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1&1.CO.UK – Best web hosting company in UK?

Posted by on Feb 17, 2010 in Web Hosting Reviews | 1 comment

1&1.co.uk Brief Introduction This company claims to be one of the fastest growing companies in the field of web hosting and that is evidenced by their customer base of over 9million and the fact that they are adding almost 2500 clients every day. These figures have been corroborated by independent studies conducted by Netcraft and are sure to give customers the confidence that this company is going to be in existence for a long time and are financially very stable. They were one of the early starters more than a decade back to offer customers online state of art technological and telecommunication solutions. Customers even then could chat online and enjoy other interactive services. The company went public in 1998 and has been rewarding its shareholders with decent returns. Services offered a) Web hosting The company has categorised its offering into 5 categories such as Beginners, Home, Business, Business Pro and Professional. They are currently running a very attractive scheme across all categories wherein you can signup and not pay anything for the first three months. The features offered include web space, domain registration, external domains, usage of the internet and online account management facilities. The extent of bandwidth, space and domains offered obviously differ depending upon the package chosen. It is least for the Beginner package and maximum for the Professional one. b) Email IMAP/POP3 accounts with a 2GB capacity and email aliases are provided with this service with the Business, Business 1 and Professional packages getting unlimited email aliases facilities. c) Website building Building your own website is now easy without the need for any programming. Moreover you can also blog, get access to RSS feed and even share your photos online when you choose any of the packages barring the Beginner one. d) Ecommerce The Easy Setup option allows you to launch your online shop very quickly and you will find it convenient to sell your products or services thanks to the integration with eBay. Moreover, you can also get access to Marketing tools and eShop Management facilities to help you control and review your business in a much better fashion. e) Marketing tools Customers keen to receive quick marketing feedback can choose this feature which will enable them to chat live with customers, send them email based marketing material and even get website statistics. This is available for those choosing the Home, Business, Business Pro and Professional packages. Strengths * Strong track record * Customised packages for different categories of customers * Robust data center and choice of servers to meet any customer requirement Support Provided * Email assistance * Access to technical support 24×7 * Access to product information on phone * Online account management with single log in What customers have to say? Customers feel that this company offers them good value for money and has an attitude that is customer focused. They also feel that they can present them selves very professionally to their clients using the packages provided by...

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Streamline.Net budget web hosting company

Posted by on Jan 14, 2010 in Web Hosting Reviews | 3 comments

Streamline.net web hosting review Brief Introduction This is yet another company that was launched a decade back as an off shoot of Dollamore – the parent company and managed to make a name for itself in a very short time by hosting close to over 150,000 websites. They pride themselves on the fact that their customers find it easy to do business with them and ascribe that to the fact that they have been able to make the process of web hosting a very convenient and uncomplicated one. Another striking aspect about this company is their benevolent stance in giving away discounts of as much as 50% to registered charity organisations. The company claims that they have supported charities across the globe to the tune of £20,000 and that indeed is a commendable achievement not very commonly seen. Services offered 1) Web hosting They offer five different packages as under: a) Free trial Here, the first three months are free and is ideal for somebody wishing to just test out the services. They offer unlimited facilities for web space, web traffic and mailboxes as part of the package. b) Home In this the first month of use is not charged though there are restrictions on web space and mailboxes that you can have. c) Power Here again the first month of usage is free and the web space is increased to 1.5 GB d) Unlimited As the name suggests, all facilities like web space, traffic, mailboxes are unlimited and the first month usage is also free. It is very similar to the free trial offer except for the increased value of free advertising vouchers. e) Bulk Under this package, you have no free period offer but get charged a modest £99.90 per annum 2) Domain registration services They offer domain registration and transfer at a very reasonable fee. Depending upon the extension selected, you may need to hold it for a minimum period to avail of these reasonable rates. 3) SEO services Under their search engine optimisation services, they offer Hyper submit, which is a service available under four different variants designed to offer customers advice on how to optimise search engine submission and listings. They make available various reports on a regular basis to enable you to know exactly how your sites are faring in ranking and popularity ratings. Strengths * Experience of over a decade * Good perception amongst customers of a company easy to do business with * Free trial offer of up to three months * Great discounts on domain names Support offered There is a sales and service number 0844 941 1000 that is listed on the site and there is also email support offered. Their support web site helps customers understand their services in a better manner as...

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Web Host UK – Established budget hosting company

Posted by on Dec 20, 2009 in Web Hosting Reviews | 0 comments

Web Host UK LTD The hosting industry is a pretty saturate industry, this is potentially good for consumers because you have several companies competing for your custom, this in turn mean that the hosting companies give you excellent value for your money in the form of web hosting package packed full goodies. To the experienced webmaster, it is quite easy to unravel web hosting company speak to know that some of the bundles in the package you are being offered are not necessarily useful. For a new webmaster, choosing a company can be extremely difficult as you are not sure whether all the huge web space and the offer of a free domain name is good or bad. Whether you are a new webmaster or an experienced webmaster, you will not get confused by the packages offered by Web Host UK, a small but growing web hosting company. Their homepage sets out the packages they offer and the services bundled with it in easy to understand. The fact that they do not offer silly gimmicks as some hosting companies do makes Web Host UK particularly attractive to the discerning shopper who is after straightforward honest pricing. Web Host UK hosting packages are position for the budget market, their entry level hosting package on a share server is priced at £1.20 per month. The bundle that comes with a package that cheap is impressive, it includes 400 MB web space, 4 GB data transfer per month, you can have it on a Linux or Windows server and you can expect the usual server side scripts most website owners use this days such as PHP, CGI etc. If you need to host multiple website, their reseller hosting package may be the one for you, like the budget package, the reseller package comes with generous web space and bandwidth, they even throw in a free WHMCS billing software and SSL certificate free with the reseller package. At £9.99 per month the reseller package is tremendous value For power user who host more demanding website or web applications, the semi-dedicated server package may be what you need. It starts from £39 per month, its package with just about anything you can ever need on a semi-dedicated or dedicated server. The promises made by Web Host UK is quite reassuring, they promise to give you your money back if you are not satisfied with their services, this promise coupled with the 99.99% up time guarantee makes them a particularly fascinating web hosting site for the budget conscious website owners. There is a dictum that if you buy cheap, you buy twice, this is quite true if you buy budget product from a company just finding its feet in the market, you could struggle to get a good service from such company while some companies actually go out of business in their first few year. You are highly unlikely to have this experience with Web Host UK. The company was establish over six years ago. According to a spokes person for the company, they are profitable. The reassurance from Web Host UK is nice but most companies do tend to blow their own trumpet too loudly, you can only be certain of praises being heaped on a company if it comes from a third party, there are satisfied Web Host UK customers singing their praises at rate point. It is fairly safe to conclude that webmasters shopping for sensibly priced reliable web hosting form and establish provider will find a good hosting package at Web Host UK. Web Host UK Quick Facts Hosting Services Category...

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Velnetweb UK web hosting review

Posted by on Dec 5, 2009 in Web Hosting Reviews | 0 comments

UK web hosting by Velnet UK One among the various sites of Velnet, this site VelnetWeb.co.uk has set itself the objective of providing a wide range of internet services at very affordable rates for its customers. The services provided are registration of domain names, hosting of web sites, web site design and ecommerce applications. With many businesses looking for a stable platform on the internet, this site is well placed given its data center location within the UK with adequate bandwidth facilities. They are also well equipped to provide free blog solutions. Services offered a) Domain registration and web hosting They offer free domain name registration as part of their web hosting package service. You can also transfer the current domain name or go for the registration of alternative UK based domain names like .uk.com.org.uk, .me.uk and so on. Velnetweb offers low cost web hosting, their packages starts from £29 per year. The basic package is called Velnet starter, it contains everything you need to get a basic website online including MySQL database and PHP script. They also have other more advanced hosting packages which they have categorized under: – Velnet Basic – Velnet Business – Velnet Premium All the plans have excellent basic features with the Velnet Business and Velnet Premium offering more by way of hosting space, bandwidth, POP3 email accounts and data transfer. b) Ecommerce Services Velnetweb provides ecommerce services to help small businesses run an online store, they use Boss Cart shopping cart which is a time tested platform and is provided with any web hosting package for only £99. The ecommerce site is also integrated with eBay to help you push your products faster for sale. The software is powered with PHP and MySQL databases ensure that the whole process of running the online store becomes simple. c) Web design A comprehensive web design package is provided that includes the design of the site, domain name that is free of cost for a year and no cost search engine submissions. Strength * Different service package plans that are very affordable * Web design packages that include free search engine submission * Simple to use ecommerce software * Quick launch of online store with customisation also possible * Integration with eBay and inbuilt Google Base connector * Secure Comodo SSL certificates Support provided * Online customer support chat system in place * 24×7 ticket support system also in place * Free pre designed templates for easy start up of online store * Excellent tutorial assistance for those interested to know about web hosting What do customers say? Customers are very satisfied with the current services and are in fact demanding more from the company. New hosting package plans that would feature reseller plans for hosting on the web with control panels, bandwidth that need not be metered, quicker support systems, management of dedicated servers and high quality webmaster scripts are being planned by the...

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Brief introduction This company is one of the biggest provider of domains within the UK and being a part of one of the biggest web hosts in the UK has definitely helped the company to cement its place in this industry. The company believes in being at the forefront of technology and has also refreshingly adopted the policy of going green as evidenced in their data center facility. This center has the proud distinction of utilizing systems that consume very low energy and by saving on such costs; the company has been able to pass on the benefits to their customers as well. Services offered Providing domain names and facilitating transfer This is their main strength and they also facilitate free transfer of domain names. Domain registration is a simple three step process and you get many benefits in the form of email forwarding, DNS control and also the opportunity to spend money on advertising if you buy more than £30 worth of domains. Ecommerce The free one month trial offer on the ecommerce package enables you to launch your online shop quickly thanks to the easy set up process. They offer three different packages with the most expensive one at £39.99 offering a total business solution package supporting more than 10,000 products and 500 categories. All the packages come with the security of the SSL certificate so that online customers are reassured about the legitimacy of your business and feel encouraged to shop. Web hosting Set up your website online quickly choosing any one of the four packages on offer depending on your requirement. Choose either Windows or Linux and avail of enough storage facilities at reasonable rates. Linux packages allow the usage of languages like Perl, PHP and CGI to develop sites that is interactive. The packages also include MySQL for Linux and Microsoft SQL for Windows. Instant Site This is yet another customer friendly service offering that enables you to design your own website and have it running within minutes. It allows for great degree of customisation without any compromise on its professional appearance. Email The 123-reg mailbox facility lets you choose an email address that has your domain name so that others find it easy to remember and moreover it comes with total virus and anti-spam safeguard. Current offer is an attractive one where you can save more than £15. Virtual private and dedicated servers The company offers these servers through its sibling Webfusion and you can have access to a powerful hosting platform. The virtual private servers will allow you to host multiple sites along with the software of your choice. Strengths * Great experience * Local customer support * Good reputation amongst customers * Knowledgeable customer service staff What customers have to say? Customers are very satisfied at the level of prompt and reliable services offered by this company. They are happy that they always get solutions to their problems and they feel safe doing business. They also feel that the company is very transparent about its dealings and perceive customers as valuable partners in growth. You can discuss this article by commenting on this blog or by discussing it at web hosting section of UK Webmaster...

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Fasthosts.co.uk Brief Introduction This is yet another leading player in the online services business catering to the home, SME and office segments since the last decade. They have been going from strength to strength introducing innovative web hosting services over the years. They offer both Windows and Linux server facilities based on the type of applications the customers want to run. Both beginners and experienced designers find the packages of Fasthost easy to implement thanks to the better scripting followed by them. Services offered a)Web hosting They offer the entire gamut of services including access to unlimited bandwidth and a new enhanced Site Builder. The set up is quick and the deal is sweetened by the offer of £105 Ad vouchers. Currently they are offering free hosting services for the first three months under the home, developer and business categories. b)Domain registration The registration is provided at very reasonable rates along with other advantages such as a personalised email account and website. Instantaneous set up and online controls are other additional features of this service. You can also transfer your domain name free of cost. c)Email This service allows you to get regular and uninterrupted access to email using the PC or even from the mobile phone that is compatible. The storage is centralized and all the contacts, emails, numbers and schedules are updated real time so that you have access to the latest information and are in control of the situation. Your data is stored in a state of art data center with total spam and virus protection. Currently they have slashed their rates by 50% for the mail plus, exchange and business categories d)Servers You can manage your server remotely at any time since you will have access to keyboard and the mouse. The Plesk 9 control panel enables you to manage many servers and also configure the server dedicated to you according to your needs. Safe environments can be created immediately using your own LAN if you wish to handle multiple servers. Your information is safely stored at the data center. Unlimited bandwidth is offered through the 100Mbps connectivity line with an uptime guarantee of 99.9% e)Broadband Different broadband internet speeds offered without any restriction on its usage for internet telephony, gaming and so on. f)Reseller services The unlimited reseller hosting services allow you to start your own web hosting services and you can take advantage of the latest 3 month trial offer. g)E commerce Your website is provided security using standard encryption of 128 – bit and there is no need for any manual integration. SSL is also provided free for the Developer and Business categories. Strengths * One stop service provider * Highly respected and trusted by customers * Excellent customer service back up * State of art technology used for all their applications and initiatives What customers have to say? Customers are gaga over the flexibility of support provided and the ability of this company to respond immediately to changing needs. They feel that the packages are extremely user friendly and those who have moved from other service providers have found the transition smooth and hassle...

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