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This blog has been created by Temi Odurinde to discuss computers and Internet related issues that attract Temi’s attention. Here is where readers will find scores of relevant information about webmastering, web hosting, as well as domain name registration and technology. You will also discover how to get more traffic directed to your websites. Basically, Temi.co.uk will offer you a gold mine of information that will actually help you rather than just paying lip service to some intelligent sounding words. This is a blog written for real people and, as such, is truly helpful.
The main contributor is Evgeniy Garkaviy. He is still on his journey to acquire as much knowledge about being the best webmaster of all and he wants to share that knowledge with all readers that visit Temi.co.uk. Written in user friendly terms, Evgeniy makes an excellent source of information that you need to know as an aspiring webmaster.

Temi also welcomes guest bloggers to impart any of their own wisdom on this blog. You are welcome to submit a blog post that will fit into any of the categories found here. Please note, however, that Temi has some rather strict guidelines for all articles published on this site. Following these guidelines will ensure that your post gets published here. The guidelines are:

  • On topic: Your post must be related to the theme of this site. That means that it must fit perfectly into one of the categories shown on the home page. Posts about web hosting are particularly welcomed.
  • Good English and Grammar: Your post must be written in good English as well as include correct grammar. It is recommended that you perform spell check to eliminate errors.
  • Minimum Number of Words: All blog posts must be at least 1,000 words each and cannot have more than 2 external links.
  • Unique Articles: Any posts or articles submitted to Temi must be totally unique and not used on any other website. Copyscape will be used to ensure the uniqueness of all written submissions.
    Once you have written your post or article, please submit it through the contact page. That’s all there is to it!

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I am not active on Temi.co.uk any more. My new interest lies in sustainable development. Please visit Temitope Odurinde’s Sustainability blog and my Natural beekeeping book at the Hive.  Follow me on Twitter @temi_odurinde or https://twitter.com/Temi_Odurinde