The season of holidays is just around the corner, which means it is the perfect time to create a change in your social media strategy and includes the spirit of holidays in it. Research by WordStream showed that 80% of shoppers during holidays are considering the internet as an essential factor in their purchasing decisions. The study implies that integrating the holidays to your social strategies should be prioritized. In this article, we will give you six strategies to incorporate in your plan to have better results in your company’s holiday season.


Know Your Audience

It is essential to know who your audiences are. You need to understand what are their age group, preferences, behaviors, and other information that can be integrated into your social media strategy. From there, you need to tailor your content to those data for an effective reach to your audiences. It is most likely to have their attention piqued by your posts. This technique will help you to have a better target for your viewers.


Another thing to consider is your social media posting. When you study about your audience, it should include their online hours. In that way, you can determine what the whole posting hours that will match with your audience are. So, you should research different times on when is the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


Lastly, every social media platform is catered for a specific type of audiences. It shows that your content should not be one message for every platform. You need to tailor your messages that will fulfil each audience needs. Visual materials should be posted on Instagram, Live streaming should be on Facebook, and short contents and live posts should be seen on Twitter.


Take Advantage of Live Streaming

ModCloth Livestream their new Pop Up Store


Live streaming is an excellent way to gain exposure to your target customers. According to BrandLive, a massive majority of marketers (95%) planned to incorporate live video streaming in their 2018 marketing strategy. There are many contents you can do in your live streaming medium. You can introduce new products and put a simple demonstration in the video. An incorporation of a personal touch in the content can easily give a lasting thought to the audience. You can make a Q&A session for your audience’s frequently asked questions. Another content idea is cooperating with an influencer to market your products and services. All of these are ideas you can include in your social media marketing strategies in Facebook, YouTube, and/or Instagram.


Invest in a Quality Product Photography


Your products need to have photos in it. Whenever your customers are in your online store, they would also want to feel like they are in a physical store where they can look at your products at every angle. You can do it by investing in excellent product photography. You can start by making your photos high-quality. Start by taking a picture of your product in full-size then take in different angles of the product. With this, you can get a feel of the product, just like in a physical store. Next is put it in context. For example, you would not sell a jacket by taking a photograph of the jacket alone; you should hire a model to wear the jacket and take pictures of it. Lastly, you can enable zooming in to the products. These are just some of the tips you can incorporate. To further help you, here’s a product photography guide for your convenience.


Include Call to Actions on Your Post

Terrain’s Example of a Good Call to Action

Along with the contents of your websites, you should also have a call-to-action in your social media contents. It is not limited only to “buy now” call-to-action, which can give you a higher chance of having higher sales. It can also be in the form of filling out a contact form, sharing your content, or signing up for a newsletter.


You can use language in your call-to-action that is in the active voice. It should be clear, simple, and tells your audience what to do. If you want them to share the content, you may opt to use the word “share” in the CTA. Another thing to consider is to create a sense of urgency in the CTA. It can give them an idea that they need to act now. Some examples are using phrases such as “for a short time only” and “discount valid only until Sunday”.


Monitor Your Progress through Analytics


No matter what social media platform you are in, there are available analytics for your convenience to track your progress and to know if you improve conversion rates. This set of data is a big help for you to check if your different plans and stints in your social media platform are valid or not. If not, you can change them according to what is more useful to your audiences.


It is recommendable to take a look at your analytics every week because it can give you an idea if changes in your page are giving you better performance or not. You can check different investments or contents that are weak and disable them as early as possible.


Prepare Your Website for Sudden Increase in Traffic


Lastly, you need to take note of the possible increase in traffic when people are visiting your site. You always want the best for your customers and not let them wait for a couple of minutes just to access your site. You can lose potential sales because of this. The first thing you can do is to analyze traffic. You should know the different peaks and patterns about your traffic. In that way, you can expect when will be the surge of traffic and you can quickly prepare for it. Next is being familiar with your strengths by testing your site into its limits directly. The third is optimizing your e-commerce application by determining the application’s resource consumption and compare it with the demands. Lastly, enable caching on dynamic contents of your site. In this way, it lessens the load and memory needed to load your site.


Hopefully, all of these tips and techniques we gave you will help your social media strategy to be very useful and boost your sales in the holiday season. Follow and execute all of these tips, and your social media pages are good to go for the next months.

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