With the advancement in the field of technology, we get to see new and advanced products. All these products make our lives more comfortable and hassle-free. Now, you no longer need to carry hard cash whenever you are going out to purchase anything. You can make easy payments using your credit/debit card which I believe is far more convenient. As far as the design is concerned, a debit/credit card is not too bulky and since it has a compact shape, it easily fits in your wallet.


These digital wallets are actually apps that help you to pay the bills and carry out your daily purchases. Allow me to discuss the best digital wallets for making safe and secure payments.



Topping the list is secure and well-known digital wallet which allows you to send money to your loved ones or merchant’s account. You can even view your previous transaction history. Paypal is available for both iOS and Android. For your credit card, Paypal also lets you make your smartphone a swipe machine.


Google Wallet

This virtual wallet is an ideal choice for in-store and online shopping. You just need to wave your smartphone or tap it on the machine in order to make the payments instead of swiping your credit card on the NFC machine.

The machine will detect your Google Account automatically and the credit/debit card associated with it. In order to function, Google Wallet uses Near Field Communication Technology which is easily available in the modern smartphones and tablets. Adding a security feature, you have the provision of locking or remotely disabling your Google Wallet.


Lemon Wallet

The best thing about Lemon Wallet is that it is available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. You can also add your insurance policy number, debit card, loyalty cards, ID, and credit card to Lemon Wallet. This digital wallet then converts it into bar code format making it easier to scan by the merchant’s machine. As far as security is concerned, Lemon Wallet uses a password for authorised transactions. One special feature of this wallet is that you can take the picture of the receipts for future reference.



This mobile wallet comes with a GeoCard. It allows you to add your both credit and debit details and make all your payments without any strain. In order to ensure authentication, this wallet also uses a biometric scanner and it will take your fingerprints.


Square Wallet

This digital wallet is available for both Android and iOS. Square Wallet also uses merchant cards in order to make the payments rather than using only your credit card. This way you get to know their list of merchants. Moreover, Square Wallet also offers hands-free checkout. You enjoy the provision of earning reward points and lucrative discounts.



This digital wallet is available for Blackberry, iOS, and Android. Venmo gives you the flexibility of linking your bank accounts and debit/credit cards to it. Venmo transaction is also possible between all those users who are using Venmo app.



This digital wallet easily coordinates with different social media apps and you can also sell, buy, send, and receive money using this app. First and foremost, you need to make an account and you can use the data dashboard of your account to sell items via listing them on your social networks. If you are looking to purchase anything, you need to comment “Buy” or you need to tweet “Buy” using Chirpify app.



This digital wallet can be defined as an electronic account and a substitute to a bank account where you can safely store all your money and get to spend it whenever and wherever your feel. If you don’t have a bank account then PayToo is a great option for you. This digital wallet comes with a wide variety of features including – utmost security, cost effective than a bank account, and easy management of your money.



It is a popular global digital wallet. Using Ziddu, you can recharge your mobile phone across the world, buy e-commerce (Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart) vouchers and games (Uncharted, Xbox, Xbox 360) DLC using Ziddu wallet balance. Moreover, it also allows you to top-up your wallets using Bitcoin.



Using the app of Dwolla, you can easily transfer funds to your loved ones on different social media platforms namely – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also pay your house rent, pay the taxi fare, late night drinks, and pay back from friends.



This digital wallet is a newbie and it has become an instant hit. The app will only function with NFC-enabled devices as NFC allows your phone to have communication with checkout terminals. To get started, Isis comes preloaded with a specific amount so that you can start spending once you have installed the app on your smartphone. You also get to enjoy PIN-protection and you even enjoy the provision of freezing your wallet remotely in case it gets stolen.


Bump Pay

If you are looking to send money to one of your friends, all you need is to type the amount you want to send and then tapping your phone against your friend’s phone. The money is sent through PayPal and the transaction fees you will be charged are those coming from PayPal. If you are having enough funds needed for the transaction in your PayPal account or your PayPal account is linked to a bank account, then these fees will be zero.



Using Zipmark, you have the provision of creating checks digitally. It connects directly to your bank account in order to make online checks. All the payments made via digital checks can be easily credited in one business day and you only have to pay 1% transaction fee. The only limitation it has is that it is only available for iPhone users.


Wallet- Budget Tracker

With the help of this wallet, you can easily plan your budget and you can keep a track of your spending. Planning and managing your finances is quite easy across various banks, different currencies, and financial institutions. If you are looking to have total control of your finances then you need to download the app today.


Bitcoin Wallet

This simple digital wallet runs smoothly on your smartphone. It is mainly used for the transactions and account maintenance, but unfortunately, it does lack advanced functions such as mining.



This is a popular wallet-hosting service, you get to make the most of mobile, desktop, and paper wallets. This digital wallet offers an amalgamation of both intuitive and smooth user interface while still being technically advanced. Around 400,000 coinbase wallets have been registered so far.


Android Pay

This mobile wallet is from Google and it is exclusively for the Android phones. All you need is to tap and pay in the stores and you can use this wallet to make in-app payments as well.


Apply Pay

This is another well-known digital wallet. With the help of this wallet, you can easily make the payment for the purchases you make without involving cash or a credit/debit card. You can add your credit or debit card to your Apple account and then make the payments using your Apple phone. Both Apple Watches and iPhones qualifies for making the payments in a store.


Bank of America

All you need is to add all your debit and credit cards, then shop in-store, online, or in-app using your mobile device. You get to enjoy the same rewards and benefits that you are already getting with your card, plus you also get to enjoy the convenience of a digital wallet.


Boost Mobile

Using Boost Mobile, you can make the payments in a hassle-free manner from your smartphone or a personalised Visa Prepaid card having no credit check or monthly fees. You have the provision of loading checks for instant access to the cash, pay more than 4,000 billers, get paid swiftly, and more right from your smartphone.



Brinks helps you to manage your funds while you are on the go including – sending money to your loved ones, auditing transaction history, loading checks, and moving money across accounts with the help of mobile image capture feature.



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