Brief Introduction

This company claims to be one of the fastest growing companies in the field of web hosting and that is evidenced by their customer base of over 9million and the fact that they are adding almost 2500 clients every day. These figures have been corroborated by independent studies conducted by Netcraft and are sure to give customers the confidence that this company is going to be in existence for a long time and are financially very stable.

They were one of the early starters more than a decade back to offer customers online state of art technological and telecommunication solutions. Customers even then could chat online and enjoy other interactive services.

The company went public in 1998 and has been rewarding its shareholders with decent returns.

Services offered

a) Web hosting

The company has categorised its offering into 5 categories such as Beginners, Home, Business, Business Pro and Professional. They are currently running a very attractive scheme across all categories wherein you can signup and not pay anything for the first three months.

The features offered include web space, domain registration, external domains, usage of the internet and online account management facilities. The extent of bandwidth, space and domains offered obviously differ depending upon the package chosen. It is least for the Beginner package and maximum for the Professional one.

b) Email

IMAP/POP3 accounts with a 2GB capacity and email aliases are provided with this service with the Business, Business 1 and Professional packages getting unlimited email aliases facilities.

c) Website building

Building your own website is now easy without the need for any programming. Moreover you can also blog, get access to RSS feed and even share your photos online when you choose any of the packages barring the Beginner one.

d) Ecommerce

The Easy Setup option allows you to launch your online shop very quickly and you will find it convenient to sell your products or services thanks to the integration with eBay. Moreover, you can also get access to Marketing tools and eShop Management facilities to help you control and review your business in a much better fashion.

e) Marketing tools

Customers keen to receive quick marketing feedback can choose this feature which will enable them to chat live with customers, send them email based marketing material and even get website statistics. This is available for those choosing the Home, Business, Business Pro and Professional packages.


* Strong track record
* Customised packages for different categories of customers
* Robust data center and choice of servers to meet any customer requirement

Support Provided

* Email assistance
* Access to technical support 24×7
* Access to product information on phone
* Online account management with single log in

What customers have to say?

Customers feel that this company offers them good value for money and has an attitude that is customer focused. They also feel that they can present them selves very professionally to their clients using the packages provided by 1&1.

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