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Top 8 fastest and safest web browsers for smartphone

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For all the smartphone owners, having the best web browser is a must. If your web browser is powered with the latest features and offers smooth performance, it really helps in changing the entire experience of browsing the web. With so many options available, making a right choice for the best web browser can be quite a tricky process. So, let me make things easier for you, here are top 8 fastest and safest web browsers for your smartphone. Google Chrome Topping the list is Chrome (flagship browser of Google) which does not require any introduction. Chrome comes bundled with same striking and essential styling that we are used to seeing on the desktop version. This version, squeezed into mobile, comes with an address bar Omnibox, incognito mode (helping you to enjoy private browsing), and voice search. If you are using Chrome browser on your desktop, then you are lucky enough as the mobile version come loaded with syncing of the tabs, bookmarks, and the history, helping you enjoy a seamless transition between the mobile and desktop browsing. Chrome is available both for Android and iOS. Mozilla firefox Firefox for mobile offers a brilliant alternative for the smartphone and tablet owners offering desktop syncing, easy access to various add-ons, and tabbed browsing. This browser is also available for the iPhone users. The iOS version comes with a predictive search bar, visual tab management system, private browsing, and cross-device syncing. All iOS users will certainly feel the absence of add-ons such as ad blockers and password managers. The browser is available for both Android and iOS. Flynx If you want to try out other than the conventional browsers, then Flynx is a great browser. The browser pre-load the links in the backdrop with a suspended on-screen indicator while you keep enjoying operating your other apps without wasting your time watching the pages load. Once you are done, you will be able to tap the indicator, with Flynx showing the web page pop-up style, with support for a maximum of four pre-loaded tabs. Flynx comes loaded with some outstanding features including – easy link sharing, intelligent ad-blocker, and double tapping the links to save pages for offline viewing. The browser is only available for Android. Opera Opera is undoubtedly one of the popular smartphone browsers in the list. It is well-known for its fast and responsive browser; it automatically compresses videos and images helping in speeding up the browsing speed. The features are not just limited to data compression as Opera for Android also come with other features including – gesture control, private browsing, and cross-device syncing. As an iOS user, you can also go for Opera Coast for a gesture-driven, iOS-centric experience. The browser is available for both Android and iOS. Dolphin The popularity of Dolphin browser is fast catching up amongst the smartphone users. It is one of the feature-packed and powerful browsers. In addition, you also get to enjoy varied tools options and add-ons that help you make the utmost use of the browser. Some of the brilliant features comprise of Sona, it is a voice-driven search tool and gesture bookmarks that help you to draw letters to go straightway to your favourite sites. With custom gestures, add-on support, and tabbed browsing, Dolphin browser is, undoubtedly, one of the feature-rich and highly configurable smartphone browsers. The browser is available for both Android and iOS. Mercury Browser Created by iLegendSoft, Mercury Browser is based on Webkit engine. It comes loaded with all the necessary features that make mobile browsing an unforgettable experience including – private mode browsing, tabbed browsing,...

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Best Freelance Sites Reviewed – Comparing The Best Freelance Websites

Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in Site Monetising, Technology | 3 comments

Best Freelance Sites Reviewed – Comparing The Best Freelance Websites

Freelance sites are among the most powerful instruments for those who are looking for remote jobs. However, nowadays, there are many different sites online that are offering such services. I decided to review the most popular of them and make my own comparison of freelance sites. If you think that I missed some sites, please let me know here or here. So here are the most popular freelance sites reviewed: Description: This is easily the most popular website among freelancers. It was founded in 1998 and have more than 2 million contractors registered.. But the site is not free. Actually, it does have free membership, but it is very difficult to find a job or contractor using that kind of account. Specialties: Web development, mobile web development, data science, design and multimedia, writing, translation, office and administrative, customer service and moderation, marketing and sales, engineering and architecture, finance and management, legal, project management. Advantages: The most popular site and you can find many jobs and freelancers here. Very good site structure. It is very easy to compare candidates for your job. There is a service guarantee in place. You can pay only when the job is done and if you did the job, then you will be 100% paid. Easy to message a candidate. Even free accounts can have “Payment Verified Seal” icon which means more trust from freelancers. Each year there are almost a million of jobs posted There is a Workroom where you may communicate with your contractor during the working process. Disadvantages: Too many contractors apply on popular jobs so it is not easy for new freelancers here. Many companies instead of freelancers. Description: It is very big resource that has thousands of jobs and freelancers. Some time ago, I used it when I needed someone to do a job for me. Online since 2003, it has very big database. After Elance, this site is the second one in this niche. Specialties: Website designers, content creation, developers, search engine optimization, mobile apps, site managers, software creators. Advantages: Very large resource. Has many different specialties so you can easy find the best person to do your job. If you are looking for freelancer urgently, then you can count on receiving many applies in the shortest period of time. Many high quality responses are received. Less companies than Freelancer so you can more easily find an individual here. Disadvantages: Too many contractors apply on popular jobs making it difficult for new freelancers here. Resolution center works only for hourly jobs. Difficult to compare candidates. Not very clear navigation. Description: Fiverr is one of the most popular services because they offer many different kinds of jobs for only $5. I’m not sure that it is a very typical freelance site, but if you are looking for cheap services, then this site is for you. They have many different jobs: from “I will write your name or text on a coffee cup” to “SEO services”. Specialties: Graphics and design, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business. Advantages: Very cheap. Easy in use. Has many quality services. Good refund system. Good review system. Possibility to contact the seller before making the order. Disadvantages: Many sellers do not provide the highest quality of work. Not a typical freelance site. Many people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Slow resolution center. Description: Projec4Hire describes itself as a marketplace where you can hire all sorts of services ranging from a virtual assistant to a translator. It is a...

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Making The Most of Technology at Home And In Business

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In the contemporary world, an internet connection is becoming increasingly more important. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that in 2013 as many as 36 million adults accessed the net on a daily basis. Even though these figures don’t take into account smartphone apps and other technological innovations, they do indicate the growing dominance tech has over our lives – both in business and at home. There are no age barriers to technology Recent research carried out by the Policy Exchange Think Tank and reported on the BBC actively promoted the use of the internet among older people, stating that this would cut down on feelings of loneliness and isolation. Similarly, a post from leading retirement living firm McCarthy and Stone entitled ‘Forget OAPs, we’re IAPs! (Internet Age Pensioners) reveals survey’ highlighted how old age is no barrier to tech savvy. As much as 96% of the pensioners polled by McCarthy and Stone claimed to be savvier with tech than they were five years ago, while over half admitted to using Facebook and 41% were active on YouTube. McCarthy and Stone’s Facebook page provides their older audience suitable resources to consult when browsing the net. Communication is the key In offices and at home, people are increasingly using social media to share ideas, break news or advertise services and skills. A clear and concise Facebook page is of far more use to a company than a confusing website, plus it also helps the company assess what customers think of their products. In the home, people of all generations can embrace 21st century connectivity. 75-year-old Rodney Farmer said in a recent interview that computing has kept him connected and informed. In an environment where companies operate on a global scale, a response from the other side of the planet can be received in seconds, rather than waiting for days for a letter to reach its destination. Saving money online Sharing information is important in modern life. If you want to track down some money-saving deals then go online to source cheap broadband providers, competitive energy costs, or even the very best prices for buying books and a whole host of other goods. Businesses and domestic users all take advantage of these opportunities. Energy efficiency through technology Technology can also be used to reduce your energy expenditure. Smart meters can assess how much fuel you are consuming and both companies and individuals can use this system to reduce their energy bills. New apps are released on a regular basis, some are for gaming and music, but others can save people’s lives. The World Wide Web has been around since 1989 and it’s fascinating to watch the innovative development of this extraordinary technological...

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Microsoft ending support for Windows XP, so what?

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For some time now, Microsoft has been nudging users of Windows XP to upgrade to the latest Windows operating system. MS announce sometime last year that it will stop providing support and releasing security patches for Windows XP from the 8th of April 2014. With less than a month before support and security updates for the software ceases, many current and past users of Windows XP has been reminiscing or bidding good riddance to the software. It is quite surprising that millions of individuals and businesses still uses Windows XP. Discontinuing support, especially the absence of security updates will certainly force most users to upgrade (or abandon PC all together and move to tablet computer). A technology company called 10ZiG has created a countdown clock that is counting down to the curtains on Windows XP. They have also compiled a list of things XP users will not miss about the software, here are some of my favorites from the list: 3. You just can’t get the drivers Forget about hooking up new technology with the greatest of ease. Outdated XP doesn’t have the drivers to make it so. If you’re using new hardware, chances are you’re going to need to trawl the internet to find a driver that works – all the while risking downloading one of those many XP security threats by accident in the process. 4. Intrusive Windows updates drive us crazy Whatever you’re doing, no matter how important, Windows Update interrupts asking to restart your computer. In a blind mid-work panic it is all too easy to hit OK rather than to stall the little blighter for 15 minutes. MS has created support pages for those who are still on Windows XP thinking of what to do after April 18th 2014, you can find the site here:...

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IT Support for London SMEs – No Laughing Matter

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IT Support for London SME – No Laughing Matter The Channel 4 hit sitcom The IT Crowd vividly captures the fun and the pitfalls that could be in store for a small firm trying to run its own 3 man (strictly speaking 2 men and a woman) IT department. The characters in the programme consist of two super geeks with detailed knowledge of every piece of computer and smartphone hardware and software any company could every need, as with most computer geeks, they both have a very high IQ and passion for computers and gadgets but their interpersonal skills, especially when they come in contact with other members of staff when providing IT support, tends not too work out very well, that is where the third member of the IT support crowd comes in; The IT manager. She has better interpersonal skills than the two support technicians but she knows very little about IT. While the plot and characters of The IT Crowd delight and amuse audiences across the nation with their hilarious antics, some of the events that happens on the set of the programme are not that far fetched when small to medium sized businesses are running their own small IT department, for a start, the wages for the three staff with qualifications similar to those of the crew of the IT Crowed in real life will cost a company over £100,000 a year. That kind of expenditure for a small business is not sustainable in the long run, which is why most SMEs in London outsource their IT Support services to a third party. Could Outsourcing IT Technical Support Help London SMEs Save Money? When you think of outsourcing especially within IT context one of the pictures that comes to mind is that of a big multinational company with multilingual support technicians speaking to you from crackly telephone lines from India. That picture could not be further from the truth, when you look at the IT support outsourcing services companies within the M25 corridor. If you take a look at one of the leading IT Support Outsourcing Specialists in London you will see that out sourced IT support services are definitely the way to go for most SMEs in this current economic climate. Lets take a look at what one leading IT Support company offers SMEs in London and compare it with the minimum of £100,000 you need just to pay the wages of a 3 man IT department. Outsourcing you IT services to a company like Storm IT immediately removes the kind of dramas that are hilariously illustrated in The IT Crowd and you immediately cut you IT budget significantly. Other benefits you will enjoy from a London based IT support services company such as Storm IT include: Two months free trial so you can see if the company is right for you. Weekend support (which is extremely difficult to arrange if you have you own in-house support team). Support for absolutely all popular computer and smartphone devices. Personalised support services tailored to your company’s need. Of course, Storm IT is not the only company in London and the home counties you can outsource you IT services to, you can choose from a range of other options from a one man IT support guy who advertises in your local newspaper to packaged support deal you can get from High Street chains such as PC World, however you are not likely to get the friendly and flexible support you can get from a company the size of Storm IT, you local one man IT support...

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Shut Down Windows 8 in Just One Click

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In Windows XP, Windows 7 you just need to make 2 actions to turn your computer off but in Windows 8 these actions are 4. You must pull out the Charms menu -> Settings -> Power button -> Shutdown.   If you want to make it just in one click please do the following: 1. Go to the desktop. Right click and select New -> Shortcut. 2. In create shortcut window enter ‘shutdown /s /t 0’ and click on the ‘Next’ button. 3. Enter the name of this shortcut. You can choose any name you want. 4. Go to the desktop and right click on this shortcut. Then select properties. 5. Then you can change the icon. Click on ‘Change icon’ button and click OK once that says ‘The file C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe contains no icons’. 6. In the list of available icons you can choose the icon like on previous Windows versions like XP and Windows 7. 7. Right click on the shortcut and click on ‘Pin to Start’. Now you will see it in your start...

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