Having a dedicated server room can be the ideal way to keep your precious equipment safe and out of the way, but it can end up becoming an untidy haven for random junk. Over time server rooms can become littered with spare wires, tools that aren’t used very often and other rubbish. They can also become dirty and untidy, particularly if your IT team is busy and doesn’t trust anyone else to clean in their server room. An untidy, cluttered server room can make for an unproductive team, and also impair the functionality of temperamental, expensive and business critical server equipment. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your server room safe, clean and productive.

Encourage Staff To Take Pride In Their Space

Server rooms can often become hidden, mysterious spaces in many offices, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Any office IT Manager should consider hosting regular inspections to make sure that their server room is kept neat and clean, as this will incentivise staff to keep the room tidy and make them feel proud that their space is so important that it warrants regular attention. Other ways to drive team members to take pride in the cleanliness of their server room include offering them a treat if the room is up to standard, or having a cleaning rota, with a prize for the person who keeps the room the tidiest.

Use A Professional Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to ensure that your server room is cleaned properly is to work with a specialist cleaning team. Collaborating with a firm such as Ideal Cleaning, that has the expertise in cleaning a range of workspaces and is trusted by companies such as the NHS, will ensure that your server room is properly cleaned and tidied at all times, leaving you free to enjoy a safe and clean space.

Purchase Some Organisation Solutions

IT technicians require spare equipment and tools, which need to be close at hand at all times. Many staff leave these tools in their office’s server room, as the room is considered a spare space that only the IT team is allowed to enter. Whilst this is partially true, keeping the space safe, neat and tidy is important, so consider buying some storage solutions for both spare wires and your server technology. These solutions will make it easier for you and your team to access your equipment and conduct inspections and maintenance.

Keep The Keys Somewhere Safe

Restricting access to your server room ensures that the airflow is properly managed, that the temperature is maintained and that it is kept neat. After all, if lots of people keep coming and going through the room then it will become dirty and function poorly. They may also leave rubbish or debris behind that will build up and leave your space untidy. To ensure that the key is kept safe but is still available if you are not in the office, consider using a key safe or cabinet. This will ensure that only trusted staff members have access to the server room, but that it is always accessible should an emergency occur.

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