Cyber security is the topmost concern for any online shopping e-commerce business. The number of cyber-attacks is alarmingly increasing day by day. You have to give the confidence to the users or visitors that your website is safe and gives the best user experience.

If suppose a visitor has a bad experience with your website will never come back to your website again. You will lose a valuable customer and will inform his near and dear not to visit your website. This way you will be at loss and is difficult to gain the trust again.


To avoid this situation, providing security at its best is the only solution. In this article, we will let you know the top 7 SSL Certificate providers in the United Kingdom this year 2019. First of all, let us go on a brief introduction about SSL.


What actually is an SSL Certificate?


As we all know that SSL stands for secure sockets layer. SSL gives the data protection in an encrypted format so that the cybercriminals do not the chance of hacking your website. If you want an SSL security for your website then you should create an SSL connection.

After SSL Certificate is done on your web server, you will see an https and a padlock symbol which indicates that the data is protected allowing the users to do online transactions safely and submit sensitive information like banking details, login details, passwords, and credit card details.

SSL certification is a must for all online shopping business owners and also small business owners as well. This is widely used as it reduces the risk of cybercrimes to a great extent. SSL enables easy and safe data communication between the web server and the users.

What are the factors to consider before buying an SSL Certificate?


Make sure you will buy an SSL from an authorized certificate provider. However, you should consider the following factors before choosing an SSL Certificate provider:

  • Encryption Certificate Validation Type
  • Security Level
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Issuance Time
  • Period of Trial
  • Trust Site Seal
  • Warranty Policy
  • Support of SSL Experts
  • Refund Policy.

Coming back to the topic, the top 7 SSL Certificate providers in the UK for 2019 are discussed below. However, Google removed the certifications given by Wosign and Starcom for not maintaining the standards and better security for the websites.


SSL2BUY is the cheapest SSL Certificate provider and has a wide range of SSL‘s at very affordable prices.  SSL2BUY is specially designed for small scale business owners and individual e-commerce business owners to encourage them to use https.

SSL2BUY has many types of SSL security products such as EV SSL, Domain validation SSL, Organization validation SSL, Code Signing Certificate, Wildcard SSL and many more. Moreover, SSL2BUY offers pocket friendly pricing range. However, a SSL2BUY standard SSL certificate cost $9 per year and Wildcard SSL certificate around $42 per year.

SSL2BUY is a single stop solution for the cyber security problems and will protect the valuable information of the users and customers. All SSL Certificates from the SSL2BUY support 2048 bit and 256 bit for asymmetrical and symmetrical strengths respectively. Furthermore, the most interesting factor of SSL2BUY is their money back policy. If the customer is not satisfied they will refund the amount within 30 days. This is the reliable factor that it is known best for.



DigiCert is the most trusted certificate authority which provide encryptions for the websites and protects them from cyber-criminal acts. DigiCert guarantees free reissues on web servers for the lifetime. It works for web browsers, mobile devices.

Digicert supports 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys signed with SHA-256. DigiCert offers a time-saving auto-renewal plan. It also offers a detailed inspection of the process and discovery. Digicert offers 24/7 customer care support for the best services and client satisfaction. However, a DigiCert standard SSL certificate costs $198 per year and Wildcard SSL certificate around $658 per year.



GeoTrust is also one of the best SSL certificate provider. Most of the certificates are issued only in a day. GeoTrust offers organization validation OV and domain validation DV.

GeoTrust enables 256 bit and 2048 bit root. It offers server license for certification. Also offers expert SSL service support Moreover, it offers all the browsers compatibility. GeoTrust offers authenticated seals for identity verification.

GeoTrust basic encryption price starts from $149 per year whereas while maximum security Wildcard SSL certificate comes around $599 per year.



GlobalSign makes business very easy by providing SSL certificates for all ranges. It prevents unauthorized users and also unauthorized devices.

GlobalSign ensures website full security and also assures the safety of e-commerce businesses. GlobalSign ensures the overall integrity of email services, codes and documents as well.

Moreover, if you order for single certificates online and PKI platforms in discounts, then it will take care of other multiple platforms easily.  GlobalSign SSL certificates use the best and latest cryptography methods for best browsing experience.



IdenTrust previously known as Digital Signature Trust provides digitally signed certificates on a wide scale. Its services are taken by U.S government, professional and personal buying, banking sectors, e-commerce websites, notary programs and many more.

IdenTrust protects the websites from cyber-attacks and data hacking by digitally signed and encrypted certificates it protect emails, email contents to stop the hackers from stealing your personal data. IdenTrust provides a standard SSL certificate at $99 per year and multi-domain certificates at only $299 per year.



Entrust is best used to eliminate any malware and with Site Lock Website Security (SWS) brings an added advantage for e-commerce website owners and also for the customers an extra level of security for your business and customers.

The best part of choosing Entrust is, it ensures the protection and authentication of digital identities. This is one of the crucial aspects of safe online transactions. Entrust is one of the leading SSL providers in securing online transactions, communications, management of SSL certificates and website security.

The authentication levels make it stronger to misuse your account. Thus, saving your accounts, sensitive data and also website. An added level of authentication makes it more difficult for your identity to be misused and your account compromised. For Entrust the customer’s satisfaction is its main priority. Its 256-bit encryption gives the most secure web browsing experience.


Network Solutions

You will spend a lot of time planning your website and getting it done. Often, people ignore the website security measures to be taken.  You have to take care that you impress your clients by providing the best security using SSL Certificate and strong encryption formula.

Network Solutions keeps the personal information, login credentials and payment information very securely. Network Solutions offers basic SSL certificate for $139 per year. On the other hand Wildcard SSL Certificate for $649 per year.



These are the top SSL Certificate providers for 2019. You can select one among them as per your need and requirement. Well, the cyber threats are only increasing day by day. This is high time the e-commerce website owners should invest in website security SSL Certificates for overall development.

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