The success of a good website is also due to its attractive design which makes more and more visitors visit the site. So if you are among those wondering as to why there are very few visitors to your site, you could look at some of the points below to keep in mind while designing and improving the appearance of your site.a) Begin with a clear idea of how you want your site to look and put it down in the form of a story board. Here you must also take care of how you want the various links to appear and in what order to avoid confusion at a later stage.

b) Make sure that you present a home page that is comprehensive and presents to the visitor an immediate idea of what to expect from your site and where to find them. Remember that this page is very important in conveying a professional and articulate impression about your site to the outside world.

c) Having decided what you want in the website in the beginning, it is time to incorporate interesting content relating to the target segment you have in mind. The content should be such that visitors must feel motivated to spend some time at your site.

d) Engage the visitor in providing him the reason for the existence of the site and what is it that you are trying to achieve through the site. Avoid bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Those will surely drive away visitors from your site.

e) The layout and design must appear uncluttered and pleasing to the eye. First impressions matter and unless you can engage the visitor to spend some time at your site, he would not know the services you are capable of providing. Keep away from blinking images and graphics that take too long to load as nobody has the patience to wait. Use the right colors that make it easy for the visitor to make out the contents of your site and do not cause strain to the eyes.

f) Ensure that navigation within the site is not cumbersome by providing links and buttons that are consistent in looks, design and color. Make use of the top half of every page to place these buttons.

The above tips should help you in coming out with a website that is pleasing and attractive to the visitor.

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