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We all know that making a client returning on the site and making another purchase is sometimes 5-10 times easier and less money consuming than winning a new customer, therefore this article will show you some methods for keeping your customers happy and making them come back for a new purchase on your ecommerce store. This does not mean that you should dedicate your entire campaign on returning customers while this should run in parallel with keeping your customer’ satisfaction at high levels.

First things first, there are many bad things that can occur when someone is trying to buy from your online shop : from delivery problems to warranty, placing orders or paying the products, all these can definitely make your prospect leave the website and never come back. A lost client does not mean only one folk but also could mean tens of prospects that will never order from your website (word of mouth). Make sure your online store is 100% usable and all its functions do not face errors/bugs etc.

Customer satisfaction should definitely one of your main concerns. Do not hesitate to use instant-messaging support, people that are looking for answers want them fast, faster than ever ; email is just not enough anymore. As for email, it would be great if you could offer 24/7 support, it is not so difficult to check email once at 3-4 hours, even in weekends ; you are doing this anyway, right ? If all things work out great from the first buy, you might have just earned a happy and maybe returning customers.

Try to offer different benefits to customers returning to your website ; a returning customer does not 100% mean that he will also buy again a product from your store. Remind him what he searched in the past, send him different promotional emails, offer discount coupons on his second purchase and even create and maintain a relationship with him through Facebook/Twitter. Loyalty bonuses also work great, create a bonus strategy that increases gradually in value with any purchase he will do on your website ; everyone love discounts !

This is related yet again to customer service but we put an emphasis on this while it is the most important thing when it comes to satisfy your customers. If you need to hire people responding to emails/phone be sure they know what they are doing, do some training before and always tell them to be polite and respectful with the customers. Any online store team should know that returning customers worth more than a new customers so this should definitely become a priority while it can bring new customers as well and it can increase sales/profit, and in the end, this is what we are all going for, right ?

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