Marriage is one of the most beautiful celebrations. The bride and groom’s family gather to celebrate this auspicious moment with the rest of the family. Indian weddings are known to celebrate marriage for days. Events are held before and after the wedding; an entire household is filled with laughter and positivity; homes are well decorated, beautifully designed, and overhauled for the couple.

Although, during the pandemic, conventionality changed. People could not create the wedding atmosphere they wanted, most friends and relatives could not attend, and many families had to settle for far less than desired. 

But nowadays, because of new technological advancements, we can see many changes in wedding traditions and rituals. A prominent one is the wedding invitation. People have been invited personally throughout history, but today the tides turn towards virtual invitations and ecards.

Wedding invitations are chosen, created, and delivered online. An online invitation maker can offer many choices to choose from so that you can make a beautiful wedding invitation. You can also create a wedding invitation video online. However, you should consider a few points before deciding to make a wedding invitation video online. 

Choose a theme

At the start, choose a proper theme to represent your invitation. Match the invite to your wedding theme. Matching the invitation and wedding theme makes your online wedding invitation more thoughtful and elegant. You can create an invitation video for capturing the essence of your wedding. Nowadays, you can find various tools like an online invitation maker to make beautiful video invitations for weddings. These tools help you find different themes that can match your wedding style. If you are going to a royal wedding, your wedding invitation should give a grandiose, regal vibe; if you are going with any other theme like the beach or a Rajasthani wedding, your invitation should match these wedding aspects.

To match the wedding theme, you would have to choose colours wisely. The background of your wedding invitation should reflect the wedding mood. Use images with the same vibe as your wedding theme. Online invitation makers provide you with specific ideas to match your wedding theme; you can find many photos and choose. 

Beautiful fonts

Well-thought fonts add beauty to the necessary textual wedding content. You will find various fonts while making your wedding invitation using an online invitation maker. It would help if you did not select simple fonts, although sometimes simple things are the most beautiful; first, experiment with the content and fonts. 

Content writer

When people read about the experience and the beautiful moments that led you to this life milestone, they should feel every word written in your wedding invitation. Some online invitation makers provide you with beautiful quotes that you can copy into your invitation. Still, nothing is suitable as an original written quote or line. If you choose a writer not good at writing words on paper, you make a mistake by trusting that person to help with your wedding invitation. You can hire someone to write the wedding invitation content, get help from a creative family member, or you can write it yourself; things you went through, something that made you fall in love with the person you are marrying and many other feelings. Whatever you do, make sure you pick the right creative help and quote. 

Include all necessary information 

You need to make sure that you give all the necessary information like the date and place of the wedding. Many online invitation makers provide you with all the proper requirements to fill before you make an invitation. Ensure to note critical information like the name of the bride and the groom in large fonts. 

Professional video

Usually, people like to make the invitation video themselves or ask someone close to the family to help. You can do this, but only if you have a professional in your family or friends. You have one day in your life when you marry, and you should try to make the most out of it. If you choose anyone to make you a video for your invitation, the chances are that you won’t be satisfied with their work. But if you hire a professional, you will get a stunning video for your invitation. If everything in your wedding invitation is top-notch, but the quality of the video is not good, then the whole beauty of the invitation decreases. It would help if you remembered that while picking someone to make a video. 

You can try to make a compilation of many videos. It looks exquisite and brings out the beauty of your invitation. 

Choose a location 

You must have seen or heard of pre-wedding photoshoots. These photoshoots look very beautiful and are like an unforgettable experience. Many couples ready to tie-the-knot go to different beautiful locations for photoshoots. You can decide something similar while making a video for your wedding invitation. Look for a beautiful place nearby to shoot for your invitation. If you can not find a place with natural beauty, you can pick beautiful locations like temples, bridges, etc. If you can select someplace that fits your wedding theme, it will be much better for your wedding invitation. For example, if you plan a Rajasthani wedding, a video showing Rajasthani culture or a desert will suit, appropriately. So select your shoot location wisely. 


Marriage celebrations are the most important and beautiful events that you will experience. You should try and make the most out of the day because it is not happening again. 

When you plan to make an invitation video, the few things previously mentioned can make your video look much more beautiful. 

Firstly, you must select a proper theme for the invitation that matches your wedding. Invitees should understand how your marriage will occur and the best attire for such a place. 

Secondly, you need to pick a proper font to represent your invitation. Try not to go with straightforward fonts; look for something unique and special that matches your style. 

Thirdly, choose an excellent writer to compose your wedding information. Your guests should easily understand the necessary information and feel the words written in your invitation. If you do not have someone around you to shoot a video for your invitation, you should hire a professional rather than trust just anyone. 

If you look after these points, you won’t have any trouble with your wedding invitation, and you’ll be satisfied with the results.