Updated Jan 2023

Winter solstice is a magical day. It is celebrated across cultures around the world. It still holds that special magic for many.  To send a  winter solstice ecard to that friend or family member who celebrates solstice. Choose from a range of cards from a selection of the best winter solstice cards available in the UK and on the web.  Some are free, others you pay for and yet others you have to make a charitable donation.

Our favourite is Hope Spring eCards solstice cards. You can spread the blessings by making a donation. You can also send their ecard without making a donation. Just visit their  free ecards page to obtain the promo code you need to provide to send a free charity solstice ecard.


Continue reading to see the best winter solstice cards and ecards.


1. Winter Solstice Charity eCard by Hope Spring 

winter solstice ecard

Hope Spring eCards has a collection of beautiful winter solstice ecards that you send to wish your loved ones and donate the cost of printing a traditional paper card. The environmental friendliness of using an ecard, instant delivery and convenience more than justifies the inclusion of this ecard platform. The particular ecard in the image above depicts a beautiful stag, with huge antlers, in a snowy forest. It is a great ecard to send as a winter solstice greeting to friends and family. The platform also has a multi-recipient features and you can personalise the ecard. 


2. Winter Solstice Sun Inside Newgrange

Megalithic.co.uk have a beautiful range of Solstice cards. The greetings  cards are blank inside for a personalised message and each comes with a coloured envelope and in a plastic slip. One of the Solstice cards you can send on Megalithic.cp.uk is this Winter Solstice Sun Inside Newgrange. Other cards they offer are Midwinter Sun at Stonehenge and Winter Solstice – Stonehenge in the snow.  


3. Driftwood Designs Winter Solstice Card 

 Driftwood Designs Winter Solstice Card

The solstice card has the illustration of Woodland animals gathered underneath the winter solstice moon. This card is part of the beautiful  ‘Art’ collection that contains a wide range of wonderful designs with a great many awesome and unusual images alongside more traditional still life and landscape pieces. 

Driftwood Designs cards are  printed in Wales on 100% recycled paper stock.


4. Stonehenge Sunset and Crows Winter Solstice Card by hauntingimpressions.co.uk

Stonehenge Sunset and Crows Winter Solstice Card

This Solstice  card by hauntingimpressions.co.uk shows Stonehenge where some travel annually to visit the site early in the morning, to watch as the sun rises above the stones. But sunset at Stonehenge is popular as well. Also available on hauntingimpressions.co.uk are Maeshowe Solstice card and Stonehenge at sunset Solstice card. 


5. Winter Solstice Goddess Cards by goddessandgreenman.co.uk

Winter Solstice Goddess Cards

With the end of the longest night the dark is conquered with the Return of the Sun, light, hope and promise. The Sun is given birth to by the Goddess. It starts to grow stronger and the days grow longer. All that is hidden will begin to surface. It is the Sun’s birthday! And it is time to celebrate!


6.  Winter Solstice Greeting Card by sarasamuelsson.co.uk

Winter Solstice Greeting Card

The solstice greeting card depicts the painting and oil pastel on board. The creation of which is an account of a walk in the artist’s local landscape on  the day of the Winter Solstice. A transcendental time of silence and deep connection with nature and Self. The artist continued that his walk took me across a wetland with willows  and ferns growing in a manner similar to a spirit forest all round. 


7. RedBubble Winter Solstice Holiday Card 

RedBubble Winter Solstice Holiday Card

Winter Solstice holiday card with a beautiful elk silhouette by a beautiful moon and sky. It has on it a nice winter solstice wish that reads thus; May the long night of solstice bring peace of mind and enlightenment of soul.


8. Solstice Sun Winter Solstice Yule Card by Astrocal

Solstice Sun Winter Solstice Yule Card

Winter solstice cards by Astrocal come with great features including a bold design printed with gold foil and reflective. Each of the cards also  includes a definition of the word Solstice on its back, a gold envelope in a cellophane slip and blank inside for you to write your own message or greeting. 


9. Tree Free Winter Solstice Greeting Card

Tree Free Winter Solstice Greeting Card

A great and unique artwork by Courtney Davis. This Solstice greeting card comes with a Traditional Celtic Verse : The sun’s in the south and the days lengthen fast, And soon we shall sing of the winter that’s past; For now light the candles and rejoice as they burn, And dance our dance of the sun’s return. Unique features of Tree Free Greeting Cards include vibrant colours and top quality art. They are produced using wind and solar energy and 100 percent  post consumer recycled paper.


10. Winter Solstice Owl and Moon Blessings Cards By Zazzle UK

Winter Solstice Owl and Moon Blessings Cards

Winter Solstice card depicting winter moon silhouettes of a beautiful owl and oak tree. Written on the card is a warm solstice wish: May the longest night and the shortest day bring best to your  mind and soul , I pray. May you find guidance and may you find peace. As the cycle of light will slowly increase, embrace the magic that the darkness bears. Breath deep in the chill and shift of the air,. May you always be blessed with the light from within, and may well-being be yours as the new cycle begins.

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