Recent slamming of paid links by Google has pushed Webmasters into looking for other ways of building back links for their website. It is widely accepted that one way links is the best form of linking, reciprocal link exchange is time consuming, can be expensive when you think of all the time spent contacting potential link partners and reminding them to link back to your site after you have linked to them. The inherent problem in getting link using the aforementioned method makes Link Baiting one of the most desirable ways to build quality back links these days.

This article defines, explores and offer tips on how to link bait correctly, it concludes with top link baiting tips you can use to build quality back links for your website.

Link baiting undoubtedly got the baiting part of its name from fishing, and like fishing, using the right bait will reward you with a good catch.
Link bait is defined as:  any content or feature within a website that somehow baits viewers to place links to it from other websites.

In Link baiting definition, the emphasis is on “baits viewers to place links to it” this puts clear blue waters between link baiting and another form of online marketing its often confused with; viral marketing.  The object of link baiting is to get viewers and visitors to your site or contents to link to it rather than just view or talk about it, though viewing and talking bout it is a good thing, but the linking is the primary aim of link baiting.

The direct link generated to your site from link baiting will bring traffic to your site from people clicking on it, but the largest traffic will be from Search Engines, because your site will be ranked higher in SERPs as a result of links pointing to it from those who tool your bait.

Now that you know what link baiting is about, here are some tips for creating link baits that could help you build more back links.

Powerful Link Baiting Techniques
Create and expert authoritative article on a subject in your field of expertise.
Create solution to a problem other people have been looking for solution to.
Create a Step-by Step guide to a topic you are very good at.
Create and article about or interview leading/ successful people in your niche.
Create widget or a tool. This bait is very successful in the webmaster/SO Industry.
Create a free service for a popular application, for example WP template.
Be the first to break and important news story.
Share interesting photo, images or sound.

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