WordPress is also known for its e-commerce solutions apart from being the most popular content management system, 

It covers 34 percent of the total websites on the internet alone, whereas its e-commerce solution ‘WooCommerce’ has a share of 28 percent of global online stores.

From all that awareness, we can presume about the competition in the e-commerce industry is ruthless and just having an ordinary WordPress website is inadequate.  

The latest trends in digital marketing suggest that incorporating social media with your website can help in encouraging user-engagement.

Especially integrating with Instagram can be very advantageous for an e-commerce website because it contains plenty of user-generated content. 

Try Awesome Ways To Embed Feeds From Instagram To Website

  • Embedding through Instagram 

Apart from being one of the most loved social media networks for photographs, Instagram is also known for its friendliness with marketing. As embedding feeds from Instagram to website is a marketing trend, and Instagram itself allows to embed its post to a website. In Instagram’s web version, every post you find does consist of an ‘embed’ option. On selecting which, you’ll get an embedding code for that particular post.

You are only required to copy that embedding code and paste it on your WordPress website. 

  • WordPress plugin

WordPress is known for being the easiest CMS because it provides plugins for almost every complex or basic functionality. Similarly, WordPress also provides an Instagram plugin to embed feeds from Instagram to website.

And the process to integrate that code into your website is as same as before. Just Copy and Paste it on your website, and start gaining advantage from your Instagram’s interactive content.

  • Social media aggregation tools

Social media aggregation tools are those tools that fetch media content from Instagram, be that images, videos, GIFs, or text posts.

Initially, you’ll need to make an account, and put your desired hashtags, handles and specific keywords to fetch the content from Instagram. 

Tools like Taggbox widget are known as the best social media aggregation tool for the same purpose because it allows you to moderate the feed by setting the rules and restrict the undesirable content.  Once you have done the moderation in it according to your requirements, you can then choose to personalize your Instagram feed for better looks and layout. 

It offers multiple customizable options to design your Instagram feed and make it look like-a-like with your WordPress website. The options include-

  • Theme styles
  • Font styles, color, size
  • Banner options
  • Featured pop-up
  • Text decoration, etc.

Not only this, a good social media aggregation tool like it also offers you to keep the Instagram feed updated with the shortest refreshing time span. Once you start getting the Instagram feed updated with time, you’ll get the real-time content on your website.

Fresh content helps to keep the website visitors more engaged than ever before. Connecting social media with business websites is sort of essential nowadays.

And doing so with social media aggregation tools is the smartest way, as they allow you to perform all the desirable functionalities on a single platform. And you don’t have to seek technical assistance for making your Instagram feed look interactive.

As far as WordPress platform is concerned, most of the WordPress users now have updated to the latest version of WordPress 5.0. Thus, we are mentioning the steps to embed feeds from Instagram to WordPress 5.0 website.

The following steps are written presuming that the user has already copied the embed code from any of the above-mentioned methods, and now is ready to paste it on WordPress 5.0 website-

  1. First of all, the user has to open the desired page of the website on WordPress backend and choose the location or place on that page where he wants to see that Instagram feed.
  2. In the top left corner of WordPress editor, select the “(+)Add Block” option.

As everything added to a WordPress website exists in a block.

  1. Click on Formatting and then choose Custom HTML.

Here, you can add or remove the code to customize your website.

  1. Paste the copied embed code and click on Publish/Update post.

Once you are done here, you can check your Instagram feed must be lying on your WordPress 5.0 website at that exact same place that you’ve selected.

Final Words

Instagram is believed to have more than 30,000 posts uploaded every hour, which clearly shows the availability of enormous content as well as the large population it carries.

Embedding Instagram feeds especially is a wiser option to increase user engagement on your WordPress website.  Not only it will raise your engagement, but having a regularly updated Instagram feed on your website also keeps your visitors curious to stay on your website.

Ultimately, increasing your touchpoints, website’s appearance on SERP, and so the overall performance of your e-commerce business.

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