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As we have already entered the new generation, and a new decade, a lot is happening in the world. The trends are changing shapes really rapidly. Digital marketing is a huge thing, taking over the businesses, no matter what industry.

Now, talking about digital marketing, what is the primary aspect that is attracting the people towards the digital world? The social media and mainly – GIFs. 

Most of us are aware of this term, “GIF.” Forbes announced some years before that Giphy passes around 100 million daily users who send 1 billion GIFs daily. That is a crazy amount, isn’t it? However, if you are not, here is a small guide to what is a Gif? How to use it, and where can you find the best GIFs from?

How to find the best GIF for your content?

A GIF can only go viral when you use it in the right content reference. Does the question arise that how can you find the right GIF for the right content? No worries, it is a piece of cake. Here are the easy and most accurate tips to follow;

  1. Always make sure that the GIF matches and compliments your text.
  2. It should be attractive and appealing to look at.
  3. You must know what your audience likes, and what type of GIF would they want to see.
  4. It should be according to the legal standard of your website. Don’t put up celebrity reaction GIFs in a formal website.
  5. Try to keep the GIF positive. Don’t make the content that disturbs society.

Where can you find Your Content Related Gif?

Finding the right GIF does not have to be a long process. You should just know one thing, “where?” Here, with a little research for you, we found a list of websites from where you can find a ton of GIFs according to your content.

1. Giphy

Giphy, of course! This is literally the go-to website for every single person who is aware of GIFs. This was launched by Jace Cooke and Alex Chung. They started a whole new search engine, keeping in mind the need of GIFs in the growing world. The most exciting part? You get a huge variety of categories, like music, gaming, nature, science, adjectives, etc. This feature also makes it easy to find the content related stuff quickly.

2. Reddit

Reddit is a classic mother ship for the GIFs. The list of GIFs they have is better than you could ever imagine. It is not possible if you don’t find the GIF for yourself in the first go. Reddit is always there to welcome you for the best GIFs for your social media, websites and blogs. Specific options make it easy for you to make your content look better for the new generation.

3. Tenor

Tenor is a huge library to find the GIFs. It is basically a search engine for GIFs and database. It provides you a whole keyboard for GIFs. If you are someone who loves using GIFs, you’ll get the idea of Tenor. The keyboard is available for Android, IOS and macOS platforms.

4. Reaction GIFs

Anything you are liking or feeling, send a GIF for that. It is fun. Reaction GIFs is all about funny GIFs. IT depends on what you are searching for; you can definitely find a perfect match. You get a dropdown menu for the different feelings. For example, confused, tired, happy, laugh, proud, or the other options are small actions like undecided, yes, no, etc. You can also try searching with the hashtags.

5. GIF Bin

Here, in this website, you get the categories by both, count and name. For example, if you need a GIF for dancing, you will get its category with the count of how many GIF options are available for you to select the best one.

6. GIFs from last night

This website is all about celebrities, and the famous movie scenes. GIFs from last night keeps a record of all the memorable moments running around the internet and news feeds, related to GIFs. You can get the scenes from movies, TV-shows, cartoons and even the news channels.

7. Gifgifgifgifgif

This site doesn’t only sound cool; it is a very fun site to use. Gifgifgifgifgif is pretty simple to get around. It provides you with a constellation of unique GIFs that you can download by just tapping one time.

8. #WhatWeShouldCallMe

This website is made by two best friends. It has everything wrapped in a single wrapping paper. You can find all kinds of GIFs. They keep posting news GIFs on their website constantly, throughout the day. They might be sourced from some websites or self-created in Photoshop.

9. Little Plastic Things

Little plastic things follow a theme. If you don’t like vibrant colours, this is for you. You will mostly get the black and white themed GIFs and animated images. This site might throw you back into the past. In case you are looking for something aesthetic, you must give this site a visit.

10. Animal GIF

Everyone loves animals. According to the studies, more than 60% of people love animals and almost everyone share videos all over their social media, related to adorable animals. It is a brilliant trick to attract people because no one can resist the animals. We couldn’t continue the list without mentioning this amazing  site, filled with adorable animals. 

11. Cliparts Mania

Clip arts mania is a unique idea. It is all about using the hand-drawn animated images. They might be full of colours or not. It depends. There are more than 10,000 free GIFs to explore. On cliparts mania, you’ll find a GIF related to every mood and almost anything that suits your audience the best. 

12. PhotoBucket

It is simple and fun to use. Just dive into the website and find the best picks, making sure it relates to your content. This site is full of animated pictures and funny GIFs for you. You just need to know what your audience prefers and what they like, rest will be very easy for you. 

13. Gfycat

This is one of the most famous GIF sites around from a hosting viewpoint. Clearly, it’s crucial to cross over any barrier among GIF and HTML5 video by giving both, permitting clients more playback options and faster delivery.

Its inquiry function isn’t the best. However, there are a huge amount of categories. Also, as it’s a favoured hosting alternative, there are excellent GIFs in abundance. It additionally praises cats in its name, so it must be genuine, isn’t that so?

14. HULU

Made by Tumblr, this site was propelled back in April of 2015 to produce brand awareness and draw in clients. Also, the entireties of the GIFs are Hulu-branded and propelled by well-known network shows.

Beside the standard search box, clients are urged to pursue the gallery of GIFs utilizing three sifting choices: Shows, Actions, and Reactions. At the base of each separate page, “Included Tags” seem to assist you with narrowing your search significantly further.

15. AwesomeGIFs

In terms of the search function, his website serves a less as compared to the others that we have discussed so far. But if you just need to kill some time and don’t need anything specific, this website is the best for you. There is a lot to see. And if you are really looking for something to please you, click on the “see random GIF” on the left corner of your screen. This feature is like StumleUpon for the GIFs. The best part about this site is that you can directly save the GIFs that you like into the dropbox account.


Summing up everything into a final though, giving your blog post something moving and animated immediately adds a pop to it. GIF is a trend that is not going away any time soon. This trend can turn your social media accounts or your websites into a cool and extravagant spot for people to visit and spend their time. Try using GIFs with vibrant colours like a joyous garden, to attract your audience. Don’t be scared to show off your creative side to the world. Now go, visit your favourite site, and animate your posts!

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