If your business is planning to host any sort of event, the question of how you are going to raise the awareness of it among people, has surely crossed your mind. Luckily, there are a lot of tools you can use in order to ensure you reach as many people as possible, the most notable one being social media. With billions of daily active users, the reach you can have is almost limitless, if you are able to utilize it to its full potential. So, in order to help you achieve just that, here are five steps to promote an event on social media.

1. Choose the best platform to focus on

While, you should undoubtedly aim to make use of all of the social media platforms at your disposal, it can be very helpful to start off by choosing a single one to focus on, that suits your event’s needs, in order to get the best results. Different platforms are better for different types of events, so, for example, if you are organizing a large scale event, a platform like Facebook, will most likely be the one you should be focusing on. However, if it’s something smaller, giving the most attention to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram will give you the ability to pique people’s interest without going into too much detail.

2. Start a hashtag

Creating an intriguing hashtag is quite likely the most important part of a successful event promotion on social media. They have become ever-present on almost every social media platform, and will give you the crucial ability to have other people share and increase the hype around your event without your direct involvement. Make sure to come up with something catchy and creative in order to maximize the number of people who are going to be using it. A few important things you should keep in mind, is that it shouldn’t be too long as it won’t catch the attention of the user, and it should also be as relevant to your event as possible. Once you figured out what it’s going to be, start including it in every post you make regarding the event, as well as any other type of communication such as emails or even your website.

3. Generate interesting content

The best way to make sure your hashtag is noticed, and, people start spreading it, is by generating new and original content to post on your social media. Things such as promotional videos, detailing the characteristics of the event, or, interviews with people sharing their experience from your previous event, can help you reach a wider audience and interest more people.

4. Host contests and giveaways

You can further use social media to promote your event by hosting contests and giveaways that will require people to do certain things, such as, take a picture with the events shirt or do some sort of challenge in order to be able to win a prize, while at the same time, using your events hashtag. This will help you generate a lot more buzz around your event, while, at the same time keeping things fresh and interesting. When choosing a reward, make sure that you pick something that people will want to have, and, to maximize the promotional value you are getting, the best option would be for it to be something related to the event.

5. Hire a social media influencer

Hiring a social media influencer can be another great way to promote your event on social media. First of all, they will be able to reach out to their followers and draw more eyes towards your event, but, on top of that, they will also increase your events credibility. In order to use the power of a social media influencer to its full capacity, you should take an adequate amount of time when choosing which one to hire. Make sure it’s someone who is, at least to some extent, relevant to the main themes and topics of the event, as it can otherwise seem fake and unnatural.


While properly promoting your event is very important to its ultimate success, the only way to guarantee it goes well is by first making sure the event itself is well organized and planned through. If you manage to get a lot of people to come, but the event itself goes poorly, you pretty much haven’t done anything. However, if you do think you’ve got that covered, the most important thing to keep in mind when promoting your event on social media, is that you need to stay persistent and keep coming up with new and original ways to get people interested, which will ensure good results. With that in mind, the earlier you start promoting your event, the better the chances that it will all go well, so get started now!

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