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Christmas is the season of goodwill. This is not only good will between mankind, but between organisations as well; from a small one-man business to ftse listed companies. Many corporations and businesses send Christmas gifts and greetings to their customers and staff. As a minimum, businesses send an ecard to their clients, to thank them for the year just finishing and the hope to do business with them again in the coming year. Many businesses prefer to send a charity Christmas ecard to their employees and customers. If you are tasked with finding the best charity Christmas ecard for your business, where do you look and how do you get started?  To make your task of finding the best charity christmas ecard for your business, we have compiled a list of some of the best corporate charity christmas ecard solutions for businesses.

Where Can I Send Business Charity Christmas eCards?

Are you a business entity looking for where to send business Christmas ecards and end of the year greetings  to your esteemed customers, business partners or your employees who have been fantastic and work hard to ensure the achievement of the organization’s yearly goals? Look no further, as I have searched the internet to create a list of trusted and reliable charity ecard platforms that offer annual corporate Christmas ecards to companies. They are as follows:

1. Corporate Christmas Packages By Hope Spring Charity eCards

Hope Spring ecard offers a wide range of corporate Christmas ecards designed by expert graphic designers. It offers two awesome Christmas ecards packages your company can choose from to wish your contacts a wonderful festive season. Other qualities of Hope Spring business charity christmas ecards are: amazing artistic features, no hidden cost, extra suitability, etc.    Apart from providing corporate Christmas ecards solution, the platform also offers greetings ecards for various special occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas, Eid, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and so on. Hope Spring ecard also provides ecards for conveying specific messages such as “Thank You” ecards, Farewell/Bon Voyage ecards, Love ecards, Sympathy ecards and many more.  Hope Spring ecard is an ecard platform of Hope Spring Charity, a water charity alleviating water poverty in West Africa. Hope Spring ecard offers corporate Christmas ecards to business entities in the UK specifically and the rest of the world at large.  Hence, your donation will be making a significant impact in the lives of children and women who are invariably the worst hits from lack of access to clean water.

2. Corporate Christmas eCards By Helen & Douglas House 

Helen and Douglas House also has fantastic Christmas ecards packs to wish your contacts a wonderful festive season and  show your support for the charity.  Each pack contains all sorts of different styles. There are six different styles to choose from. Some features of the Christmas ecards packages include  a design of a full  suite of graphics for your company to use on multiple platforms, including your website, social channels and email. Helen and Douglas House provides hospice care for children in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. You can be sure that with your donation, you will be making a big difference to terminally ill babies, children, and young people.

3. Corporate Christmas Packages By Charity eCards UK

Charity eCards UK was set up basically to give small charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland a platform to raise much-needed funds through their supporters specifically and the general public at large.  The platform offers corporate festive greetings ecards’ packages that come with amazing features such as the personalization of the ecards with business logo and writing of specific message that will be shown to the contacts; the delivery of the ecards to your contacts in one batch; the ability to schedule the ecards to be delivered at the date of your choosing; the great ecards designed by artists and graphic designers; the enhanced goodwill your business gets from customers that receive the charity ecards who will certainly be impressed by your choice of selecting an environmental friendly alternative in sending them season greetings, and the carbon that would have otherwise gone to the atmosphere by the activities involved in printing traditional cards but saved by your company from choosing this alternative. All these benefits make Charity eCard UK one of the worthy platforms to send your contacts christmas/end-of-the-year greetings. 

4. Corporate Christmas eCards By Rainbow Trust 

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity also offers ecards your company can send to clients for festive season’s greetings. It is another fantastic way to wish your customers and staff a wonderful festive season while showing support for a UK charity that supports children. Rainbow Trust gives businesses the opportunity to send their ecard with a minimum donation of £300. You can personalise their ecards with your company graphics and greetings to send to as many clients and customers as you desire.  Rainbow Trust’s corporate charity Christmas ecards package has desirable benefits which include: a wide range of designs, colours and animations; ecards that can be personalized with company logo and greeting; non-existence of postage cost, instant arrival and environmental friendliness of sending digital cards.  Rainbow Trust Charity supports families who have a child aged zero to eighteen years with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

5. Corporate Christmas Package By offers designs of Christmas ecards that are  thoughtfully crafted for the businesses, the in-house designs are unique and exclusive. With them, you will be sending your clients unique printed cards or personalised ecards and that reflects a lot about your business. This is  a powerful marketing tool that can bring about great return on investment. With, your donation from sending corporate Christmas cards will go on to support UK Cancer and other organisations. They pride themselves on being a friendly and helpful company, where everything can be adapted to your company requirements. You can make your design the way you want it, with your company logo  & personalized texts. They provide services not just for businesses,  but also deal with private and  personal buyers.  Their packages come with reductions for bulk card quantities and early-bird discounts are calculated in the shopping basket.