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Eid al-Fitr and Eid Adha  are  joyful occasions in the UK and other parts of the world with a special focus on the family. During these two Islamic festivals, it is a common tradition to send  Eid greeting eCards to close family members, distant relatives, friends or colleagues at work. 

Like many other environmental friendly products and initiatives, the choice of digital eCards over traditional postcards in celebrating occasions such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid Adha  is not difficult to understand especially when one considers the increasing significance given to environmental/ethical movements in recent times. In addition to the  digital nature of eCards, they are also far more convenient to send and relatively inexpensive. 

In light of the observations highlighted above and in a bid to make sending of  Eid greeting eCards even more fast and convenient for you, I have scoured the internet to collect 12 of the best eCard websites for your consideration. A number of factors played into the production of the list. The major factor being the efficiency of the site in sending Eid greeting eCards.

The bests of the best eCard sites  for Eid Fitr and Eid Adha are presented to you as follows :

  1. Hope Spring Charity eCards

Given that Islam is the second largest religion in the UK, it is a surprise that the only British eCard site to make the top five does not have a wider selection of Eid ecards. Despite its limited selection, it is still the best charity Eid ecard website we came across.  The site also has a comprehensive FAQ on Eid, including the difference between Eid al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. 

  1. Paperless Post

Paperless post has a wide selection of Eid greetings eCards. Most of the cards feature classic Islamic symbolism such as a crescent,  the famous domes from mosques, and other shapes and patterns often used in Islamic literature. Selecting, personalising and sending an ecard at a paperless post is a breeze. If you are sending a Ramadan Mubarak card for eid , you should consider sending a paperless post Eid ecard.  

  1.  123Greetings

123Greetings has a quality selection of Eid  eCards and other greeting cards to suit any occasion. If you are the  type that loves to send animated eCards, 123Greetings has a good collection of lively, animated Eid Mubarak ecards from which you can make your choice.  It also has a variety of non-animated Eid eCards that one may choose to customise. 

  1. offers eCards for various events and holidays : birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Teacher’s Day etc.  Though it has a modest collection of Eid eCards, it offers a unique Eid Mubarak template with name editing. You can personalize your Eid eCards with text on these cards and these greeting cards can be sent across various platforms.

  1. SmileBox

SmileBox also makes the top 5 of our list of best eCards websites for Eid Fitr and Eid Adha. It has a large selection of beautiful and customizable Happy Eid cards that are available to you once you have become a member. On SmileBox, you can create animated Eid Mubarak cards that suit your preferences and taste.  

  1. Dgreetings

In the landscape of premium greetings and messages websites, Dgreeting has been around, and keeping it real, since late 90’s. It offers eCards for various Islamic occasions with thoughtfully designed Ramadan and Eid wishes greetings cards with featured texts written in Arabic and/or English, some in Hindi.

  1. AlHabib

AlHabib offers a modest collection of static greetings cards for Isamic occasions. A simple website with smooth navigations as there is not  so much in terms of graphics in the Eid greetings cards page except for a passport-size picture of a certain man and that of the eCards themselves. 


True to its name, is a website for Eid greetings. It has animated and non-animated ecards collected in nice categories. You can pick a card with Quranic verses, or a card featuring lovely messages to your loved ones, or a card describing the spirit of Eid. You are not required to registered before you can send eCards on this website. 

  1. Moonpig

Moonpig is another UK based website to make the top 10. It is well known for sending personalized ecards for birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversary etc. You can choose from their personalized Eid cards to elegant designs to simple, text-based ones if you are after something low-key.  

  1. HiGreetings

If you are looking for where to send simple ecards with no odd music or scary animations, you might want to visit HiGreetings. Though it has a modest selection of Eid Mubarak cards, they are simple and thoughtfully designed.

  1. Pounchbowl

Pounchbowl of course makes the cut in our list of Top 12 websites to send Eid ecards. It offers free and personalised greeting ecards that are specially designed for Eid-Fitr and Eid Adha that you can send to your friends or family near or far. Their Eid cards have the look and feel of traditional paper greeting cards without the hassle of a trip to the post office or store. 

  1. Lovenamepix

Lovenamepix has one of the best collections of beautiful high resolution Eid Mubarak images with awesome quotes designed to express your feelings  to your loved ones, and to communicate the joyous feelings and spirit of Eid. Generating and sending personalized cards is quite easy on this website.

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