Welcome to the autumn edition, of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing article.  Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of November 2018.


A comparison of Google and Facebook ads auction platform” by Ice Cube on his own blog. We all know that Google Adwords is much more expensive paid traffic platform than Facebook. In this post Ice compared Google and Facebook ads auction platforms.


Google Halloween Ranking Update: Possible Targeted Update Yesterday?” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table. It seems than on Halloween there was another possible Google update. Barry noticed the number of complaints in the SEO communities:

Facing with big changes. Something is happening again? I’m pretty tired of Google updates for the last few months… Niche: IT how-to’s, technology…


How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with These 12 Tools” by Neil Patel on Quick Sprout blog.

  1. TubeBuddy
  2. Social Blade
  3. YouTube Studio
  4. Woobox
  5. Bitly
  6. Pixlr
  7. Tubular Insights
  8. Keyword Tool
  9. Camtasia
  10. vidIQ
  11. Creator Academy
  12. Hootsuite


6 Alternative Keyword Research Tools to Try Out” by Maddy Osman on Search Engine Journal.

  1. TagCrowd
  2. Keywords Everywhere
  3. Merchant Words
  4. PinterestKeywordTool
  5. Guru
  6. Keyword Shitter


Can You Still Use Infographics to Build Links?” by Darren Kingman on Moz blog. Some SEOs first claimed that “infographics are dead” in 2011 but nowadays many still use it as one of link building method.

Infographic gives you the potential to rank for plenty of keywords around your topic.



Get More Responses on Survey Invitation Emails – 18 Design & Copy Tips” by Roland Pokornyik on chamaileon blog.

  1. Notify your audience
  2. Use a Survey Invitation email template
  3. Pay Attention to your Subject Line
  4. Avoid the spam folder at all costs!
  5. Don’t try to fool the respondents
  6. Provide a deadline
  7. Offer incentives (Optional)
  8. Use Branded Surveys
  9. Personalize and optimize your survey invitation email
  10. Use a Button with a catchy Call to Action
  11. Keep it short and sweet!
  12. Consider a one-question micro survey
  13. Know your audience
  14. Check the format and flow of your design
  15. Make room for questions from your respondents
  16. Follow up
  17. Give your respondents the opportunity to share
  18. Say thanks!


6 Reasons Retailers Should Avoid Black Friday [Infographic]” by Anwen Williams on veeqo blog.

  1. Customers that purchase on Black Friday are more likely to be low quality
  2. The Black Friday experience can damage your brand
  3. Retailers can’t compete with the giants that are dominating Black Friday
  4. Impulse buyers cause massive costs in returns for retailers
  5. The nature of Black Friday means that it sucks for your employers
  6. Recent trends show that Black Friday is dying


9 Things to Consider For Powerful Brand Storytelling” by Christopher Van Mossevelde on Mention blog.

  1. The flora of channels and democratization of the media landscape
  2. The power of storytelling to connect and engage with consumers
  3. The outcome of missing out on brand storytelling
  4. Common mistakes in brand storytelling
  5. How much time to dedicate to brand storytelling
  6. Putting together a brand storytelling plan
  7. The benefits of employee-generated content
  8. Good examples of brand storytelling
  9. The role of PR and how it taps into brand storytelling


8 Link Building Myths to Drop in 2019” by Valerie Niechai on Link Assistant blog.

Myth #1. All links on the page are of equal ranking value.

Myth #2. Image links are bad for SEO.

Myth #3. All links should be rel=nofollow.

Myth #4. Links from Wiki-like sites guarantee high rankings.

Myth #6. Links are the most important ranking factor.

Myth #7. Links not relevant to your niche won’t help your site rank.


7 Tips to Encourage Visitors to Newsletter Signups” by Damian Biricevski on personizely blog.

  1. Offer something valuable
  2. Create the feel of exclusivity
  3. Run contests
  4. Don’t be intrusive
  5. Design, design, design
  6. Use forms with less fields
  7. Be original — Be fun



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