Charity ecards and video ecards are one of the best ways for charity and other non-profits to generate new revenue for their cause. Despite the massive popularity of video ecards, very few UK charities are taking advantage of this popular format.  

One charity that is doing well with regards to video eCard is Hereford based water poverty alleviation charity Hope Spring Water. We looked through Hope Spring video ecards to bring you some of the best and the most popular eCards on their platform in 2022.  


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1. It’s Your Birthday Video eCard

Charity birthday video ecard with a beautiful song that goes “it’s your birthday, we are super psyched, happy birthday to you” is one of the best birthday video ecards to send to your friends or family member celebrating a birthday. The video features birthday confetti and  a big dancing birthday gift box which explodes to reveal its items of colourful birthday balloons that subsequently transform into a happy birthday wish. 


2. This Day Is For You Birthday eCard

This charity birthday video ecard that has a serene man’s voice singing “Happy Happy birthday this day is just for you….” is an ideal ecard to send to a male or female celebrant. The serene voice also makes it a beautiful and thoughtful digital birthday ecard to wish an elderly person on his or her day.


 3. Birthday Video eCard Orchestra Play Birthday Tune

Birthday celebrations are important occasions in most relationships, as they allow you to celebrate your partner and show how much you care about him or her. If your girlfriend or boyfriend likes them, surprises are a great way to do this. Planning a spontaneous activity for your girlfriend are some of the best ways to surprise your love on his/her birthday. If you’re in a long distance relationship, then this birthday video ecards of an orchestra of antromophosised animals playing the song “Happy Birthday” is one of the creative and thoughtful ways to wish him/her. If it’s your woman’s birthday, You don’t necessarily have to buy her something! Doing something thoughtful and intentional for her can be even better than buying her a present.


4. Today Is Your Birthday Video eCard

Celebrating a person’s birthday is important because it shows the person you’re thinking of them and in turn, they feel valued by you. Wishing someone a happy birthday is an easy way to create a positive experience between you and others. This awesome video ecard with a beautiful song “today is your birthday” is a sure bet to light up the celebrant’s day.


5. A Magical Snowman Christmas eCard

Merry Christmas ecard of a snowman with a magic wand and a gift box that transforms to Christmas tree. A magical Christmas ecard to send to your friends and family to wish them a Merry Christmas and compliment of the season. 


6. Beautiful Christmas Fireworks

Celebrate Christmas with the people you love with this beautiful Merry Christmas video ecard of Christmas night fireworks with gold sparkles. True open connections are what make us better as humans and this connection should be taken to a greater level in Christmas time. This video ecard is carefully designed and nuanced, it helps communicate to the people you love good wishes for Christmas.


7. Animated Happy Birthday Video eCard

Happy birthday charity video ecard with a birthday song “another big year finally here.” A birthday is an important day in someone’s life to celebrate, but it is not the only day of the year that you can reach out.


8. Mother’s Day Greeting Video eCard

The position of a mother in a child’s life is sanctified. Our mothers are our small gods and deserved to be celebrated  everyday, not just on a predetermined Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day however gives us the opportunity to celebrate these important figures in unison and that’s a beauty. This Mother’s Day video ecard contains beautiful sounds and awesome messages to celebrate your wonderful mum.


9. Mother’s Day In A Babel Video eCard

Mothers Day in babel video ecard of  many combinations of the word Mother in other languages is another Mother’s Day ecard to send to mum to wish her “Happy Mother’s Day”. 


10.  It’s Your Birthday 

Animated charity birthday video ecard that features birthday wine, gift, cake and rose flower. The video ecard also features a man’s voice that says “it’s your birthday” and children’s chorus “happy birthday”.

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