So you have decided to start your blogging journey. You would have obtained a domain name, web hosting and a theme to make visible awesome blog structure. You have determined to live life as per own terms where no one can ask you, teach you and tell you what to do and how to do.

I want you to remember most of the bloggers do leave their blogging journey in the middle of the way. Only a few people have the courage to climb up the Everest and stay there but the truth is they are only a few.

In this blogging journey, every article you will write, an arrow you will push up towards your goals. Each article including first will play a vital role to build up an image among the audience.

You can use this first article as the first rocket of your arsenal.

Many questions come in mind while drawing the first blog post that creates confusion. But don’t worry; today we are talking about core components of first blog post to making the first impression so stay tune.

Introduce Yourself

Start this paragraph by introducing yourself. Tell your real story, educational background and struggling journey to the readers. Write your view about life including positive things and real adventure. You can also include your interest areas, your blogging niche and hobbies. These things would be quite similar to keen readers and they might feel up close to you.

These things will matter in order to create a good image. Between this entire works, the main things are to remember that never mention your personal history. Personal points might turn your hard work into a negative mode.

I have observed so many times that many bloggers write about their personal matters that unfair.

Starting a blog seems easy but finding fresh and initiative notions to draw new content on a daily basis is quite harder. Write about what kind of troubles you may face during a blogging journey and what your preparedness.

The best procedure to get into in finding fresh blog post zone is to start reading popular blogs. This method would reveal what type of content has written or what not. You may also discover more Fascinating headlines to craft insightful articles.

Why People Blog

Spell out what your ultimate goal behind the blogging efforts. Do you want to build up your personal images or want to make a popular brand? Describe your intention clearly and let the readers understand your writing goals.

Many bloggers have different blogging objectives like generating leads to their brand, providing solution on a particular subject; want to sell an online course or a book, whatever your intention behind blogging platform should be revealed to make a positive stance amongst the readers.

Some influencers do blog only to gain knowledge because blogging means endless learning journey. If you do blog you have to learn a lot.

Many bloggers start their blogging trip to make a good discipline life. You can get inspiration from them. If you blog then you have to change your bad habits and make a new daily routine to complete daily tasks like article writing, proofreading, and communicating to guest post writers. All these work take a too long time and patience to do.

Find Your Voice

Every popular blogger has an epic voice and this thing make them more respectful in the blogging community. You have read a lot of blogs on different niche and each editor consists of a specific writing style to interact with readers.

It is hard to get a unique voice in the crowd of blogs and it takes a long time to make an awesome style that readers love.

But if you are a keen blogger then you will have to find your own voice to spread your message amongst readers. Your identity and character should be exhibits through the writing style.

If you are a beginner while crafting first blog post then it will be hard to spell out your message in a unique voice but if you are a well-experienced writer then it would be easy to you to illustrate amazing content to grab the attention of visitors.

Your specific voice would depend on the intention of the blog and your target audience. It’s too depend is your blog personal or professional then you will have to identify formal and informal writing paradigms.

Add Social Media Pages

Provide the social media pages as external links in your first blog post. This is your first post but after certain time your blog will grow rapidly then time social media pages will come in crucial role and generate multitude traffic. Your readers may share blog posts through social channels. Before publishing the first post check all social links are working properly and visible to everyone. Choose the appropriate design and location for social link.

Ask Feedback and Second Post Idea

This is the best way to know the opinion of the readers about your first article. You can end the article by putting a question on asking second blog post design. This question would encourage the avid readers to give response in comment section.

Don’t forget to include a comment section in blog structure. It is the only way to directly interact to the readers. After that you are the accountable to give reply to the reader query even if they incorrect. Try to keep long this conversation and share some new ideas to your readers in comment section. This process will cause of healthy relationship between you and your audience.

After all your readers are your main inspirations.

If your readers are pleased with you then your blog surely grow.


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