Tips for promoting your book and eBook in 2021

Tips for promoting your book and eBook in 2021

Below are the top 10 SEO and marketing tips for promoting your eBook for those that desire to have their work read by many and enjoy some  financial rewards in the process. 


1. Begin with a Quality eBook

Most times what will distinguish your work from that of others is its  quality and the value it adds to the reader.   Starting with a quality eBook will make your marketing efforts much easier as well as help you in  building a strong relationship with your readers.

Everything worthwhile such as writing and marketing your eBook requires good planning, so after you must have planned out the type of ebook you want to write, you need to think of a means to sell your ideas in a unique way. You can achieve this by leveraging your expertise and experiences, while ensuring that the readers learn something of value after reading your work.


2. Create a landing page for the eBook within Your Website

A super effective way to promote your ebook is by creating a page for it on your website as it is done for natural beekeeping book for example.  This method is cost effective in encouraging people to download your ebook as you get to optimise the platform you already have. Also you can promote the ebook using your platform by :


  • Adding a pop-up eBook banner to your blog.
  • Placing ‘download the eBook’ CTA in  your posts where relevant.


3. Create a Sales Page for the eBook

Usually, it is not enough to create a page for your ebook on your website. You also need to have a dedicated sales page where you can sell people on the value of your ebook. For example, A beginner’s guide to natural beekeeping is the dedicated sales page on Amazon for the book “natural beekeeping”, we saw above.   

It is recommended that you ensure to include the biggest takeaways for your readers on this page.  You can sell people on the value of the eBook by citing  the main highlights, what distinguishes your work from that of others and how the reader will benefit from your story and lessons in a significant way. 


4. Promote the eBook on Social Media

Social media is one of the cost effective ways to promote your ebook and it’s a remarkable tool to make many people know when your ebook is live. There are many ways you can do this, some of them are listed below:


  • Schedule posts that inform  the people about your upcoming ebook.
  • Schedule posts that discuss specific topics on the ebook.
  • Create a tab and input the link to the eBook landing page.
  • On the publication section of your LinkedIn profile, add the link to your ebook landing page.
  • On Pinterest, create a group board dedicated to your ebook and if you don’t have many followers, look for someone that does and contribute to their board.
  • Use ads to make your ebook visible to people who would otherwise not be able to know about it. 
  • Post social teasers on Instagram and add CTA for the ebook in the bio section of your profile.
  • Use video teasers by creating a Youtube channel. Do  not forget to include the eBook CTA in the description box. 
  • On Reddit, share the link to your eBook landing page or blog post promoting the ebook.
  • Promote your ebook on social media with graphics that are visually appealing.


5. Use Supporting Content Formats

There are various digital platforms and each of these platforms has its specific visual representations. 

By repurposing snippets and sneak peeks into your content format, you can  increase people’s interest in your ebook. For instance you can write a couple of blog posts which relate to your eBook, you can discuss your methodology in a webinar, or create a guide to steps you tackle chapter by chapter and this can be in the form of an infographics. 


6. Try Guest Posting 

You can also promote your ebook by guest posting on authority sites. This will go a long way in enhancing your authority and credibility as well as promote your works to those that are enthusiastic, passionate about and interested in your topic. Google-search the relevant keywords to get a list of all the sites with good online authority, read and follow their guest posting guidelines, then pitch a guest post.


7. Email Your Newsletter Subscriber

If you have subscribers that read your blogs, engage with you on social  media or participants in  your webinars, you can promote your ebook to them. These are the people who are more likely to spread the  word of mouth in your favour and help you promote your ebook among their friends and family. 

In exchange for their engagement, loyalty and honest reviews, you can go further to offer them special discounts or early access to the ebook.


8. Explore Content Sharing Platforms

To drive more traffic to your ebook landing page, try to submit or share your content on content sharing sites. These sites are free and they can help to improve the visibility of the website for your ebook landing page on google. There are many sites where you can share/submit your content. Here are a few popularly used: Medium, Digg, StumbleUpon,, Fark etc.


9. Use Paid Advertising

Sometimes, you want your ebook to get a broader audience within a very short time. This is where paid advertising comes in and can be very effective. 

You can utilize Google and/or Facebook powerful Ad features to promote your book to a very large audience in the shortest amount of time. Both have interesting targeting features you can use to reach people  by their locations, interests, behaviour, and more. Not just that, you can also choose from a range of types of ads to run such as texts, lead ads, and display ads. 


10. Offer the eBook for Free

You can offer your ebook for free to get people to sign up for your email list. Like this, you can get their contact information and subsequently nurture and turn them into your paying customers.

You can get more sales by simply sharing your ebook with great influencers or a small group of people for their testimonials and honest reviews.