Every year in the UK, we spend billions of pounds of clothing. Most of the clothes are worn a few times, before ending up in landfill site.  The sheer magnitude of the waste, has prompted a new approach to fashion. An approach that urges everyone involved in a garment life cycle, including manufacturers, retailers and  consumers to get the maximum value out of a garment. And to dispose off the garment in a responsible, environmentally friendly way,  at the end of its life.


This new approach to clothing, known as sustainable fashion, has encouraged the birth of many startups in sustainable fashion.  A recent ethical t-shirt website asked temi.co.uk, to write about the top 10 digital marketing tips that can help a new ethical tee shirt brand to get noticed, in the super competitive ethical fashion landscape. Here are the top 10 digital marketing tips, we compiled.


Emphasise the most unique of your unique selling propositions

Most  of the USPs (unique selling proposition)  of ethical tees retailers, are anything but unique.Almost all of them, in their USPs claim to use organic material, real cotton, made in a factory, powered by solar energy etc etc.  If you are to make your ethical tees website stand out from the rest, you really need to find something that others do not have.  For example, ethical tees website Hope Spring Tees accepts tees bought from them at the end of its life. They even pay the cost of returning the t-shir to them, at the end of its life.



Organic Search Engine Traffic

Organic search engine traffic to ecommerce sites is dwindling, year on year. However it is still the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website. To attract this crucial, potentially free traffic to your tees site, you need to familiarise yourself with SEO. There are dozens of SEO tips on Temi.co.uk including this one.


Instagram is king

Instagram, or Insta as it is popularly known by its users, is the most popular platforms, for fashion and other stuff that required posting a lot of pictures. You organic tees website, must have an active page on insta. Just having a page is not enough. You must  constantly updated your page and build your  brand and followership, on this fast growing social media platform.



Do not forget the obvious. Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in the universe.  They  own Instagram, so you can potentially post to Facebook and Instagram with one click.


Good product description (On page SEO)

When adding items to your tees website, good product description is essential to giving your customers information about your product. It is also a fantastic way to increase organic search engine traffic to your website. In SEO parlance, this is called On page SEO.



Link link and link again

Hyperlinking relevant content on your website is quite important. It helps visitors to your website to navigate content on your site easily. Good in content linking, can also boost your search engine ranking. The most important type of linking, is linking from your social medial and external sites to your site and products.


Word of mouth and referrals

One of the best ways to get a product know, in the pre-digital age was word of mouth. This unique and trusted ways of advertising is still powerful today. You should encourage customers who like your product to tell their friends. You should encourage them to leave you positive feedback. This method of promoting your tees brand is literally priceless. Don’t forget to mention your most unique USP.  For example, if you allow users to return their tees at the end of it’s like and  get cash back on a new tee , shout it from the rooftops.


Drive traffic from your existing website

If you own other websites, there is a high chance that visitors to your existing site, can be persuaded to buy their  tees from your tees site. A strategically placed link from your existing site, perhaps from the navigation menu to your new site, has the potential to increase your sales and boost your SEO ranking. Create an attractive call to action button, link it carefully to your tees website and watch your traffic grow.


Returning traffic

When a customer is satisfied with your product, that increases the likelihood that they will buy from you again. Make it easy for them to come back. There are a number of things you could do:  Write a regular newsletter. That makes it easy to  send them special offers and other nuggets of information that will keep them coming back. Make it easy for visitors to your site to bookmark it. And of course, you site should have a memorable, easy to remember name.


Invest in ad campaign

After carrying out all the previous suggestions for driving traffic to your tee shop, if you want to compete, you must include some paid advertising in your marketing mix. You main challenge here is to find out which advertising platform is likely to bring you the best return on your investment. You must first research and identify the platform that is likely to give you the best return on your investment. Sometimes, the most obvious platform is not necessarily the best.

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