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Berlin, first city in the world with own domain name suffix .berlin

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Berlin, first city in the world with own domain name suffix .berlin

Its something many have been waiting for, for quite some time; domain name extension just for their town or city. It appears that Berlin, the German capital has beaten all other world capitals to it. In 4 days time (18th of March) Berlin will be the first city in the world to have its own dedicated domain name extension, .berlin Companies based in Berlin or Berliners with craving for their own personal domain name will be able to register their desire name with the ending .berlin , for example . The .berlin domain suffix, a generic top-level domain (gTLD) was created under an agreement between Berlin’s local government and ICANN. A .berlin suffix will cost between 30-60 euros a year to maintain. The extension is expected to raise about 500,000 euros a year. Other cities are not far behind Berlin in the launch of their own gTLD. Cities already in the queue includes London, Paris, New York, Johannesburg, Nagoya ( I wonder why Tokyo is not keen) and Vienna. The londong gTLD will become available in April. I wonder what the take up of .london domain extension will be, give that Nominet is making the .uk space available...

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New .uk domain extension to separate royals and others from extension

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At present, the domain name extension is used by many bodies and organisations that are not strictly part of the government of the United Kingdom, for example, the Prince of Wales, the Supreme Court. At present, the websites of he aforementioned institutions are hosted on the name extension. A new newly approved domain delegation request is set to change that. According to Nominet, the organisation responsible for the .UK domain name space, many bodies and institutions that currently uses the domain extension would prefer to have a new extension that will reflect their independent status from the government of the United Kingdom, some 69 bodies made a request to Nominet. Of the 69 requests to migrate away from domain name, four has just been approved and domain name extension agreed for them, they are: – Domain extension for the Royal Household (surprised that the Prince of Wales website is not contained in this extension). – the Household of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. – the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. – the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Looking forward to seeing how many more institutions will be granted their own domain name extension which is different to the name...

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A new, more secure .uk domain name coming soon?

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Nomiment the organisation that bring us the famous extension is thinking of creating new set of domain extensions which will be off the .uk domain name space directly, this means that instead of this site could be registered as , making the domain name even shorter than it is at the moment. You may wonder why when you can have, what is the difference? the difference apart from the apparent one of being shorter than includes the fact that all domain name that are to use the domain name space must be British company or individual and their UK addresses will be verified to ensure they are indeed UK company. The second things that will be different is the fact that all domain names using the space will be scanned daily to ensure they are not unintentionally distributing malicious contents and viruses and the domain will have a digital signature to minimise the risk of domain hijacking. The thinking behind this new .uk domain name is the protection of the UK Internet economy which is said to be worth over 120 Billion. The new domains will sit alongside the existing and other domains names in the .UK portfolio. Nominet is consulting its members and stakeholders about how to move forward with this proposal, if the proposal is approved, the new domain name may be available later in 2013. If they are made available, you can register your own domain name at Hosting shop domain name registration...

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Waves of New Domain Name Extension Application Revealed by ICANN

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Waves of Domain Name Extension Application Revealed by ICANN It seem the recent deregulation of top level domain name extension by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) last year has brought about a significant change in the number of companies and groups applying to register their own top level domain name extension. Even if only a handful of this application succeed, the number or web addresses on the Internet will double in the next year or so. Applying for a domain name extension is quite simple as long as you have the £120,000 or so registration application fee and an annual renewal fee of about $18,000 and of course, the infrastructure to run your own domain extension. It was revealed today by ICANN that almost 2,000 application for new domain name extension has been submitted, they range from large corporation such as BBC applying for a .bbc to commercial organisation trying to cash in on running a top level domain name applying for domain extension such as .baby, .law and other profession related extension. Some companies apply for an extension for their popular brand for example Google apply to register .youtube, .Google and .lol . Application for country such as .wales were made by Nominet UK and an organisation applied to register the domain extension .london. A spokes person for ICANN said having money to run the domain extension is not the only consideration, your application must be supported by a strong case for the domain extension you are applying for the directors of the organisation must pass rigorous checks including criminal and financial checks. Some domain name extension received such as .apps received more than one application, such domain extension are likely to spark a bidding war between the organisation competing to register the extension. Quick Facts Total Application: 1,930 North America: 911 applications United Kingdom: 44 Europe: 675 applications Asia-Pacific: 303 applications Latin American and the Caribbean: 24 applications Africa: 17 applications Non-Latin alphabets:...

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Domain Name for Sale – One careful owner

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Domain Name for Sale + New Domain Extensions Domain Name for Sale One careful owner If the result of a recent survey by Nominent is to be acted upon, a new domain name extension will be born in the .UK domain name space or even and entirely new TLD; .wales or .cym. A recent survey of Welsh businesses and individuals revealed that they would like to have a domain name extension for Wales which is separated from .uk extension all the businesses and individuals in UK use. Give the way things are heading with the .cym campaign, they may well have a separate domain name extension for Wales by 2012. The .xxx campaign took several years but it eventually succeeds and registration process for this adult domain extension is well on its way now. There are several dozens of other TLDs and SLD being processed, most of them will eventually make it to being approval and available online to register. With all this new extension that are coming on the market and more still that will be joining them in the new year, the question some people are asking is what about million of domain name that are registered but are not used? that is where the title of this article come into play. There are million of premium and not so premium but yet desirable domain name extension being offered for sale by cyber squatters. A recent experience when an associate was looking for a domain name to register for a new dating project revealed that there is actually no shortage of domain names , even very good domain names, the problem is that there are just so many cybersquatters and speculator registering domain name and sitting on it in the hope that they may one day sell the domain name for vast sums of money. The project the associate was looking for a domain name for was a dating site, he came across several dozen of domain name that is suitable for his project available on sale from speculators asking for vast sums of money, eventually he bought flirt online from one of the...

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Google annihilates 11 million Dot cc (.cc) sub-domain name extension from SERPs

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The saying goes that if you buy cheap you buy twice, what if you get it free? well, it seem you do buy two as well giving the fact that Google has just wiped off all sub domains of the ccTLD .cc . .cc domain name extension is one of the very few domain name extension you can register free of charge which naturally makes that domain extension attract a lot of poor quality website, not to mention that domain name extension being the domain name of choice for spammers, malware peddlers, spammers and fraudsters phishing for credit card and other valuable personal information. The concept of renting or leasing sub domain name of a domain name is not new, most of the domain name sold by Centralnic such as , and other are actually sub domain name of a 2 character domain name extension but Centralnic domain name (to be more accurate sub domain names) actually cost more than buying a .com or domain name. The removal of .cc domain extension, mostly from Google search engine result page will affect about 11 million or so website hosted by Korean company. Google found an extremely high quantity of spamming and other undesirable site when the perform a scan of the 11 million of so site hosted under the domain extension, the alarming quantity of spamming and malware site promoted Google to take the unprecedented step of deindexing the entire second-level domain (SLD). Some Google critics said the ban does not solve the problem nor can Google maintain the ban on domain name in the long...

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