Podcasts integration into marketing

Podcasts integration into marketing

by Elaine Bennett

The business market is more competitive now than it has ever been, and you can bet that the competitive arena is only going to get more saturated with rival brands hell-bent on claiming their piece of the proverbial cake, and (if they can) knocking you out of the race. This begs the need to up your marketing strategy, be innovative and creative, and strive to constantly stay one step ahead of the game by offering a better service to your customers.
Enter, the brand-saving marketing tool companies are not using enough – the podcast. Podcasts are not as nearly widespread as they should be, and even though they offer numerous advantages to growth-oriented brands, creatives still focus predominantly on blogs, and maybe a couple of tasty infographics. Here to help you grasp the power of podcasts are the five reasons why this type of content should become an inextricable part of your marketing strategy.

Appeal to a wider audience

Diversifying your content pool should be a priority for your marketing team from the get-go. Yes, written content is important for SEO, reach, and audience retention, but stellar written content is not all you should focus on. After all, not everyone has the time (or preferences) to read blogs, you know.
Instead, by creating spoken content you will open numerous doors to another type of expansive audience just waiting to hear what you have to say. Not only will this create a trustworthy bond with your followers, but if you publish your podcasts on notable platforms such as Stitcher or iTunes, you can break into a whole new multi-million marketplace.

Reel them in with easily-consumed content

Like any type of content, it needs to be easy to understand, easy to consume, and it shouldn’t take up much of your time. Along with brevity and transparency, podcasts needs to offer true value to the listener, and this could be done in two ways: they can be scripted, or they can be loose and natural.
Whatever your preferred style of content creation, it’s important that the podcast (much like other forms of content) portrays your brand in the best possible light, follows brand guidelines, and has a clearly-defined structure that will keep the listener interested and away from the “back“ button. If you plan your podcast strategy right, you can achieve all of this and much more.

Use it to generate different content types
One of the biggest benefits of podcasts is that they are easy to produce – you sit with notable personality, and you have a nice chat. But what does this mean for your company besides appealing to a new type of audience? It gives you the opportunity to effortlessly create numerous other types of content from your podcasts.
Transforming spoken content into written content, for instance, is easier than ever before, as AI-powered business transcription online has become more accessible and effective in recent years. Simply by leveraging modern technology to create different types of content, you can enrich your marketing strategy and take the pain out of creating all-new content every single day.

Create trust by connecting with industry experts

Arguably, there is no better way to grow your brand’s reputation and awareness in the industry than have an industry expert spread the word of your company in a positive, encouraging way. And bringing a notable personality from your field to speak on your podcast is the most powerful way to spread the word of your brand and attract potential customers to your doorstep.
After all, industry experts are the trend-setters and influencers you need by your side in order to stay ahead of the game, as they lead an audience of like minded individuals that, with their good word, can become your lifelong clients. This kind of trust between brand and audience can only be achieved with a strong presence and a popular voice, so bringing industry experts to your podcast might just be the defining moment in your brand’s history.

Stand out and acquire more customers

By now, you have probably realized just how much podcast creation can separate your company from the rest of the herd. In fact, because this is still a relatively unoccupied field, you have the opportunity to snag a sizable portion of the market with little to no competition standing in your way. This way, you can effortlessly become the authority in the industry.
What’s more, podcasts can serve as a direct promotional tool for your brand, only adding to the aforementioned benefits. If you take a calculated approach to podcast creation, you will make sure to include CTAs throughout the interviews that will lead the listeners to a specific landing page or email subscription. These CTAs shouldn’t be overly promotional, but rather included casually in the conversation with clear value propositions the customer can appreciate.

There are numerous types of content every growth-oriented company should exploit in order to extend its reach and touch the hearts and minds of the global audience. One of the more powerful tools you should have in your arsenal is the podcast, as it will allow you to truly stand out, create stellar content, and become the leading source of quality information in the industry.

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