Want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your website but are afraid that adding videos would slow it down?  We’ve got a hack for you that’s as easy as it gets. Simply put a YouTube widget on your website.

If you’ve been in the market for a while, you’re probably well aware of the importance of a website for businesses; it allows them to reach a larger audience and establish a market reputation.

You will constantly hear that quality is king, and that there is no substitute for quality, no matter what business you are in. And, in this current era of digitization, the website’s quality is crucial. So, what’s the difference between a dull and a lively website now? 

Of course, the visual attractiveness of the website is the solution. And, if we ask you, what is the most effective approach to generate visual appeal? Then you may respond, “visual-based media,” which is true. Going even deeper into the matter, we’ve discovered the ideal technique to add aesthetic appeal to your website by using a YouTube widget.

If you are wondering what is a YouTube widget and the best tools to help you create an aesthetically pleasing YouTube widget for your website, then make way till the end. 


What Is A YouTube Widget? 

A YouTube widget is basically a collection of YouTube videos that is aggregated and put together from various sources in a collective customized format. 

And, because videos are streamed directly from the source, they have no effect on the speed of your website; in fact, they enhance its appeal and make it stand out from the throng

The YouTube widget is available through a variety of tools, such as social media aggregators. Social media aggregators specialize in assisting you in displaying YouTube videos on your website as well as aggregating them.

Mentioned below are the best YouTube widget aggregators that can help you create and embed an amazing YouTube widget for your website. 


Top Tools To Create & Embed YouTube Widget On Your Website 


  • Tagembed 

Tagembed is a well-known social media aggregator tool that allows you to collect social feeds from a variety of social media platforms, curate and customize them, and then display them on your website.

It comes with a special YouTube widget that allows you to collect YouTube videos in one place and easily display them on your website. It is well compatible with streaming videos, so it will play videos on your website without slowing it down.

When it comes to functionality, the tool allows you to configure the widget according to your preferences. You may change the text size, font style, and more. Here, you can show off your artistic side and add charm to your widget, which will ultimately improve the aesthetics of your website. Furthermore, you have a variety of themes and layouts to choose from; selecting appropriate themes for the website enhances its charm and professionalism.

  • Taggbox Widget 

The second tool on the list is another well known social media aggregation tool – Taggbox Widget. 

The tool works great and effortlessly collects, curates and embed content from various social media channels including YouTube. 

You can collect the videos based on your preferred on their personal choice. Additionally, you can use the features of the tool to make the widget more impactful. Taggbox widget offers various customization options, a content moderation panel, advanced analytics, and a support team for assisting its users. 

  • On Stipe 

Another fantastic tool is Onstipe, which allows you to easily put YouTube widgets on your website. It features a user-friendly design, making it one of the most popular tools in its category. 

The tool gives you the option to personalize your YouTube feed and make it more beautiful and appealing to the eye. 


Final Thoughts 

Because websites have evolved into brand ambassadors, it is critical to make them appealing in order to impress visitors and, as a result, increase sales.

And this is where the strategy of embedding a YouTube widget on a website comes in handy; using the tools listed above, you can easily accomplish the task and reap significant benefits. So, what do you have to lose? Now is the time to use these tools to make your website more appealing.