Redefining fashion brand marketing with Instagram

Redefining fashion brand marketing with Instagram

Instagram, the most popular photo sharing mobile application, is effectively designed for storytelling through pictures. This happens to be the most effective platform for the promotion of businesses that rely heavily on powerful graphics and visuals such as the fashion industry. As fashion and pictures go hand in hand, Instagram is the perfectly suitable platform to reach out to more people comprehensively and as a result, increase the web traffic successfully.
Since Instagram was launched in 2010, it has dramatically changed the fashion landscape. According to Eva Chen, The Head of Fashion Partnership of this platform says that Instagram has democratized fashion over the years enabling different brands both bigger and smaller to establish a greater connection with their customers.

Instagram enables fashion brands to speak more specifically by building a voice. Now the audience for fashion brands is no more restricted to the people present at the fashion shows but also those who can access such shows through the internet.
In short, the useful features and the ability of Instagram has lots to teach to the budding fashion designers as well as the fashion store owners. It shows them how to leverage their brand and fashion products to the fashion community through this social media giant.

Create a brand identity

The most effective way to increase web traffic and drive growth to your fashion business is by strengthening your image and Instagram teaches you just that with the use of different tools and features incorporated in its algorithm. Ideally, there are four specific ways in which Instagram helps you to grow your business.

  • You can create brand identity very easily with the visual storytelling ability of Instagram which is most effective and motivating for the fashion brands and retailers. This is the primary tool that they use to showcase their brand personality.
  • An Instagram page of a specific brand will easily provide the consumers with a glimpse of the products, lifestyle as well as the culture of the specific brand at the very first look itself.
  • You can show your brand personality in a different way through visual storytelling whether it is posh or bohemian, festival-happy or with inspirational saying, simple or serene imagery you can see profiles on Instagram inundated with unique ideas.
  • Through the creative use of images you can show the culture of your brand and provide the followers for Instagram with an insight on what you do, about your company, making of the product as well as your employees and other persons behind the creation.

Therefore, Instagram is useful for all whether it is fashion or books, travel or dining places, funny images and others that will ensure a proper depiction of the label’s identity, to communicate and to create a unique and larger footprint to their website.

Better community engagement

Instagram will provide you with exactly what you need for a most innovative way of marketing: allow the customers to do the selling themselves. This is done with the better and probably the higher level of community engagement that Instagram provides as compared with other social networks.
You will be able to increase the reach with the most important, reliable and famed hashtag and will be able to generate high community engagement by running different programs and contests.
Consumers can post their pictures wearing your fashion clothing along with a caption and a suitable hashtag with the photo. These photos will be then looped to the site of the retailer considering the physical as well as the digital retail experience.
This indirectly allows the consumers to get involved and play a significant and active role in promoting the brand and at the same time ‘sell’ it to their followers. Therefore, the selfie based marketing campaign will be effective enough to increase the traffic as well as the conversion rate of it to potential customers.

Blur the differentiating line

Social media being a powerful tool has distorted the lines that differentiated the general public from the so-called fashion community that was once considered to be exclusive. Gone are those days when people had to wait frustratingly for the Vogue issue to come out in September to have an idea of the latest fashion.

  • Nowadays, even an outsider can become a fashion insider and take a look at the latest fashion on their smartphones. They can even share these with their friends and for this, they do not even have to attend a fashion show.
  • Instagram has enabled millions of followers to preview and review ready-to-wear collections and frequently share the pictures and videos of their choice giving others a chance for a genuine glimpse at the inspirational and unique fashion designs. This has resulted in the easy building of a brand.
  • There are a few specific fashion designers and brands that go beyond that and offer their followers with their innovative and interesting “behind the scenes” peek. To create a fashion clothing there is a lot of activity that goes behind. If you can show these to the followers it will surely create an impact on their minds. It helps the brands to gain trust among the followers who know about the genuineness of the brand and product of their choice.

After all, building a brand is not only about showing the product but it also about the story around it, both at the front as well as at the back.

Monetizing social media platform

Lastly, you can use the social media platform to increase traffic with an assurance because according to a survey and analysis this platform is to be the best revenue generator through mobile ads. This is due to the fact that Instagram has become progressively shoppable.
With the new feature of Carousel ads which is a sponsored slideshow ad that appears on the Instagram feed of the user, you can capitalize even more by incorporating a “Learn More” button. This will not only serve as a gateway to purchase but also as a floodgate to more web traffic with more sharing and email signups. No doubt Instagram has redefined and revolutionized fashion industry with more and positive community engagement.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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