With the availability of around 3 million applications published in the Google Play store by July 2020, businesses and enterprises are aware that developing a fully-featured mobile app is not enough. A well-structured and step-by-step app marketing strategy is essential to stand out from the crowd in today’s cut-throat competition. No matter how excellent your app idea is, if your user is not aware of your app, all your hard work is in vain. Your app will be listed among one of those millions of apps that are still fighting hard enough to get downloaded to the user’s device.

After all, what’s the meaning of designing and building an app if there’s no one to use it?

This post covers all the tried and tested methods and tricks to marketing your brand new unique mobile app in 2021. The below ways will save your time and resources but following them will help you achieve a significant increase in the number of followers and downloads than you expected. So, let’s get started.

  • Convey your product to users

No matter how strong your marketing strategy, if your mobile app does not solve user pain points, they won’t be interested in your product. Instead of just being an extended version of your website, highlight your product features to your targeted audience in a way that they are compelled to download and try your app at least once.

Brand-New Mobile App

One such example is the ixigo app. It is an ideal application for travellers who want to plan their upcoming journey by comparing the cheapest fares available in the market. This app is useful for anyone who wants a combo deal of flights, hotels, and packages.

  • QR codes

Whenever you’re targeting the on-the-go smartphone generation with a mobile app, a QR code is the best way to advertise your app. You can add QR code to your website, business card, emailer, brochures, receipts, or your online storefront window.

QR Code

In the above example, the Valpak app has a dedicated page for mobile coupons where the page explains what users will get when they download your mobile app. This example shows how it will look once you download the mobile app. They have also included a QR code on their coupon mailers’ envelope.

  • Engage in massive PR 

Of course, it will be followed by your marketing budget. Once your app launch date passes and the app goes live on the respective app store, begin with the PR cycle to showcase your app to a vast audience base. Just use any and every tool out there at your disposal to spread the word of your app.

  • Invest time in Paid Mobile Advertising

If you are interested in making PPC advertising a part of your mobile marketing strategy, do not forget to showcase your ads on mobile devices too. It will help you with better customer outreach and aid you in targeting more users globally ( as mobile search has taken off-web search) since Google offers mobile ads that are more effective than the web internet advertisement.

Search Ads

And when they’re on websites that display Google advertisements.

  • Create your product teaser page

To promote your app to a mass audience base, you can build a teaser page of your mobile app highlighting its primary use and features before the launch date. You can display the snippets about your app UI and describe what values it will deliver to you. If you’re lucky enough, you may find users subscribing or willing to contribute to your email list.

  • Set up a YouTube Channel

One of the most effective ways to publicize your mobile app is to build a dedicated YouTube channel that showcases your app features, usage, UI/UX, and performance. If a picture is believed to convey 1000 words, trust me, the video will speak a million words.

  • Create an introductory product video

Does your user know how to make use of your mobile app features? If no, all you need to do is create your app features video and post it on social media.

  • Be active in tech podcasts.

If you’re defining what your app does, why not have a conversation about it with like-minded people? There are several small and big podcasts hosted regularly on Spotify and SoundCloud. This would be an ideal platform for you to have an engaging conversation about your app with the audience globally.

  • Do Guest Blog

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build an audience. When it comes to marketing your app through blogging, you can post various blog posts related to your niche and target audience that your users would be interested in reading.

You can even post blogs on your mobile app technology. The key focus is to help users download your mobile app. While guest posts should not have a promotional tone, you can gear up your topics so that it compels your blog audience to check out your mobile app at the end of your blog. You can plan those clicks earlier by making an enticing author bio that links to your app’s page on either Play Store, App Store, or website. You can even use CTA like “Download our app Now” for better results.

  •  Last but not least: App Store Optimization

 It’s hard to get stacked as “editor’s choice” in the App store since your app is related to download numbers and reviews, but it also depends on how well you have described your app and state its purpose.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by writing a good app description that is crisp and longer. The title must be catchy and relevant to the information. Whenever you include all the relevant keywords, you will see a boost in your product visibility, leading the prospect to a more detailed description.

Your mobile app marketing experience

How has been your mobile app marketing experience? What results did it derive to you? Do share all the additional tips in the comments section below.

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