There is no doubt that for many of the businesses, the sure-shot way to ensure profitability and success is with a notable online presence. Surviving in e-commerce requires a trendy website. And an excellent digital media strategy to interact with engage the visitors and convert them into customers. All professional e-com services ensure up9to-ate services and easy customer interactions. To ensure the credibility of their brand and ensure their reach. The measure of success for any e-commerce platform is the traffic and conversions.

In terms of digital marketing, the conversion rate is the number of random visitors to a web page converting into a buyer and then a loyal customer of the brand. This sounds awesome, but not so easy to achieve. Indeed, the rate is now like about 1/10 visitors may engage with the brand. While they deal with a website. However, on strategizing it properly, the rate of conversion can increase dramatically.

Web Design strategies to get more traffic from Instagram

Instagram is now the most popular social media platform, which a large number of users now flock to. Unlike the conventional platforms, Instagram is admitted to be a more reliable platform for social media marketers, as the engagement rate with brands on this platform is much higher compared to others.

While done effectively, Instagram marketing can surely bring in more traffic to your website, but you have to ensure that your website design is worth to take advantage of this. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you are developing your website to convert your real Instagram followers into customers.

  • Ensure responsive web design

For any e-commerce portal, responsive web design is a must. This design technique is based on liquid grid technology. With many devices used for browsing the internet, it is important to ensure that your website layout is ideal to be displayed properly on all those screens. Being so will help increase customer time on your pages, enhance sales, and also bring in more visitors to be converted ultimately into the business.

  • Virtual assistance in shopping

The integration of virtual shopping assistance to help buyers is proving to be a beneficial approach. It can offer a high degree of customer satisfaction, and now, custom made virtual assistants can do a large number of things ranging from giving AI-based suggestions for providing post-sales customer support with highly personal interactivity on the e-com platforms.

  • Simple and secure payment gateway

An e-com platform cannot sustain without having a secure and simple to use payment gateway. This should be made compatible with different payment modes, various options for payment. And also customer reward programs, which motivate them to buy more.

  • Integration with social media

Another trendy to do if you want to drive in more traffic to your web pages from social media feeds like Instagram. Then always do social media integration properly. By doing so, businesses could set open a better mode of communication with the clients or customers and other stakeholders. Along with Instagram, ensure that your website has better visibility on different social media platforms.

Always try to fill your social media profiles with the most relevant and customer-friendly information. Add a proper cover photo and profile picture, which will help create an admiration for your brand and offerings. Also, be responsive and always active on Instagram and other social media platforms to drive in more traffic from those.


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