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WordPress ecards plugin and template

WordPress ecards plugin and template

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WordPress platform need no introduction to most webmaster, for those who are new to WordPress, it is a versatile web application that can be used for blogging, as a Content Management System (CMS) and a website among the dozens of online stuff you can use it for.
WordPress can be used as blogging platform at, or you can create a self-hosted WordPress website. The self-hosted WordPress is probably the most versatile website application you will ever find. Plugin are used to extend WordPress function. Turning WordPress to an epostcard sending platform, is what ecards plugin for WordPress plugin is all about.

What is ecards plugin for WordPress?

A plugin is a small software application, used to extend the function of a larger software or application. Ecard plugin for WordPress is an app you can install on a WordPress site, to extend its capability. With ecard plugin for WordPress installed on your WordPress site, you will be able to send electronic cards (ecards) to you friends, family, clients or even supporters if you are a charity.
With WordPress ecard plugin installed on your WP site, you can start your own ecards business and generate cash revenue! With the built in PayPal integration, you can collect payment. You can also choose to disable PayPal payment option and make ecards available from your site free of charge. Just disable payment option from the admin console and visitors to your website can send ecards for free.
Our WordPress ecard plugin can be used to send Christmas ecards, new year ecards, Valentine’s day ecards, Halloween ecards and any other ecards you can imagine, including thank you ecards.
If you are an artist and wishes to sell your pictures, prints or illustrations online, our WordPress ecards plugin can just help you do this very easily. You upload an image of your print or art work, enable PayPal payment and visitors to your site can purchase your print or other artwork online.

How WordPress ecards plugin works

 WordPress ecards plugin - how it works

WordPress ecards plugin – how it works

You or a visitor to your website can send an ecard to any email address in three easy steps!
1. Select an ecard.
2. Personalise it with a custom message.
3. Pay and send if you site is a paid ecards site, or just send for free, If it’s free to send ecards from your website.

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