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Brief Introduction

This is yet another company that was launched a decade back as an off shoot of Dollamore – the parent company and managed to make a name for itself in a very short time by hosting close to over 150,000 websites.

They pride themselves on the fact that their customers find it easy to do business with them and ascribe that to the fact that they have been able to make the process of web hosting a very convenient and uncomplicated one.

Another striking aspect about this company is their benevolent stance in giving away discounts of as much as 50% to registered charity organisations. The company claims that they have supported charities across the globe to the tune of £20,000 and that indeed is a commendable achievement not very commonly seen.

Services offered

1) Web hosting

They offer five different packages as under:

a) Free trial

Here, the first three months are free and is ideal for somebody wishing to just test out the services. They offer unlimited facilities for web space, web traffic and mailboxes as part of the package.

b) Home

In this the first month of use is not charged though there are restrictions on web space and mailboxes that you can have.

c) Power

Here again the first month of usage is free and the web space is increased to 1.5 GB

d) Unlimited

As the name suggests, all facilities like web space, traffic, mailboxes are unlimited and the first month usage is also free. It is very similar to the free trial offer except for the increased value of free advertising vouchers.

e) Bulk

Under this package, you have no free period offer but get charged a modest £99.90 per annum

2) Domain registration services

They offer domain registration and transfer at a very reasonable fee. Depending upon the extension selected, you may need to hold it for a minimum period to avail of these reasonable rates.

3) SEO services

Under their search engine optimisation services, they offer Hyper submit, which is a service available under four different variants designed to offer customers advice on how to optimise search engine submission and listings. They make available various reports on a regular basis to enable you to know exactly how your sites are faring in ranking and popularity ratings.


* Experience of over a decade
* Good perception amongst customers of a company easy to do business with
* Free trial offer of up to three months
* Great discounts on domain names

Support offered

There is a sales and service number 0844 941 1000 that is listed on the site and there is also email support offered. Their support web site helps customers understand their services in a better manner as well.

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