Information technology (IT) is basically concerned with all the aspects of the processing and managing information mainly by the use of computers and is ever-growing as technology changes and evolves. Job descriptions and specific skill set that employers wants are also changing.

Unlike popular belief that to be an IT professional that you must be excellent in maths and be a tech genius for you to push through, this is not entirely true in the modern world. Two types of skills will be integral for your success, which include: Hard skills and Soft skills.

Hard skills, also known as technical skills, are qualities that can only be acquired through training and effort, and they include things like networking. Soft skills, on the other hand, are qualities that are inborn and are impossible or very hard to teach and include things like an ever learning and curious spirit. A combination of both is required for you to rise to the top spot in the field.

Hard skills

IT jobs in 2020

1. Coding

This is the most basics of skills that you should make yourself familiar with if you wish to be successful in the field. Coding in the simplest of terms is giving precise computer instructions and putting those instructions in a language it understands through a program. There are several different programming languages used in software and web development, and getting familiar with the different styles is an added advantage. The two primary coding languages for starters are C++ and HTML.

Several software tools facilitate the compiling of these codes, and they include Visual studio code, otherwise known as vscode and code blocks. Codeblocks is a free software program that supports many compilers and is an excellent learning tool. Visual Studio Code, on the other hand, is a code editing tool that is mainly used in cloud computing and web applications.


2. Networking

Be it in small, medium-sized, or large companies, the power of creating and maintaining data networks in a company cannot be overemphasized. Networking is basically a type of data communication between computers. A perfect example of this is the internet. The constant creation of access and deletion of data between these computers is what is known as networking.

This process is supported by various hardware like Routers, Ethernet cables, switches, and gateways. Having the knowledge and being able to install and ensuring that these systems are working on a day to day basis and being able to diagnose problems when they arise is an essential skill to acquire.


3. Cloud computing

Ever since the internet has been readily accessible by the touch of a finger, access to information and particularly stored information has been greatly diversified. Cloud computing skills are in great demand making it one of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector. A major contributing factor to this is that it cuts across many of the other technical skills like networking and data analytics.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computer services like storage and processing of data over a remote server rather than physical data centers like personal computers, which has a wide range of advantages. Being certified in this is definitely an advantage in this day and age.


4. Cybersecurity

With organizations hugely relying on the internet for many vital functions like communications and storage, so has the level of threats that they expose themselves to increase. Hacking is one of the cyber crimes committed by hackers to steal valuable data from organizations.

With the increasing sophistication and frequency of the methods used by hackers, companies are looking forward to hiring professionals in this particular field. It is important to note that they are not always as successful as cybersecurity experts are not that many. Cybersecurity, therefore, focuses on providing security solutions to prevent damage or unauthorized access creating an opportunity for IT individuals to build a career.


5. Analytics and data management

Data is a valuable tool and currently even more precious than gold, according to Economics magazine. Data collected from customers is a useful tool that could help us understand different patterns and trends. They could then make decisions based on their predictions. Data is readily available and is provided inadvertently.

Analytics and Data managers are, therefore, tasked with making sober evaluations, manage the data growth in terms of storage, and help solve problems that might be ailing the company. This is easier said than done as very few people have this skillset and are highly beneficial to acquire.


Soft skills

IT jobs in 2020

6. Communication

Two forms of communication that include written and verbal are fundamental in the work environment. It helps build strong interpersonal relationships with your fellow workers. It also increases performance in the workforce as you can understand each other better and work towards a common goal.

One way to gain this critical skill is by practicing public speaking and letting you positive emotions be felt by sharing your opinion. People can perceive you in different ways depending on the way you communicate with them; hence it is a crucial skill.


7. Time management

In the IT world, one works with limited supervision as it requires lots of creativity; hence professionals here should be very time conscious. IT workers should be able to access who long completion of tasks should take and allocate enough time to ensure they remain on schedule.

Schedule management involves arranging those tasks in order of priority and ensure no delays. With this skill, you can help your fellow members manage their time well also to ensure that your project is completed in time.


8. Leadership

Every company desires a confident person. A person with a clear vision can see the future as possibly get his fellow workers to work with him on a certain idea for the benefit of the company. Such a skill is beneficial both for monetary terms and how other people perceive you. Managers like this quality as they feel they feel the company is in safe hands in case they are not physically there.

This skill can be gained by inspiring people for a good cause and taking more responsibility posts in the company.


9. Problem-solving

A variety of problems in the IT world do not have a written set of rules for you to solve them. Most of the professionals are required to think on their feet and create solutions because of the time constraints. When a problem arises, it is advisable to take action rather than complain as doing the latter only kills time that would have otherwise be used to solve the problem.

Problem solvers are a massive asset to the company as they can get through unexpected challenges. You can gain this skill by trying to think through as many problems as possible, and slowly you will find yourself solving them.


10. Teamwork

When something significant happens in a company, it is rarely the effort of on particular person. Many people working towards a specific goal not only saves time but also makes everything seem easy. Different people have different strengths and weaknesses, and working together hides each other’s shortcomings.

Employers are always looking for this skill to create a harmonious working environment of helping each other and focusing on each other’s strengths. You can gain this skill by always lending a helping hand to your workmates.


If you are looking to land a top job in this field, you can use this information in several ways that include writing that CV focusing on the mentioned skills. You can then send it to Aware, where you will get a swift response depending on your qualifications. You can also target your education, focusing on the mentioned skills to ensure you have the edge over your competition.


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