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Eid Adha is probably one of the most important festival in the muslim calendar, apart from the eid celebrated at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Some of the messages of Ramadan such as generosity to the needy and being kind and charitable to all continue in Eid Adha, that is why we bring you some of the best charitable gifts you can give, especially gifts and eid ecards from Hope Spring Water charity. 

I hope you can find at least one gift you can send to a friend or a loved one, in the list of charity gifts and ecards below.


1. The Hope Spring Static eCards for Eid Adha

Explore and send one of Hope Spring beautiful Eid greetings ecards to your family and friends this Eid. Hope Spring has a lot of amazing ecards. Their ecards are easy to use and they reach the person you are sending it to instantly. The donation you  made by sending one of our ecards provides clean water to a community in desperate need in Africa. Every single month, the charity plant trees to help the environment. These shows that you are donating to a good cause.


2. Charity Thank You eCards

Has someone done you a good deed  in the past or recently and you have been looking for a way to show your gratitude but you are yet to find one perhaps because this kind fellow will most likely not accept you repay him or her, you may want to pay it forward by sending this lovely fellow a popular charity thank you ecard and rather donate to water charity. You can combine this “thank you ecard” with an Eid Adha ecard if your recipient celebrates the festival. 


3. The Hope Spring Animated eCard for Eid Adha

Celebrate Eid Adha with vibrant joy and heartfelt wishes through our Animated Eid Adha Greeting Electronic Card. Each card features stunning animations and beautiful designs, capturing the essence of this blessed occasion. Share your warmest greetings with family and friends instantly, no matter the distance. Make your Eid Adha celebrations special and unforgettable. Send an Animated Eid Adha Greeting Electronic Card today and spread the joy of this holy festival!

4. A Bouquet of Beautiful Flowers Delivered in Time for Eid Adha

Why not surprise your mother, wife or fiancée  with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Eid al-Adha? You can place an order for this or any other beautiful bouquet of flowers from Hope Spring charity nationwide flower delivery service


5. The Hope Spring Water Cap for Eid Adha

Get this Hope Spring Water Caps  for Eid adha as a gift for yourself and your family and friends. Hope spring water caps  are made from the highest quality, ethically sourced certified organic cotton. When you order this cap, you’re contributing to circular fashion and you’re helping alleviate water poverty in Africa.


6. Eid Adha Animated eCards 

Eid Adha is no doubt a joyous occasion, a perfect season to share love with your family, friends and relatives – those that are close and distant. A colourful, sparkling and animated ecard from a collection of these animated eid ecards by Hope Spring will certainly lift up the Eid spirit of the recipient in a delightful way. Also, it is beautiful to note that by sending one of these animated Eid Adha ecards, you are sharing love with your loved ones and at the same time helping to fight water poverty in West Africa.  


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7. The Gift of Safe Clean Drinking Water for Eid Adha

Living in the UK where safe, clean drinking water is literally on tap everywhere, we will be forgiven for not knowing that millions of people all over the world do not have the privileged access we have to clean water.  Why not give a donation of a clean water gift card as an Eid Adha present? Charity water gift cards start from as little as £10.  The recipient of the gift card will get a certificate, saying that clean drinking water was donated to a community on their behalf. 


8. Miscellaneous Gifts

Shop online for various Eid gifts and help raise money for water charity while doing so.  Give as you buy online is the free and easy way to raise money for Hope Spring when you shop online with over 4,500 stores. It is important to let you know that there’s no extra charges on what you buy but you rather get to save more. From Eid holidays and travel, to Eid material gifts, you can raise hundreds of pounds for water charity, all at no extra cost to you.