In olden times, socializing was a concept that referred to meeting up with your friends in a pub or perhaps, catching up with one another on a phone call. But times change, and there are now multiple ways of getting in touch, one of the most popular means is through various social media apps. 

In 2019, social media use was 2.95 billion people approximately, and it has been projected to go up to 3.43 billion by 2023. So, it’s no surprise when business corporations have caught on the idea and taken their business on social media handles like Twitter and Instagram. From using hilarious Gif designs to creative content marketing strategies, there is a lot you can take benefit from. 

Such platforms are now offering numerous incentives to facilitate businesses. Hence, if you’re new to this, digital marketing is the way to go but if you’re unsure, allow us to navigate this maze: 

1. Initiate by Developing a Keen Interest 

The first step would be to portray your store’s social media handle as an active one. The more productive it is likely to be, the more people will show interest in keeping tabs on it. Post multiple tweets, say at least five tweets, once a day for maximum reach. 

The peak hours for posting a tweet are between 3 PM and 6 PM. You can also schedule your tweets that are related to a topic or better yet make a tweet thread out of it. 

2. Plan for Hashtag Campaigns

One of the most popular techniques to gather a crowd is by creating a fad on the most trending topic right now and associate a meaningful hashtag along with it. The hashtag can be a call-to-action by issuing a challenge or raising awareness on the topic being addressed. 

If not, you can create a creative hashtag of your own based on what your brand represents, and if it’s a wholesome one, then even better, people will be able to resonate with it more than ever.   

3. Engage with Influencers

Social media influencers can easily persuade and dissuade their audiences practically like a strong compulsion spell. So, it’d be best if your store would reach out to these influencers and offer them a partnership of sorts. 

For instance, you can send them a recently launched product free-of-cost. In return, they can review your product by making an unboxing video on their social media and tweet all about how they liked it to their followers, hence, adding your brand to their good books. 

4. Use Twitter Chat to Enhance the Engagement

If you manage to make your brand’s Twitter account interactive, actively catering to its customers within the tweets, it’ll be a huge upper hand for you. There’s nothing customers love more than instant responses to their queries. 

Even if you’re addressing your haters through witty remarks or hilarious GIFs, your tweets will cause an uproar amongst your customers for the roasting, and they’ll honestly appreciate it. One witty tweet of Wendy’s caused a Carter Wilkinson getting retweeted over 18 million times!    

5. Showcase Variability of Your Product

Before you launch your new product, you can surprise your audience by releasing a teaser and asking the audience to guess what it is; whoever guesses correctly will get a gift. Once you launch the new product, you can follow it up by showcasing its perks and all the possible uses in a video. 

Other than that, you can even encourage your followers to review it by introducing an official hashtag. In case their tweets get retweeted a certain number of times, you can offer them a discount upon their next purchase.

6. Target Relevant Users with Sponsored Tweets

If you’re running a small business, you can start by setting affordable pricing for your customers that should get their attention. For instance, you want to target such customers so you can get your tweets sponsored using specific keywords. When they search for a relevant keyword, your product will be showcased as an advertisement on their feed. Sponsoring your tweet will have more traffic diverted to your landing page; thus, garnering your store maximum audience reach.  

7. Follow your Competitors

To get started or not have much luck with engaging your audience, you might want to see how your competitors are doing it and implement the same into your store’s marketing strategy. They might be promptly addressing customers who are unsatisfied and winning them over by resolving their issues. 

Perhaps, they’re engaging in a hilarious banter session of related GIFs, here are some ideas to amp up your style. Furthermore, you can tweet animated videos by introducing new characters to promote your products and release them weekly.

8. Incorporate Twitter Remarketing Tactics

Another tactic which you can make use of is Twitter’ Remarketing; it’ll allow you to engage with customers solely who are interested in your products rather than random users who end up tapping on your advertisement by mistake. 

Remarketing lets you engage with customers depending upon how you handle them. They’re likely to be the customers who had bought your products before or looked up for a brand similar to yours. One such brand was iClothing, which benefited quite a bit using Twitter’s Remarketing. 

9. Use Twitter Cards for Better Visibility

One of the most significant features of Twitter is Twitter Cards. Although it might seem nothing big, it can hugely benefit your store. All you need to do is incorporate a creative Twitter card for your store with a website. 

It can be either to your store’s landing page or a recently launched product. You can even upload a video through your Twitter Card. Hulu very cleverly combined the use of Twitter Cards with Promoted Tweets while offering free subscription for a month featuring a link to its subscription.

10. Track Performance Using Twitter Analytics

Twitter comes in quite handy when you want to check the statistics and user interaction so far. It gives you a complete insight into where your store might stand in terms of engaging with its audience. 

It can practically analyze every step and every tap that might or might’ve not been proven significant while promoting your tweets. For instance, your engagement rate and its reach, like and retweets rate, hashtag comparisons, video response, and numerous other stats you can factor in to do marketing for your store.   


You can surely take your store to huge lengths if you can master the art of understanding and implementing social media marketing techniques. It’s your store, and only you can assess it and present it in the best way possible. 

All you need to keep in mind is that your customers must be kept happy and satisfied at all times. For that, you need to become a permanent part of life so that you leave an impressionable impact on them. So be creative, make your choices wisely, and your store’s likely to thrive. 

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