Herefordshire is the most rural county in the whole of England, that make Herefordshire one of the most beautiful places in England and indeed the whole of United Kingdom. Herefordshire has beautiful landscapes made even more picturesque by rivers and valleys, this make the tranquil landscape a holiday destination for those looking to escape the hectic pace of city life.

One of the handy tools first time visitors will find useful when planning to visit Herefordshire or even after arriving in Herefordshire it a portal called A taste of Herefordshire. The portal brings information about places to stay, where to go for a good night out, the sights to see and for those who love walking the beautiful trekking routes found all over the entire county.

A taste of Herefordshire uses web 2.0, a format that allows users to exchange information, share ideas and knowledge about places they have been so that new visitors to the place knows what to expect.

If you plan to visit Herefordshire, the best place to start planning your journey is at the Herefordshire portal; A taste of Herefordshire.

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