expert Tips to Help You Grow Your Small Business” by Annie Pilon on smallbiztrends blog.

  1. Make Sure Growth Really is Your Best Strategy
  2. Adapt a Growth Mindset for Your Content Marketing
  3. Legally Update Your Business Entity Type
  4. Determine Your Website Costs
  5. Deepen Customer Empathy
  6. Read Up on YouTube Advertising Rules
  7. Make Sure Your Cut Out for the Startup Lifestyle
  8. Make More Money Online
  9. Determine How to Talk About your Business
  10. Learn from Important B2B Marketing Insights


10 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies for Brands and Manufacturers” by Tina Eaton on plytix blog.

  1. Use Product Groups
  2. Google Shopping Bidding
  3. Remarketing With RLSA Campaigns
  4. Use Merchant Promotions
  5. Query Sculpting
  6. Customer Match Targeting
  7. Use Geo-Targeting Modifiers
  8. Segment by Search Query
  9. Manage Product Variants
  10. Leverage Showcase Shopping Ads


How to Publish Press Releases for SEO” by Joe Fitzpatrick on canirank blog.

  1. ‘When to Use Press Releases?’
  2. Structure & Boilerplate: Making journalists’ lives easier
  3. The headline and the subheading: your one chance to get their attention
  4. The Body: Who, What, When, Where, Why
  5. Distribution: Getting out onto the wires


5 Ways to Optimize Your Images to Rank” by Angela Ash on g2 blog.

  1. Image naming
  2. Image description
  3. Image format, dimensions, and size
  4. Image compression
  5. Supporting content


10 Best Ahrefs Alternatives (Free and Paid) You Should Know About” by Greg on enticehq blog.

  • Ubersuggest
  • SEMRush
  • SE Ranking
  • Yoast WordPress SEO Plugins
  • Moz Pro
  • Serpstat
  • KWFin?der
  • Majestic
  • BuzzSumo
  • SEO PowerSuite


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