When is St Patrick’s Day in 2022? Well, to celebrate St Paddy’s day properly, you need a whole weekend, so the best way to ask the above question is: What weekend will St Patrick’s day be celebrated in 2022?  The answer is simple; Thursday, March the 17th. 

Given how big St Patrick’s day is in the Irish diaspora, it is not surprising that millions of pints of Guinness will be drunk in celebration, millions of eCards are also sent between friends, family and well wishers

So if you want to send an eCard to an Irish friend or colleague to wish him or her a Happy Valentines day, which eCard should you send?  To make this decision easier, we have compiled some of the best St Patrick’s day ecards you can find online  Here are 10 of the best St Patrick’s day ecards.

1.  A toast to you all on St Patrick’s Day  This ecard which shows a bunch of people with a pint and other drinks in their hand toasting captures the spirit of modern day St Patrick’s day celebrations. If you cannot be with your family or friends on St Patrick’s day, sending this ecard, which also involves making a donation to a worthwhile charity is the next best thing.  

2.  A pot of gold and 4 leaf clovers  Nothing symbolises Irishness and St Patrick than shamrock, which St Patrick was said to have used to explain the trinity when he was preaching Christianity to the Irish. He was said to have used the 3 leaf clover to explain God the father, God the son and the holy spirit. This has been reclaimed and rebranded for modern day with a 4 leaf clover and a pot of gold. This eCard is the perfect one to send someone you wish luck on St Patrick’s Day.

3.  A classic St Patrick’s Day Beer Jugs eCard This ecard communicates to your recipient the historical explanation that may shed some light on the roots of the tradition of drinking on St. Patrick’ Day. Most people in Ireland, and to some extent, the rest of the world are familiar with the traditions that go hand-in-hand with St. Patrick’s Day – green everything (milkshakes, beer, clothes, rivers); parades; corned beef;shamrock and most notably drinking. Legend has it that St. Patrick taught the lesson of generosity when he was given a cup of whiskey that was not full. We are made to understand that St Patrick lectured the innkeeper that he (the innkeeper) was greedy and cheated people out of drink because there was a devil living with whiskey in the inn’s cellar. 

4. St. Paddy giant shamrock video ecard One of the most ideal greeting ecard you would like to send your loved ones to wish them on  St. Patrick’s Day is this video greeting ecard of a giant shamrock 3-clover leaves. The background tunes remind  your recipient that  St. Patrick’s Day is not just a day to celebrate with traditional dinners or Irish desserts; watch a movie or drink beer with friends. It is also a day you can  celebrate by listening to some good Irish music. 

5. Fantastic St. Patrick’s Day music This is another St. Patrick’s Day video ecard that contains Irish music to entertain the recipient. Irish music contains multitudes. It can be sorrowful or celebratory – the music contained in this ecard is celebratory;  It can teach history or simply make you dance – if this does not teach your recipient history, it will certainly make him or her stir joyfully; It can be raging or hushed, sung or rapped, arena-sized or intensely personal – feel free to decide the category this music falls here. 

6. St Patrick’s Day ecard of shamrock encircled by love Are you looking for a St Patrick’s Day ecard to send to your love? If yes, then this ecard of a shamrock enclosed in heart is your best bet to deliver your warm expression of love to him or her. It will  go a long way in adding a spark of romance to an unconventional romantic holiday like St. Patrick’s Day. This is an opportunity to show your partner that you are constantly thinking about them and love them so much that you will communicate the love given the slightest opportunity. 

7. Shamrock Hated St Patric’s Day Reveller The picture of the man in this image embodies the ultimate St Patrick’s Day reveller. He is wearing a shamrock shaped hat, his beard is painted green, it looks as if he is ready to get the St Patrick’s Day party going. This is the perfect ecard to send to someone who will be rocking on St Patrick’s Day.

8. It’s St Patrick’s Day Plain and Simple  If you know someone who prefers a quiet St Patrick’s Day celebration, this is probably the best ecard to send such a person. It is a simple and straightforward greeting eCard. You just need to personalise it with some greetings and it is ready to go. The simple greetings read Happy St Patrick’s Day.

9. Brother’s Sporting Cheers on St Patrick’s Day This ecard shows two friends practising their bartending skills with some fun and creative Irish cocktails. A mixture of St. Patrick’s Day cocktails or mocktails is certainly something to cheer together with a buddy. That’s the atmosphere that this thoughtfully designed ecard creates. It is, in a sense, equivalent to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day virtually with your favourite friend and what’s more creative way to do than sending an instant greeting ecard that communicates just that? 

10. It’s raining shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day While Irish music can be the saddest music and the most celebratory, if caustic. Sometimes, those things get tossed together in the same salad bowl of song. In this St. Patrick’s Day video ecard, viewer is engaged with animated 3-leaf clovers cascades perfectly complemented with a “luck full” St. Paddy Day music. No matter what plans your recipients have lined up to celebrate this Irish heritage — be it a meal of corned beef and cabbage, mix-up green beer or a good Paddy’s Day joke — one thing is for certain: they are going to need a festive lineup of Irish songs to serve as the soundtrack to finding your pot of gold.

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