Updated for 2022 on the 9th December 2021.

Why t-shirt printing is good for your business was updated for 2022, on the 9ths of December 2021.
With more and more people turning towards digital marketing, present-day entrepreneurs are often wondering whether old-school marketing is worth investing in, anymore. The best pro argument for traditional marketing can be seen by looking at its best representative in the form of t-shirt printing. There are so many advantages you can gain by using this method and here are 15 most compelling ones, that will, perhaps, persuade you that the age of print marketing is still in full swing.

They have a practical value

The most important thing in building a successful relationship with your customers is the one that rests on mutual benefit. The marketing content that you produce needs to have a certain value. A branded t-shirt can find so many uses, from being workout equipment to being something people wear around their house. As a piece of clothing, a branded t-shirt can never really be labeled as unnecessary. Overall, they do hold a value for the recipient and are, therefore, bound to be used.

Utilizing the power of psychology

Elements of design are known to inspire different feelings and cause various psychological reactions. For years now, it’s a well-known fact that various elements of web design have a serious impact on one’s conversion rate. Some of these principles are also applicable in t-shirt printing, seeing as how the influence of shapes and colors on the minds of your audience can be utilized this way, as well. Needless to say, this is something worth bearing in mind when coming up with your brand’s visual traits, in general.

Printing them in bulk is inexpensive

A lot of people make a mistake of comparing the price of an online post (which can be completely free of charge) to the price of a single branded t-shirt. However, this is never a printing method that companies use for their marketing purposes and you need to bear in mind the fact that printing in bulk drastically reduces the cost-per-item. Add this to the concept of cost-per-conversion and you’ll make this into a part of your marketing budget. This way, it will be a lot easier for you to justify the costs of printing.

A continuous effort

There are some people who prefer to see marketing methods as suitable for a certain type/size of the business, which makes them avoid these techniques, due to the fact that they’re “temporary” measures. Printing t-shirts is definitely not one of these methods, seeing as how it’s a technique that’s used by smallest of business and greatest of conglomerates, alike. With a reliable partner, the concept of t-shirt and apparel printing can become a scalable solution for your marketing troubles.

The printing process is quite quick

Making alterations is always a plus in the marketing world and so is your ability to put your plans to action. The printing process is fairly quick and with a reliable printing agency on your side, you can submit an idea in the evening and have t-shirts printed by the morning. This helps you innovate and update your brand on a daily basis, which is quite an interesting concept that is definitely worth the investment.

Designing uniforms

T-shirt printing can also become a method for you to outfit your team, especially if you have to attend a live-show or an industry-related event. Uniformity in dressing shows more than a pleasing visual image. In the minds of your audience, it evokes the sensation of unity and efficiency, which is why you need to consider it as an option. Still, there are some do’s and don’ts of designing workwear that you need to adhere to. It’s not just the design but also the pragmatism that counts.  Sometimes you may need to liaise with a specialist to design office uniforms for your team.

An investment in safety

If you decide to invest in uniforms, what you need to understand is that you’re also paying for a security boost. Think about it, if all of your team is wearing uniforms, then a guest or an intruder is easy to spot from a mile away. This also makes your guest system more reliable, seeing as how visitors to your premises will be subconsciously aware that their very presence is attracting attention. This will, most likely, make them refrain from any kind of suspicious-looking or illegal activities.

Egalitarian workplace

One of the things that affect the productivity of your employees the most is that feeling that they and their colleagues are a team. While the freedom to choose what you wear to work may be seen as a human right, this is sometimes a source of great animosity, even discomfort in the office. This is why an investment in office uniforms may also be seen as an investment in an egalitarian workplace. For you as a business owner, this should always be a goal.

Raising brand awareness

Every time a person sees your logo and reads the name of your company, they’re making a step towards recognizing your brand. The next stage, from here, is one of brand awareness, which only comes after many interactions with a brand. Every time a person encounters someone wearing your branded t-shirt counts as a brand encounter, which means that you stand to get there a lot quicker. In other words, what you get is some free advertisement and the ability to turn every single wearer of your t-shirt into a walking billboard with your team’s name on it.


Every time your customers do business with your brand (or anyone else), they’re trying to make an estimate of how good this deal was for them. What they’re trying to do is make an estimate of whether they’re getting their money’s worth. A gift of a single, inexpensive branded t-shirt can drastically upset their equation and make them feel like they’re getting a much better deal. Think about it, they were already ready to pay the full price, even before they knew that it will come with a free t-shirt as a bonus. Now, you’ve just sweetened the pot.

Integration with social media marketing

Every time someone with your branded t-shirt posts an image on their social media profile there’s a potential for a tag or a hashtag towards your brand. This makes it into just one of many ways for gaining followers on social networks, thus, increasing your digital footprint. Needless to say, this method benefits your brand in more ways than one. When combined with other social network campaign techniques, this can truly give you some outstanding results.

A sense of belonging

One of the most important goals of any business is to try and make their customers feel like the members of the community. This is one thing that can give you an incredible boost to your sense of loyalty. For instance, when a person who wears your brand’s t-shirt meets someone else with the same t-shirt, they might feel some innate camaraderie with the person in question. It is this sense of belonging that will strengthen their bond with your brand.

T-shirts are long-lasting

In order to establish a relationship based on trust with your employees, you’ll need to display some patience, seeing as how trust takes time to build. This is what makes t-shirts into such an amazing promotional product. A customer who receives a branded t-shirt may have it for years, thus never completely severing their tie to your brand. This is a concept that’s worth keeping in mind in the long run, as well as something that impacts your ability to make people return for more, time and time again.

A trend-proof marketing tool

One thing that concerns a lot of marketers out there is the fact that marketing trends seem to be getting in and out of fashion at a staggering rate. On the other hand, promotional t-shirts are being used since the early 50s as a tool of promotion and are still quite effective. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly used old-school marketing techniques to this very day. In other words, this particular trend is unlikely to get outdated, anytime soon.

A method of introduction

Previously, we’ve talked about the prospect of you attending a trade show or an industry event. Well, by wearing a branded t-shirt, you’ll already demonstrate your belonging to a certain brand. People will be able to know that you belong to a certain company even before the first word leaves your mouth and it will be fairly easy for them to recognize you as a brand representative. In some scenarios, this even awards you a small dose of authority in the conversation.

In conclusion

Even if the price of printing these t-shirts was twice as high, it might still be viable as a method, when taking all of the above-listed advantages into consideration. Depending on your industry, you might insist on certain designs or materials (in case of uniforms), while the quality of the print and t-shirts themselves may testify about the financial prosperity of your business. With so many big decisions in front of you, it’s more than clear that the decision on how to print your branded t-shirts isn’t one to be made lightly.