While there are plenty of channels to market your brand, YouTube really takes the trophy home, with 2+ billion users or one-third of the internet in other words. These billion users spend an average one-third of their online time watching YouTube videos since it has become incredibly easier and economical to excessively stream HD videos with Cox bundle deals.

What’s more? YouTube can be viewed in 80 different languages; it is that extensive of a platform.

You might underestimate its usage, thinking that your target audience is not on YouTube, however, the stats suggest otherwise; it’s the second-largest search engine on the internet. What people don’t google, they search on YouTube and even with Google results, and YouTube videos often rank at the top.

It may be a completely new platform for you, but once you begin, you will never want to go back as audience love content that is engaging, easily viewable and shareable. Furthermore, a motion picture does a better job of grabbing a viewer’s attention and increasing conversion. Besides, you will enjoy creating video content since you will have plenty of room to display your creativity in myriad forms.

So, here are a few pointers that will help you earn the trophy for best video marketing.

1. Catch the Viewer’s Eye With a Fantastic Title

Your title decides whether a user would click on your video or not. Hence, it’s imperative that your video title is attractive enough for your audience to choose among dozens of other videos. Give users the ‘What, Why, or How’ in the title that gives them the reason to watch the video.
Ensure that your title has the right keyword. Ideally, YouTube is a great place to search for keywords, but other keyword research tools like SEMrush, Moz or Google Search Console could come in handy too. Try to include keywords in the beginning of the title. The length of the title should not exceed 60 characters so it is viewable in its entirety in one glance.

Avoid titles that are false or fail to deliver since YouTube has been tightening its policies and any such practices would get you in hot waters as viewers will report your video once they realize it was just a clickbait. Moreover, it leaves a bad impression.

catch viewers attention

How to catch viewers attention

2. A Thumbnail that Complements the Title

Thumbnail is the first thing that captures a searcher’s attention; a searcher eyes the title afterwards. Hence, it should be full of bright colours and bold text. If the thumbnail is attractive enough, users will click on the video right away. Therefore, you better design a great thumbnail that is relevant to the video content.
You can take a snapshot from your video and display it as a thumbnail, but it will be better if you utilize a picture that tells a story or teases their curiosity, and make sure it is a high-quality picture, otherwise it would look blurry.
Also, put your title in the thumbnail or a line that complements your title. Moreover, it is imperative that you remain consistent in styling all your thumbnail designs.

Thumbnail that complements the title

Thumbnail that complements the title

3. Conduct a Reconnaissance on your Competitors

The best way to optimize your video for SEO is to see how your competitor is doing. TubeBuddy and vidIQ can aid you in
your mission as these tools acquire information regarding competitor’s videos.
The Tag Explorer in TubeBuddy works like your traditional keyword finder, which suggests keywords for your chosen
term. Moreover, it shows search volume and competitiveness for that keyword.
Both of these tools show tags employed by highest-ranking videos for search terms you plan to use. You can even dig in
to find out what tags a video creator is using for their Channel, along with a myriad of valuable information such as their
SEO score, number of words in description, number of views, average view time duration, Facebook likes and more.
If you are new to the YouTube game, aim for less competitive keywords as they have a better chance of ranking your

Conduct a reconnaissance on your competitors

Conduct a reconnaissance on your competitors

4. Infuse Dedication Into Your YouTube Content

Viewers enjoy fresh content, so commit yourself to a schedule and upload videos regularly. Many YouTubers tell their
audience in their videos when they will upload a new video.
If you take an eternity to upload new videos, users, as well as YouTube would feel that you aren’t serious about your
channel and bail out on you.
“Watch time” is a crucial factor in ranking your videos higher. It shows viewers’ engagement for your video.
Furthermore, the algorithm considers these factors while choosing videos that will be engaging for viewers.
If you want to apply for monetization, you will require 10,000 views to be eligible. Thus, regular video uploads consisting
of high quality and valuable content is surely going to get a wider reach.

5. Collaborate with Fellow YouTubers

If you want to look for new subscribers for your YouTube channel, make a video in collaboration with an influencer that
has the fan base you are targeting. Tools like Social Blade can help you tremendously in finding out who has the
audience similar to yours.
Joint videos like these contribute to your reputation via association (make sure the influencer's reputation is positive
and is what you would like to be for your channel), and when your partner has greater influence than you do, their
endorsement of your channel will help win your audience trust.

The Endnote

Acing your video marketing strategy is cardinal as over 80% of consumer internet traffic consists of video.
Refine your YouTube channel by branding it: choose a suitable name, logo, theme, art, links, and contact info in your
profile. Moreover, create a featured video that introduces you to people who visit your channel.
The more you experiment with your YouTube channel, the better your strategy will turn out as you figure out what
works well for you (make sure that experimentation is in line with YouTube policies).

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