Here in the post, you are going to meet or introduce the best 8 APIS, which are mainly for web designers and web developers. The main thing which all the users should know is that with an API, they easily create a good connection between the application and website for only the main purpose of drawing on its features and data. The same thing allows the users to enhance the on-site experience, and it also streamlines a lot of processes.

On the other side, before going to make a deal with the APIs, one should learn everything about web designing. It helps them in making the entire process easier, and after knowing all the terms properly related to the web designing handling everything becomes simple and easy than before. To know more about the same concept, one can simply take help from the reviews or many sites that are present online. It is the best way to know everything about Web designing, web design tools, and resources as well.

The Best 8 APIS for designers and developers should know

Now, it’s time to meet with all main APIs, which mainly created for web designers, or you can say for web developers. Each person or the user should read everything about, then understand them properly and after then use them accordingly to get positive results. So, below are the main 7 APIs present that every single individual should know –

  1. Google analytics

Here you are going to meet with the best and stunning API among all. Google analytics is mainly used for tracking visitor activity on a site. Not only the same task, with Google Analytics users now perform many other tasks, and they use it for the following purposes –

  • They use analytics for the purpose of monitor custom data, such as lifetime value calculations.
  • It is used to build special tracking dashboards.
  • It goes deeper with the sales funnel analysis and tracking.


  1. Google Fonts

It is another API that offers the developers a path to call on a Google Font. In the same way, the developers don’t have to host font files on their server because Google handles the entire load on it.

  1. YouTube

With the help of the same APIs, you can easily upload the files to the server anytime accordingly. Not only is this, with the help of the same APIs i.e., YouTube, you simply embed video players into your website and edit the playback settings accordingly. Another main thing is that you can easily pull the data from YouTube to the site’s dashboard anytime.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Well, if you want to create a chatbot on your website, then you can simply do the same task with the help of Facebook Messenger. Also, you can program that how these chatbots interact with the users or visitors to your site accordingly. So, it becomes easy for your website to handle every visitor and provide them with the best experience. To gather more information about the same concept, you simply have to go to the web design company New York City. It is the best place where you meet with professionals or experts in web designing that provide you entire information about APIS.

  1. Facebook Apps and Plugins

Facebook itself provides developers and designers with APIs, so they easily get good results on the social media platform. You should know that it offers a set of SDKs and APIs which are used on sites and by the help of them one can –

  1. Add up a Facebook login
  2. Embed social media posts and feeds.
  3. Follow site conversions with Facebook.
  1. Twitter

Everyone should know that if they are looking for the best API for their website, then Facebook and Twitter come at first. It is because Twitter gives web developers and web designers a bit lighter as compared to Facebook. With the help of it, users get the ability to embed Twitter posts, feeds, and also they easily share the follow buttons.

  1. MailChimp

Every developer or designer should know that there are plenty of methods they want users to engage with their site, but among them, all most likely are – contact, e-commerce, and lead gen. If users make use of MailChimp to support their marketing efforts, then joining the API to website and form results helpful for them. After then, you easily manage the list of your emails and also automate how email and website work together properly.

      8. Email Validator 

Email validator checks for fake DNS and uses a regex function that works to check the proper length and accepted characters. For example, it will mark as valid an email like ‘’ but it will recognize as a fake ‘’

So, these are the best 8 APIs that all web designers and web developers should know. With the help of all these, they give a good role to their website, and after then it provides the best experience to the users or visitors. There are many other APIs present such as Payment Processors, Dropbox, Twilio, Vimeo, G Suite Apps, Google Calendar and Google Translate, etc. in order to get the better results in the same process, one has to know all these APIs and then make full or appropriate use of them accordingly in their site.


All the things or APIS which are listed above are essential for you to cover when you are creating a website and when adding all the features your clients require or desire from you. The thing is that there are lots of APIS present, and if you are a newbie to the same aspect, then you should take assistance from the web design company that is located in New York City.

It is the best place where you find all the essential information about different types of APIs and also all other terms or aspects related to web designing. Not only is this, when you go through the same company, then you simply become able to know all types of essential web design tools and resources as well by which you do web designing in an appropriate and successful manner. With the help of these APIs, tools, and resources, developers, or designers make a good and profitable website.

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