In digital and mobile marketing, it’s all about predicting future trends and implementing them as quickly and as efficiently as possible to gain a competitive edge in this very competitive world. Emerging technologies and evolving consumer preferences dictate the tempo and we must keep up or fail.

But with this relentless pandemic, this year has been very turbulent and unpredictable. How can businesses be certain of anything come 2021?

Mobile marketing, just like every other industry, simply has to adapt to the new circumstances and enter 2021 ready to implement the slowly emerging new trends in their marketing strategies.  Here are our top 5 trends for 2021 that businesses need to be aware of.


Video Marketing Will Continue to Rule

Video marketing dominated 2020 and it is more than likely that it will continue to do so in 2021. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the predictions that by 2021, video traffic will comprise 81% of all online traffic. It is simple, really: people would rather watch a short video rather than read a comprehensive blog piece.

Hence, high-quality video will continue to be the focus of every business’s marketing strategy. Consumers use their phones for entertainment as well as to shop for goods, and watching a useful, brief video about a product is vital for them before they make the purchase.

Businesses that invest in quality video creation will undoubtedly appeal to more consumers.

Live video has gained momentum in the year 2020 with users watching and streaming live video on a daily basis. This trend is expected to continue as well.

Social Commerce Will Be on the Rise

Consumer shopping habits are rapidly changing with social media taking over traditional eCommerce platforms because it combines entertainment and shopping. Social networks are no longer just a place to update statuses and post photos or stories, it’s also a marketplace with many businesses selling products through Facebook and Instagram.

This is all thanks to shoppable ads where products are tagged within images and users can click on them and find more information about the products. There are also buy buttons that users can click on to go and complete their purchase. They can purchase directly from Instagram, for example, even without visiting the brand’s website.

It is estimated that 70% of shoppers use social media to search for products, namely Instagram. This trend is expected to grow in 2021 with more and more businesses jumping on the bandwagon and selling their goods through social networks.

High-Quality In-House Content

Content is still king when it comes to brand promotion and appealing to potential customers. Creating SEO optimized content helps promote a brand’s products and provide more information about them to help users make a decision.

Given that whatever users search for, they get an abundance of results and loads of articles and blog posts about their search term, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out. Similarly, this is also why marketing is more important than ever. Brands must create high-quality content that truly stands out among the competitors. This can only be done in-house i.e. it must be created by brands themselves.

Why do brands must continue investing in content creation in 2021 when they can take advantage of user-generated content which is free and can help promote their businesses? Well, for starters, simply because it’s free doesn’t necessarily mean it is always beneficial.

User-generated content does have its advantages and the fact it’s free is certainly one of them. It also means brands don’t have to spend time on and allocate funds to this type of content creation. It is content written by others, primarily consumers who’ve used your products (reviews, testimonials, etc.). Thus, brands save both time and money.

However, since this is content generated by users, nothing stops them to write negative reviews about brands and thus hurt their reputation. No one can predict what users might say so this type of content does have its risks. On the other hand, brands must remain vigilant when it comes to user comments and dialogues on their websites. Things can quickly get out of control so brands still need to invest time into monitoring user-generated content.

With brand-generated content and proper SEO techniques applied, brands do not run such risks. Businesses must focus on consistent, unique, and informative content that helps boost their brands and provide value to consumers.

The Use of AI Technology Will Accelerate

Previously, businesses have started implementing AI-powered chatbots on their websites to improve customer experience and reduce the burden on real, human agents. In 2021, the use of AI technology will only increase to include so much more than artificial customer service representatives.

The new, better chatbots will be able to track sales and analyze consumer demand and statistical data, and thus help brands reach their target audience. Artificial Intelligence tools will become essential in mobile and digital marketing efforts for businesses who are trying to maintain their competitive edge in 2021.

Augmented Reality

One of the emerging trends in digital marketing is certainly Augmented Reality or AR. Marketers can take advantage of AR to appeal to consumers and boost their customer base. This incredible technology, which is more accessible than VR, allows consumers to see virtual objects in real-life settings. What that means is that, if users fancy buying a new piece of furniture, they can see what it would look like in their own homes before they make a purchase.

Consumers can also try on clothes virtually thanks to AR. The best part about AR is that it can be used in every industry which explains why so many brands have already implemented this technology and created apps where consumers can see how certain products might look on them. One such brand is Ikea which created an app that allows customers to virtually place pieces of furniture in their living rooms.

The same technology can be applied in the beauty industry, fashion industry, etc.


This list of mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2021 is far from being complete as no one knows yet what the new year might bring. However, based on 2020, it is more than likely that the abovementioned trends will continue to expand and dominate the marketing industry.

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