Businesses today are focused on building their brand value in a variety of ways. With mobile phones becoming an integral part of our day to day lives, it’s always a wise decision to use it in business marketing strategies. Smart businesses have realized this very well.


Whether you create a game app in which your brand features, or develop a shopping app so your customers can shop from wherever they happen to be, mobile app development serves brand-building in multiple ways. It is imperative to do research before building your first app.You need to understand what is the main purpose of creating the app. Will it be used for advertising your brand, or to make customers visit your website afterwards, or to make your services more mobile.

Secondly, whatever app you create, it should reflect your business’s value system. Research your competitors well, and last but not the least, the target should be to create great user experience with the app.

For example, using its new app Starbucks increased amount of app users for 1 million in just one quarter. In total mobile transaction are now 16% of all transactions made.Here are some ways, how mobile apps increase your brand value :


Improves Customer Engagement

A well designed and well executed mobile app is definitely going to become a hit with your users.Unlike social media, where you can’t push messages to users or email mass mailers which are heavily ignored,you can update users about latest offers through mobile apps.Thus your app serves as a medium for connecting with the customers for feedback and special offers. You can even sync your app with social media, allowing customers to share content with their friends, extending the brand reach further

Helps Boost Mobile e-Commerce Traffic

Mobile apps is one of the other ways through which you can run your online ecommerce business and build your brand image.For one thing, your logo can be a constant reminder on customers’ mobile screens. When you invest in outstanding mobile app development, you also invest in positive customer opinion. There are studies backing the fact that if you invest in outstanding mobile app,it creates a positive customer reaction.

The results feed directly into your bottom line when you make it simple for app users to check product availability, receive discounts and special offers, and make purchases with just a few taps.

Another marketing channel

When your company’s app can be easily found in the App Store or Google Play, you can expand your reach globally. These app sources add yet another marketing channel to your existing ones and allow your app to potentially be seen by millions of people. With push notifications, you can automatically send upcoming events and promotions to your customers. Rest assured: your website is as indispensable as ever, but websites don’t have as easy a time standing out from the crowd as a great app does.


Provision of better customer support

Mobile app development is now considered a major factor in customer support delivery. You are more likely to retain customers through an app that delivers customer support instantly and seamlessly. Delivering customer service through an app is another innovative way to introduce a new channel of communication between your company and the customers . It’s a tool to demonstrate to both new and existing customers that you’re well committed to take care of their needs.

Reinforces your brand with employees

Brand building is not only about reaching at people outside your business, but it also includes internal customers of the company which are the employees.Internal apps that help your employees work more efficiently improve their work satisfaction and reinforce your brand benefits with the very people who can be its biggest supporters. The bottomline is, employees can be your biggest brand ambassadors and how you deliver the apps according to their requirements, can positively influence their own brand perception.


With more and more people getting hooked on to their mobile phones like never before, mobile apps are definitely one of the key resources to let people know about your brand. Whether they are shoppers, employees of your company and others, each time they scroll through their mobile screens or open the app, they are reminded about your brand presence. Care should be taken to build mobile apps as they can improve customer engagement, drive sales, increase your marketing channels, help you provide better customer support, and empower your employees to become better brand advocates. Every company and business has its own strategy, obviously, but mobile app can be a good idea for almost everyone.


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