Our ever-growing global economy means the world is becoming more interconnected by the day. But while it’s easier than ever to reach your potential customers all over the world, you cannot sustainably keep growing your brand without a means to bridge the language barrier. One of the most effective ways to ensure you’re able to speak your customer’s language and expand your brand is professional interpretation, and in this post, we’ll explore why this language solution is a great foundation for business growth!

Why a Successful Business Needs Interpreting 

Using on-demand interpreting services is a great way to boost integration into a new market. Naturally, it’s also one of the best ways to ensure that you understand your non-native customers. Let’s dig into the specifics of how linguistic solutions can help your brand expand into the international market space and practice corporate social responsibility!

#1  Interpretation Should be Used to Facilitate Smooth Business Communication

When you enter a new market, it’s essential to have a clear channel of communication with all your potential partners. To avoid the possibility of mixed messages and confusion, it is essential to use an interpreter to facilitate all business communications. When all parties in a business deal understand each other, it ensures fast progress and hitch-free deals.

#2  Using Linguistic Support Fills the Language Gap

Whenever two parties speak different languages, the need for interpretation arises. An interpreter also understands cultural nuances that impact communication, so even if you have a basic knowledge of the foreign language, the cultural barrier might still get in the way of brand growth, but not if you use interpretation. While there are many elements that play essential roles in a business plan, any plan for brand growth that includes marketing strategies across multiple locations MUST include linguistic support to fill the language gap. 

#3  Using Interpreters Showcases Your Compassion

If you’re meeting with business partners or attending networking events with clients that speak a foreign language, it’s important to build rapport with them. And by including interpreting in your meetings, you’re depicting your level of care for the meeting participants. Hiring an interpreter to facilitate communications is a good way to show your audience that you want them to comprehend the content and it shows them that you are serious about business success, even if you do not share a common language.

#4  Improve Your Customer Experience Rating with Interpreting 

Gone are the days when making it easy for your customers to get assistance in their preferred language was nice to have. These days, great customer service – in ANY language- is imperative for business growth. In fact, multilingual customer service is a corporate social responsibility. And when it comes to customer experience, the stakes are too high to leave anything to chance when it comes to your business’s growth. 

Sub-par customer service leads to a sub-par overall reputation, which can negatively impact even the best brand growth strategies. As an international business, you need to ensure the odds are in your favor by using interpreters in your customer care centers and not allowing your customers to fall through the cracks.

#5  Improve Your Call Center Metrics with Linguistic Services

If you want to boost your call center metrics and improve your capacity to assist your non-English customers (both new and existing customers), you need interpreting solutions. With interpreters on board, you can reduce the average time it takes to assist customers and maximize customer satisfaction ratings in one shot. Language barriers exponentially increase handling times, and not having instant access to an interpreter can exacerbate the impact. 

Using interpreting in your call centers can drastically improve your customer loyalty as it boosts the overall customer experience. This, in turn, has a direct impact on customer retention abilities and can help nurture your customer base in new markets as your business grows. 

#6  Sell Your Message to Your Target Market with Your (Interpreter’s) Voice

The first impression that a new audience forms of your brand will be based on your communication style. Even for small business owners with a wide range of products, the new customers won’t be part of their business expansion if they don’t immediately understand the value of the offerings. 

Professional interpreting providers will deploy their expertise and in-house resources to ensure your core business values are always transparent to your audiences and new customers. Brand growth occurs at its best when strategic partnerships are established with other brands to create a cohesive vision. And to make these connections, you need to speak the language of the local businesses, which is where interpreters play the most essential roles.

Ready to Boost Business Growth with Linguistic Solutions?

As our world continues to grow more globalized by the day, the need for interpreting services will surely keep rising. These expert language services are what enable people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds to communicate more effectively than ever, and if you want your brand to grow, you need an interpreter to help you bridge the linguistic AND cultural barrier!

Whenever you work with an interpreter, it is essential to work with a native specialist that has a deep understanding of both the target and source languages. Your interpreter also needs expert knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to transform cultural nuances into statements that resonate with not only your brand but also the target audience.

Professional interpreting can help your brand connect with a foreign audience and attract potential customers. Some cultural aspects of a language are only understood by native linguists, and this is why interpreting services can do wonders for business expansion.