Word of Mouth Marketing in 2020

Word of Mouth Marketing in 2020

Word of Mouth Marketing is a powerful marketing strategy in talk these days. Word of Mouth Marketing can be done in two ways namely organic or amplified. Organic word of mouth happens naturally without any effort from the company’s side to promote word of mouth advertising. Whereas, Amplified word of mouth is especially carried out by the marketers by launching campaigns and by coming up with ideas that promote word of mouth marketing.

Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategies

Here is how you can start to create a strategy for social media buzz. This form of WOM marketing is a mixture of organic and amplified whereas putting in some efforts will automatically make results to pour in.

1. Generate share-worthy experience for customers

But it’s easier said than done! How can you create an epic experience for your customers? How to naturally make your customers praise your brand and refer to their friends and relatives without actually asking them to do so?
With figures like this which says 65% of the customers cut ties with the brand once they encounter a bad experience, it has become more important to provide an amazing experience.

Here is what you need to do:

Sell quality products in the market
Customers will have a good experience with your brand if you are selling quality and up to the mark products. Selling the product the same as you claim to be in the advertisement is very important. Moreover, if you are providing speedy returns and managing after-sale services well, half of your job is done.

Simplify the order process and provide visual appeal

According to figures, 93% of the customers find visuals helpful in making a final decision about the purchase. Be it any form of business, actual images of your products are beneficial in increasing conversion rates by about 400%.
Along with it, a simple and slick ordering process is key to better sales. Even if you need to make changes in your website looks and ordering process, don’t hesitate to take the step.

Run and control the operations tightly

As 49% of the customers don’t feel confident about the brand’s delivery if it is not a trusted site and refrain themselves from ordering from it again if the delivery was done is late, it has become more important to look upon the operations and after-sales services.

2. Collaborate with influencers to spark WOM

The best strategy for social media buzz is collaborating with influencers. Social media platforms are full of influencer’s posts and recommendations. Even 49% of the people rely on influencers recommendations before sealing a deal. Therefore, tying up with influencers and asking them to review your products is an amazing word of mouth strategy to follow.
Some ways to do so are:

Send free gifts to them
Send a free product to some well-identified influencers but not ask them to review them for you online. Make them feel free to review it on their own choice without expecting them to do so. Daniel Willington, a watch brand has justly used this form of marketing and has witnessed a sharp increase in its sales.

Promote your brand along with a worthy cause

Supporting a worthy cause and connecting your brand with the same along with influencers and celebrities is one of the finest WOM strategies to follow. It’s effective in creating a social buzz and creates social proof of your brand.
When your brand is connected to promoting social cause even celebrities and influencers are keen on being a part of it. Be it women empowerment, child welfare or making people aware of a particular thing.

3. Other ideas for building WOM marketing strategies

Providing an epic experience, connecting with influencers is sometimes enough to provide a needed shoutout for a brand and can even encourage referring. However, when things are not moving your way, you need to make some extra efforts to make word of mouth happen. Referred to as amplifying word of mouth marketing strategy, here are some of the related ideas for it:

Word of mouth triggers
Use word of mouth triggers to make your customers refer your brand to others. Word of mouth triggers special campaigns or ideas that compel users to spread a word about the brand to their acquaintances in return for special offers, discounts and other perks.
For instance, brands can make their customers feel privileged by labelling them as their esteemed customer and provide them with additional privileges. Myntra, an Indian e-commerce site is a perfect example.

Visual triggers
Visual triggers are actions taken by the company that compels people to share and talk about it because of its visual appeal. For instance, Disney is known for promoting its theme parks because of its visual appeal. Similarly, IKEA used augmented reality to launch their app called IKEA Place to make it easy for its customers to choose furniture that created an online buzz.
So, these were some of the WOMM strategies of 2020.

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