Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google AMP

Mates! Now is the time to speed up the mobile pages. When Google first established the update of mobile-friendliness and ultimately made towards the mobile search engine ranking factors, the website owners started looking ahead for a quicker mobile experience. It is best to optimize the web pages for mobile phone users as well. But, if the mobile web pages are not loading speedily, then that is unlucky for you as it can demotivate the users and the SEO company in Chandigarh to enjoy the content in the right manner. 

Then what is the solution for the same? 

Heard of AMP? 


Speed is one of the essential parts of designing web pages. The researches show that around forty percent of people leave the web pages if the page takes more than three seconds for loading. Also, if an online shopping website is making tons of money in just one day then a one-second delay in the page can cost a loss of millions of sales for the same year. 

As per the Google testing, AMP plugin has dropped down the downloaded time between fifty percent to eighty-five percent initially. 

In the year 2015, Google mentioned that Accelerated Mobile Pages can be a great ranking factor. As we already knew, webmasters, marketers and search engine optimizers have begun the analysis of affecting the web pages. There have been many instances that pointed out the fact about how AMP has a great impact on the rankings of mobile search engines. 

In short, the AMP optimized pages own good ranking, faster speed and easily convert the visitors of mobile pages into the customers. 

If you want to dive deeper into AMP, what are the things it can undertake for you, then it is time for you to scroll down below and take a look at the AMP guide by us? 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • This is a technique that must be a part of the mobile content approach. The plugin of AMP was born out of the integration between Google and Twitter. In simple words, Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source project initiative that has been designed for quicker optimization and quick loading of mobile pages. 
  • AMP is full of proof of Google’s concentration on users. As and when Google brings out a new brand update regarding AMP, that is the time that you are individually focused on bringing in more money. 

The same is true because the happier are the users, the more they return to Google which means a number of advertisers. However, Google is fond of mobile search engine users and it should be the same with you as well.

Mobile AMP

Working of AMP 

  • AMP HTML: It is a subset of HTML, as the markup language has many custom tags plus properties and restrictions. However, if you are aware of the daily HTML, then there should be no difficulty in adjusting with the already present pages for AMP HTML. 
  • AMP JS: A javascript structure for the mobile pages. For more than half of the part, it is organizing the asynchronous loading and handling of resources. Another thing to be aware of is that AMP does not give permission for the third-party of Javascript. 
  • AMP CDN: An additional content delivery network that can cache the AMP-enabled pages and with automation can make transformations of the performance optimizations. 

The plugin for AMP provides the mobile pages faster by turning back on the  manager aspect of theHTML code tag and providing the right one for the mobile users. AMP offers the ages with optimized HTML codes and the pages, in turn, are expected to be loaded quickly because various HTML code tag manager thinks that can the other way lower down the eliminated pages.

If Javascript is involved in the mobile pages, then the script will not be offered to the Accelerated Mobile Pages. 

google AMP

Some of the tips one should be aware of are: 

  • Through AMP, you must use the streamlined version of CSS. 
  • There is only permission for the usage of Javascript library that has been rendered by AMP, as you are not in control, then there might be an experience of a lazy and slow loading process. This is the only demerit of AMP. 
  • For the AMP websites working all the time, there should be proper validation. 
  • There are no forms allowed on the plugin pages of AMP. 
  • For a proper and good experience, the custom fonts must be especially loaded. 
  • For ignoring or avoiding the weird-looking pictures, it is essential for the declaration of the height as well as breadth.
  • Make sure to use the approved AMP extensions, if there is a need for the videos on the page. 

So, whenever you are undertaking the amalgamation of the AMP plugin, it is important to improve the mobile pages as the speed and readability are more essential than anything like shareability. The social share buttons might not be displayed in the right manner because the majority of the same are established with the help of JavaScript. 

Importance of AMP 

Well, we must be aware of how the correlation between the speed of the website, views on the page and the mobile search engine rankings are crucial. The most important thing to remember is that during a specific web page’s quick loading, the users of mobile browsers will observe more pages on the website and hence lowering down the bounce rate as well. 

With the decrease in the bounce rate, the experience of on-site rise, and Google ultimately rewards the page. 

Quick loading web pages 

Yes, no one will be surprised at that, as the quicker loading web pages are loved by the users. Speed is the most important element of mobile browser pages. Quality content is also important, however, if the pages are not available online, then the users will naturally not able to read them. 

As per the different studies, it has been found that more than one second delay in the loading time of the mobile browser can reduce the conversion rates by 3 percent and the page views also get reduced by 9 percent and the bounce rates rise to 8 percent. This is the reason that transforming the mobile browser pages turn fast can lead to good growth and it can easily be achieved with AMP. 

Rise the mobile presence for content marketers

Google has commenced the showcasing of AMP results in the organic listings. One can freely identify the results by the AMP symbols that are present in green. The more attention is grabbed for the results, the number of clicks will be achieved. The AMP symbols are a rich source for the improved click-through rates as the mobile search engine results are the ones that stand completely away from the rest of the other. The mobile SERP users will now particularly look for the AMP plugins as the pages load quickly, rather than the other mobile pages. 

Improvement in mobile SERP

As we know that there is a great relationship between the speed of the website and the conversion rate. The users are literally happy with the fast loading websites, as they are more eager to subscribe to the site or choose the products and services from the same. 

AMP is working more closely for the mobile pages only and due to the same reason, it is never considered as an independent ranking element because it is workable only on mobile pages and there is no involvement of the desktop-based pages. 

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