Welcome to the spring edition of what is now becoming a monthly roundup of what I consider to be some of the best SEO and internet marketing articles. Without much ado, here are some of the most exciting and informative articles I came across during the month of April 2021.


Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update This Weekend?” by Barry Schwartz on SE Round Table. 

It looks like there was an update at least according to some chatters and webmaster messages. 

Seeing some fluctuations since 24h, site heavily impacted by may2020 update, improved E-A-T one month ago. First good signal after almost one year of decline.


Friday’s traffic was 105% Saturday 60% – that’s really low for me Today so far 28%


Something happened over the weekend, took another deep dive in impressions and clicks (-50%). It just doesn’t stop getting worse…


New & Improved: Announcing The Beginner’s Guide To Link Building” by Cyrus Shepard on Moz blog. 

  1. Updating an instant classic
  2. Types of Links
  3. Structuring a Link Building Campaign
  4. Finding your audience to get links from
  5. Link Building Outreach
  6. Link Building Tactics
  7. Link Building Measurement and Metrics


Why SEO Matters for Law Firms” by Alex Valencia on Search Engine Journal. 

  • SEO Is One of the Best Lead Generation Strategies for Law Firms
  • Benefits of SEO for Law Firms
  • Proof SEO Works for Law Firms
  • Key Takeaways


6 Cold Email Strategies That Got Abnormally Good Reply Rates” on smartwriter blog. 

  • Personalised Images (I’m wearing a <companyname> Tshirt)</companyname>
  • Personalised Ice breakers
  • Video Intros custom to the user
  • Share PDF upfront value
  • Interact with the user on other social platforms
  • Offer upfront strategy suggestions (use VA for automating this)


Benefits of Multiple Magento Payment Gateways” by Jane Vishnova on dinarys.medium.com blog. 

  • Global expansion.
  • Coverage of a multigenerational audience.
  • Customer trust.


Creating Engaging B2B Copy: 10 Idea Sources that Companies Can Seek Inspiration From” on signum.ai blog. 

  • BuzzSumo Content Analyzer
  • AI-Driven Content Generators
  • Lemlist
  • Competitors’ Websites & Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Case Studies
  • Trend Newsletters
  • Your Audience
  • Team Brainstorming
  • Top Google Searches


Local Marketing Insider #005 // How People Decide What to Buy” by Jake Hughes on widewail blog. 

  • Category heuristics: shortcut information
  • Authority bias: blind following of “experts”
  • Social proof: people respond to people
  • Power of now: we are hard-wired to live in the present
  • Scarcity Bias: limited = desirable
  • Power of free: free is better than “a good value”


7 Eco-Friendly Marketing Strategies That Work” by Darya Jandossova Troncoso on marketsplash blog. 

  1. Choose Your Sustainable Unique Selling Proposition And Stick With It
  2. Switch To/Adopt Eco-Conscious Design
  3. Set Pricing That Reflects The Green Nature Of Your Business
  4. Replace Traditional Marketing With Digital Marketing
  5. Foster Sustainability-Based Work Culture
  6. Provide Social Proof Of Your Sustainability
  7. Support Local Vendors And Environmentally-Focused Organizations


7 Steps To Procurement Management To Optimize Processes Responsible for ~70% of Revenue” by Jane Courtnell on process.st blog. 

Step #1: Define roles and responsibilities

Step #2: Create a schedule

Step #3: Identify and mitigate risks

Step #4: Determine costs

Step #5: Establish decision criteria and approval workflow

Step #6: Establish vendor management

Step #7: Review and approval processes


Gartner Trends 2021: What They Mean for Retailers” by Sofia Spanou on contactpigeon blog. 


  • Trend 1: Internet of Behaviors
  • Trend 2: Total Experience
  • Trend 3: Privacy-Enhancing Computation
  • Trend 4: Distributed Cloud
  • Trend 5: Anywhere Operations
  • Trend 6: Cybersecurity Mesh
  • Trend 7: Intelligent Composable Business
  • Trend 8: AI Engineering
  • Trend 9: Hyperautomation


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