Videos have been dominating social platforms for a long time now. This is because people are so much glued to this form of content. This, in turn, leads to the inception of many video forms. One such form of content is live stream videos. This form of video is currently having a better engagement rate on social platforms. Hence, both marketers and influencers are looking for ways to make use of this feature.

Moreover, live streams have almost become the need of the hour. Hence, it is ideal for making use of the live stream on social platforms in possible ways. This article will let you know the growing importance of live videos and how they can be utilized on social media.


Social Platforms Incorporating Live Streams:  

Major Social Platforms use to add a feature immediately if it becomes a huge hit. For example, the Stories section had a good reach on Snapchat, which is the pioneer of this feature. On seeing the excellent engagement rate of this feature, the other top social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook added this feature to their application. Similarly, major social applications added live features one after the other.


Enables Live Stream Interaction:   

A significant reason why the live stream is chosen mostly is the fact that it enables real-time interaction. The information can be transferred to the listener in real-time. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is looking to pass data as early as possible. Since live feature cater to this need, they are getting immense importance. Hence, social platforms are giving priority to add this feature.


Works Best For Product Launches  

Currently, brands are focused on conducting virtual events for product launches and other events. After the pandemic, this fashion has become quite common. Considering the engagement rate of the live videos, the product launch can be seen by as many as possible. Moreover, you can also cut down the cost if you go virtual. Thus, conducting live events is both cost-effective and has higher engagement. Hence, it is a good move to go with the live videos. Trollishly also suggests its clients give importance to such events as it can reach many people.


Better Engagement Rate:  

Let us assume that you are following a brand page. If it goes live, you will be notified. Subsequently, you will make a move to watch it. This is the reason why live videos possess a reasonable engagement rate. If a picture or video has been uploaded, you won’t be notified. Most probably, you will get to watch them if they appear in your feed. But, you will receive notifications for live videos across all the major social applications. This is one of the crucial reasons behind the better engagement rate of live videos. Trollishly is taking advantage of the live feature to find quality leads for the brands it collaborates with.


Ideal for Conversational Marketing:      

Conversational Marketing has become one of the commonly sought marketing tactics. Brands use this tactic to create a bond with their audience and to gain better knowledge about them. Live Videos are a perfect fit for this marketing tactic as brand representatives can interact with the audience in real-time. So, if you are unaware of how live videos can be utilized, then this insight will help you to a vast extent.


Live Demonstrations:     

The purchasing pattern of people has been changing with time frequently. The factors that drove a person to purchase a few years ago are not the same now. Currently, people are longing to gain insights about the product they buy. So, you can conduct live demonstrations and explain the unique characteristics of your product.

Thus, live videos can also be utilized in this manner. Moreover, you can also respond to the queries that are shot by the followers who watch the live video. This will help you to know and understand much more about your prospects and customers.


The Advent of New Social Platforms: 

After the live stream has become a massive hit, many social platforms added it. There is a common trend that used to prevail in the social media industry. If a particular form of content becomes a huge hit, then we can find a new feature or application that aligns with that form of content. Similarly, currently, we see many new live stream social applications. Twitch and Rave are recently launched live-stream social applications that are witnessing a steady increase in their user base. It is predicted that they may grow into a competitor of leading social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As social platforms prioritize adding live stream features, it cannot be denied that this feature is transforming the social media industry.


Eases Lead Generation:  

Lead Generation can be less straining if you utilize the live feature efficiently. If you go frequently live with any new updates about your brand, your followers will be reminded about your presence. This way, your brand will not be erased from their memory. Hence, it is wiser to use this tactic as it can propel your growth and raise your conversion rate. The ease of generating quality leads is dependent on the social platform chosen by you. For instance, if you pick TikTok, then buy TikTok views split  packages that can facilitate your growth.


The Growing Usage of Live Feature:  

Currently, there has been an increase in the usage of the live feature. Influencers are using it to give any new updates. Brands are going live to give any new major announcements. All these activities were once done through any static image posts or videos. Now, the live feature is utilized predominantly for making announcements.


Assures Customer Retention:   

Customer Retention can be achieved by using the live feature to its most. Going live and providing quality insights about your products or service can make a customer stay with you.


Wrapping Up:  

Live Streaming is bringing considerable transformation to the social media industry. Therefore, if any feature gets the spotlight, research will be made to equip it further. Similarly, we can expect any new addition to this feature that can increase its engagement rate.