Google Panda or Farmer Updates – Making endangered species out of content farms

Contents and interactivity to rank well
Google’s recent algorithm changes, labelled Panda update by Google and dubbed farmer update by some in the SEO industry is reminiscent of the algo change of a few years ago which signal the beginning of the end of scrapper sites. The Panda or Farmer update is expected to impact just under 12% of websites served on Google SERPs, most of the sites expected to affect negatively are websites know as contents farms such as Articles Directories and sites that provide information on how to do this or that such as ehow . co .uk .

The main factors deployed in Panda update is mainly a shift on the wight given to some of the factors used to evaluate site ranking, no new factors were introduced and non was taken out. The main factors that plays prominent role in the Panda algo update are are :
i. Uniqueness of contents. (Contents created specifically for a website, not copied to zillions of other pages on the net.
ii. User interaction with contents. (Is your content really valuable, is it what users were searching for or did users just exit once they are take to your contents by Google?

The Panda update is consistent with Google’s move towards using TrustRank to evaluate and rank website rather than in the past when linking carries the largest with when ranking a websites. It is claimed by some in the SEO industry that Google has shrunk the weight carried by links pointing to a site significantly from the days when over 60% of what determines your site position on SERPs was linking.

How does Panda update affect my site?

It really will not affect your site much (well, assuming you have unique contents and you are not a running a contents farm). It is said the sites that will feel the effect of the Panda update are mainly the large content farm site such as eHow, Ezinearticles and other large article/how to do this or that type websites.

Do you need more information about Googles’s panda / Farmer updates? You can read the Google Panda Update by David Amerland at UK webmaster forum. You can join the discussion at webmaster serve or comment on the article right here at Temi .

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