Welcome to the autumn edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of September 2019.


Quick and Easy SEO: Taking Advantage of Low-Hanging Fruit” by Dan Hollister on canirank blog.

  • Smarter Keyword Targeting
  • Clean Up Your Content
  • Technical SEO: It’s Easier Than It Sounds


Advanced Content Marketing: Your Step by Step Guide to Rank #1” on stanventures blog.

  • How is seo content writer different than an ordinary content writer?
  • What is the relationship between seo and content marketing?
  • How to build a robust seo content strategy?
  • How to create content to support local seo
  • Ultimate guide to seo writing for e-commerce sites
  • Types of content that will help your seo improve
  • Top insanely useful content marketing tools and how to use them?
  • Monitoring and measuring your content performance
  • How can content marketing drive sales?


Signs Of A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On August 29th” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table.

Seems that there was a Google search ranking algorithm update on August 29th

    +15% traffic today (against same day last week). Something happened. It is just me ? France, Finance niche 

    I am seeing some big increases for USA keywords this morning. Most of these are ones that dropped quite a lot in the last two or three weeks.


“How to Use Keywords in Your Blogging Strategy” by Kameron Jenkins on Moz blog.

  • What are keywords?
  • How will keywords change my blog strategy?
  • Where do I find keywords?
  • What keywords do I pick?
  • How do I use the keywords on my page?
  • Where do I go from here?


Complete Guide to Structured Data for SEO” by Isaac Bullen on 3whitehats blog.

  • What is Structured Data?
  • An Introduction to the Semantic Web
  • Why Use Structured Data on Your Website
  • How Does Structured Data Improve Search Ranking?
  • Which Search Engines Use Structured Data
  • Most Used Structured Data for SEOs
  • What is the Difference Between Schema, Microdata and Microformats
  • So What is JSON-LD?
  • Is Open Graph Structured Data? And What About Twitter Cards?
  • Structured Data Best Practice
  • Generating Structured Data
  • Implementing Structured Data via Google Tag Manager
  • How to Test Structured Data
  • 3WhiteHats Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Enterprise Structured Data Testing Tools
  • Why Isn’t Google Showing my Structured Data?
  • Why Doesn’t Google Show Structured Data on my Homepage?


How to Start a Blog in 12 Easy Steps” by Lars Lofgren on Quick Sprout blog.

  • Step 1: Pick a category to focus your blog on
  • Step 2: Find a domain for your blog
  • Step 3: Choose a hosting provider for your blog
  • Step 4: Point your domain name to your host
  • Step 5: Install WordPress
  • Step 6: Pick a WordPress theme for your blog
  • Step 7: Install your WordPress plugins
  • Step 8: Install Google Analytics
  • Step 9: Set up your email list for the blog
  • Step 10: Get into your blog posting groove
  • Step 11: Build an audience around your blog
  • Step 12: Monetize your blog


11 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Websites” by Anna Crowe on Search Engine Journal.

  • Tip 1: Go Live
  • Tip 2: Link to Facebook Messenger from Your Website
  • Tip 3: Invest in Facebook Ads
  • Tip 4: Start Using Shoppable Posts
  • Tip 5: Grow Your Followers
  • Tip 6: Start Thinking about IGTV
  • Tip 7: Add Shop the Look to Your Pins
  • Tip 8: Dedicate a Budget to Promoted Carousel Ads
  • Tip 9: Activate Product Pins
  • Tip 10: Test Collection Ads on Snapchat
  • Tip 11: Create a Video Strategy for YouTube


How to Choose Trustworthy Plugins for Your Website” by Garbis Vizoian on 10web blog

  • Check the number and rating of users
  • Take a look at some user reviews
  • Make sure it’s up to date
  • Avoid nulled plugins
  • Skim through WP-related forums/websites
  • Test it out with a trusted tool
  • Try it out on a staging site
  • Make sure it has awesome support
  • Just go with a unified service


7 Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO” by Aleh Barysevich on Search Engine Journal.

  1. Allow Crawling of Your Important Pages in Robots.Txt
  2. Watch Out for Redirect Chains
  3. Use HTML Whenever Possible
  4. Don’t Let HTTP Errors Eat Your Crawl Budget
  5. Take Care of Your URL Parameters
  6. Update Your Sitemap
  7. Hreflang Tags Are Vital


17 of the Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses” on mailfloss blog.

Here are the top 7:

  1. MailChimp
  2. Ontraport
  3. Constant Contact
  4. HubSpot
  5. Campaign Monitor
  6. AWeber
  7. Infusionsoft


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